Fashion Friday~ Styling A Tunic

September 09, 2016
Welcome to Fashion Friday!
I am just so glad that you took the time out of your busy day to drop by.
I have a fabulous Tunic top to share with you today and I am also going to show you how 
to style it a couple of different ways.

Glamour Farms, Jemma

You see Fall is my favorite time of the year.
I am putting away Summer fashion and bringing out the Fall goodness that is available to you and I at Glamour Farms.

It has never been quite so easy and stylish to dress for Fall than with this carefree Glamour Farms Melbourne Tunic top.

Just pair it with your favorite pair of jeans and boots.

I am also loving this handmade stenciled box from my friend Carole.
Perfect for tools and of course, love my

This shirt is a must have and a perfect transitional piece for your wardrobe.
The Melbourne is made with comfort in mind. 
It is a breathable crinkle cotton blend with a flat front pleat and 3/4 tab sleeves.
I am wearing it here with a pair of black jeans and suede fringed booties.

glamour farms-fashion-fashion friday-fall fashion-Glamour Farms-jeans-boots

So you see the hubby and I have begun feeding the little creatures that live on the back of our property.
We see all sorts of wonderful wildlife including bobcats, coyote, rabbit and of course deer.
We have the dearest and sweetest little fawn that scoots around the cedar trees.
Just watching her makes my heart skip an extra beat with joy!

This darling ivory and black stripe tunic holds up well in a Texas walkabout or dressed up
for lunch with friends.  Add your favorite jewelry and you are set.

Glamour Farms-At Home With Jemma

In anticipation of cooler weather I am styling this Tunic with a light weight black puffer vest.
Love layering and there are so many smart options available.
Keeping options open with a neutral based top gives you multiple looks with out spending a fortune.
Glamour Farms has something for every age, body shape or style.
Just look at this precious Heritage Cardigan in Mocha, or  The Jinny Tunic in curvy style.

For another transitional Fall set I paired the Melbourne with skinny blue jeans and a beige sleeveless cardigan.

The Always Faithful Hi-Lo Cardigan in taupe will give you the same look.

Glamour Farms gives me the gift of being stylish, put together and when you feel like that
well you just have to smile!

Just use this discount code ATHOMEWITHJEMMA197 for $10 off any purchase over $20.
This post does contain affiliate links.

Each discount code can only be used one time and codes only work on regular priced items-sorry no sale items will be included with this discount code.
Have a safe and fabulous weekend!

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  1. Great styling ideas for your pretty tunic! We used to see deer behind our last house. It is truly a magical experience.

  2. Jemma you look fantastic and I love all these styling options. Can't really pick a favorite because they're all great. Love that tool box too - great addition. I think next week cooler temps could be creeping in.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  3. Dear Jemma,
    you look beautiful. Also I like those clothes.
    Have a lovely day. Best wishes ... Dorothea :-(

  4. I'm enjoying you fashion series, Jemma. What a cute tunic! Love the different ways you styled it. Now if it will just cool off enough to actually wear fall clothing...

  5. You are so adorable and I love how you styled the clothing!

  6. Love, love, love! Great job putting the different outfits together. I love pieces that can be changed up like that.

  7. Hi Jemma, Love seeing new clothing options and the tunic is such a nice transitional piece for last summer into fall/winter.

  8. That's my kind of clothing Jemma, and I must say you really do them justice.

    We too have the creatures you mentioned, but lately we've been seeing rabbits and no coyote or bobcats. I'm sure the rabbits are digging the fact they're not around!

  9. Hello, you are looking pretty in all these outfits. I like the cute black puffer vest. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  10. Very nice! I am going to check them out!

    You look great in all the photos!

  11. Jemma,
    Love your post today, the outfits are perfect and of course you look fantastic in them. Let's see if we can get together the end of September!

  12. Gorgeous, Jemma! You've got me excited about fall fashion!

  13. Gorgeous, Jemma! You've got me excited about fall fashion!

  14. You look so pretty in all the photos! I'll probably be wearing shorts till Christmas...

  15. Hi Jemma, I love this tunic and the many ways you are showing how you styled it. You are such a pretty model. I love Glamour Farms and yesterday order the leggings. Can't wait to get a new pair. Have a great weekend. xo

  16. Jemma, you are dazzling in all of the great styles! I'm so ready for fall fashion!
    Happy weekend, sweet friend!

  17. This is a cute top, Jemma. I have to say that I like it plain on its own. I am a woman of simplicity, and this would be my choice. It looks cute with the black jeans and fringe booties. Oh, to see all the wildlife around your neck of the woods, what a sight!

    Thank you for showing us your Fashion Friday posts. They are so fun, and you are brave modeling the fabulous clothes for us. Thank you, dear.

    love, ~Sheri

  18. Gorgeous tunic! So versatile! ;) It's fun to have options and create totally different looks with the same piece of clothing!

  19. I love the outfits you and Stacey have been wearing. Those skinny jeans are adorable! And I like the 3/4 length sleeve...we wear that here in FL all winter! Love these clothes! WOW!

  20. Look at you, sassy mama! I love tunics and you look great in these outfits.
    Happy weekend to you, Jemma. xoxo, T.

  21. I think you could still be a model. You look fabulous.

  22. You have put together some nice outfits with this tunic Jemma. You look great! I like the last look with the skinny jeans & sleeveless cardi. I think we've had Texas weather here this week ... so I won't be putting away the shorts & summer tops just yet, whew!
    I would love to see a bobcat as they are really shy & secretive here. Are you going to try and get some photos of your wildlife? Have a great weekend!

  23. So adorable. I love this and can't wait for cooler weather. Cute photos.

  24. Yo look lovely wearing the tunic in different ways. It's fun to change it up. Feeding the critters is so fun and to watch them is priceless. We have lots of critters too around here. Have a fabulous weekend. I worked on Amanda's blog a bit. Thanks for pointing her to me. Xo

  25. Cute tunic! Love it and you look great in that one! Hope you have a wonderful Fall. It is my favorite season, too. xo Diana

  26. What a great shirt, I love how you've styled it. I adore fall, it's my favorite season too, can't wait to pull out the boots and sweaters.

  27. Look at you sister Virgo rocking that tunic and having a fashion styling love affair. Love your 3 different styles with it. Black jeans and boots love. Today is 97 and it seems everyone looks melted and stressed by this ever ending summer. Send some of your Texas coolness up north.

  28. Jemma,
    You sure are stylin' in your tunic, jeans, fringed boots, sleeveless sweater vest....I love all of these wardrobe pieces! I live in tunics made in that crinkle cotton and I absolutely love them! You are right, they are excellent transitional pieces. I have several in corduroy that are several years old but they still look brand new. Cannot wait for cooler temps so I can wear them! It was very humid again today but I think we are in for a drastic cool down! Woohoo!

    Anyways, you look so wonderful in these pieces. I think you are quite ready for the runway too! :)

  29. Your look fabulous, love your front door too.

  30. Your look fabulous, love your front door too.

  31. Jemma, you look positively adorable! Have a great week!


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