A Transitional Dress For Fall

September 24, 2016
I saw on Facebook the other day this saying about Summer in Texas and I thought it was so
We have Summer and then we have Summer 2, you know this Summer heat is relentless.
I so envy all of you who have a colorful and cool Fall.
So while I am waiting for true Fall, I am wearing this comfortable and stylish dress from Glamour Farms.
You know their clothing line is amazing, easy to wash and easy to wear.
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My life is in transition, I am no longer a young woman, but a woman who is striving to age with style in every sense of the word.
From the way I think, the way I speak, how I choose to age is my choice. 
Aging is much different than it used it to be, we live much longer and remain more active, so if I can find a "look," that suits me, I hope to pass it on to you so you can see what it looks like on a real gal who is doing her best to finding her path in aging with a certain bit of class
and style.

I am also all about comfort and easing style these days, between heat and traveling to see the children and grandchildren I want clothing that I can take out of suitcase or off a hanger and not have to pull out an iron.

Family-hiking-clothing-fashion-discussion on aging-aging with style

The dress that I am wearing today is the Carson watercolor Tunic/Dress in gray.
It can be worn with booties on a cool Fall day.

modeling-aging-style-dress-age- appropriate style

Or dressed up a bit with black sandals or shoes and with a simple gold chain as an added accessory.
A simple A-line dress with hidden pockets that drapes beautifully.
There are endless possibilities for this dress and for me the muted tones are wonderful.
This dress is also proudly made in the U.S.A.

Just a little over a week ago I was hiking along the (PCT) in the Sierras, and feeling so exhilarated and inspired with life. 
If I could live a life near the mountains and hike weekly I think that it would be a excellent way to age with style and of course fitness.
You know that I am an advocate of staying engaged and as active as we are able to.

There is one thing that I love about aging and that is that my thoughts no longer get the best of me.
The figure is waning, but the mind and heart are vigorous and passionate about life more than ever.

I love boots and they are so versatile, the pair that I am wearing today have such a moderate heel and that is perfect for me.
If you are looking for an adorable and moderately priced boot how about adding the
Sasha Ankle Boot to your Fall wardrobe.


To complete the look add the Zen Resin Pedant Necklace.

athomewithjemma-glamour farms-zen-necklace-fashion

Just use this discount code ATHOMEWITHJEMMA222 for $10 off any purchase over $20.
Offer good through 9/19/2016 thru-10/23/ 2016
This post does contain affiliate links.

Each discount code can only be used one time and codes only work on regular priced items-sorry no sale items will be included with this discount code.
Have a safe and fabulous weekend!
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  1. Well, look at you! Are't you just adorable in that dress! Love the dress and those boots are awesome!
    Have a great weekend, Jemma!

  2. This is so cute on you! I'm always thinking I should wear dresses more here in Florida. And this is a color that works with my silver hair! I'll go look at their site again! Happy weekend! Hugs, Diane

  3. Oh, you cute thang! You look gorgeous and I do love that dress! I'll have to check out that site too!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Lookin' good my friend. That little dress could be styled so many different ways! I love things like that.

  5. Oh you look so cute in that pretty dress, Jemma. The dress looks very comfy with that soft material...Christine

  6. You look so cute in your dress and shoes. I hardly ever wear a dress any more. Just jeans or slacks.

    Have a great weekend Jemma.


  7. Dearest Jemma,
    you look so great in this wonderful look, your new dress is so very beautiful, and how about the ankle boots adding a special touch to it ?!
    Thank you for sharing this post of yours bringing joy to my heart !

    Mmay your weekend be as beautiful as you, sweet friend,
    sending hugs and ever much love across the many miles

    Xx Dany

  8. Well hello, BEAUTIFUL! That is a darling dress and I could use one like this, in fact a few of them to hold me over if our summers continue to extend as they have been. This weekend it's supposed to reach 80, which is very ODD for Minnesota. When school starts in late August for us, I've usually been lucky to be able to wear summer outfits ONLY for the first week of school. But here we are in late September, and I'm still wearing the same old summer clothing until our typical cool weather kicks in!

    I LOVE the color of this dress, and I am a lover of short boots. YOU LOOK WONDERFUL!

  9. I saw your pretty self on Instagram and love the dress on you! Time to go check out Glamour Farms again!

  10. Striking the balance of trendy without trying to look too young is tricky! But I do believe you've accomplished it! You look great! Love the booties too. I have some cute ones but it's still too hot to wear them! Maybe next week. Sigh......������

  11. Well first of all... You are gorgeous! I love the look of the dress and boots but am chicken!!! My daughters are always trying to get me to dress more fashionable but I resist! I always go safe and boring... Well, I'm turning 50 in January... Maybe I should shock them all and change up my wardrobe ;) I'll get my inspiration from you! Gotta find me a dress and cute boots. Happy weekend!

  12. That is a great dress! Lucky you to get to see your grand kids and those beautiful mountains. Miss you. I can drive now. We need to do a girls' lunch soon.

  13. I love easy flowing dresses, especially if they have pockets! You are so pretty and you do this dress tremendous justice Jemma.


  14. You look fantastic in this dress! Unfortunately, I have The Ugliest Legs Ever, so no short dresses for me, lol.

  15. Now, back in the day, this design was called "tie dye" and it's a favorite of mine! This is such a casual dress, and it looks wonderful on you, Jemma. I love those boots! You really know how to accessorize when you dress also. And I'm so glad you had a great time hiking the mountains; the views are spectacular!

    love, ~Sheri

  16. That dress looks perfect on you. Like you, comfort is paramount with me and this dress fits the bill!

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  17. Jemma,
    Your outfit is adorable on you! I love, love those boots too! I've been thinking about some new fall items to add to my wardrobe and I have to say there are so many styles I love. Can't wait to do some shopping. I'm all about comfort too!

    This was a fun post Jemma!! I love your sense of style and you are such a classy model!

  18. Jemma,
    Your outfit is adorable on you! I love, love those boots too! I've been thinking about some new fall items to add to my wardrobe and I have to say there are so many styles I love. Can't wait to do some shopping. I'm all about comfort too!

    This was a fun post Jemma!! I love your sense of style and you are such a classy model!

  19. So cute. I'm with you concerning cute clothes and aging. This is perfect.

  20. Dear Jemma,
    your outfit is beautiful as always. Next week I get visit from my daughter and granddaughter. I am very excited about it.
    I wish you magical autumn. Lots of love ... Dorothea :-)

  21. What a lovely outfit, Jemma. The booties are awesome. I love the beige ones. Those are just my style! I hope you get a little bit of fall soon! :)

  22. Jemma you look so cute in this dress. Enjoying oneself and dressing with joy is such a reward for a woman. I say if you love it, wear it and you wear it well.

  23. Very, very cute dress and adorable on you. And I love the booties. I'm in need of some of those -- good transition shoes!

  24. Jemma, I have been wanting to up date the way I dress and yet not sure how. Looking forward to new ideas. This dress is oh so cute!


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