Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday & Glamour Farms

August 19, 2016
Many of you know that I enjoy fashion and for quite some time I had a Fashion Friday post on my blog. I was always on the look out for good quality, great price, fabulous fit and great styles.
Today I am very pleased to introduce you to Glamour Farms, a wonderful on line boutique, where you and I will find exactly those things that I just mentioned.
This great company was founded by a Mother and her two daughters, and they are offering chic, fashionable and affordable designs made with us in mind.
I feel so very thankful to have met this creative team at the Haven Conference in Atlanta.
I am just thinking to myself, in this day and age how often do you really get to meet the owners of a business.
I do not take partnering with a company lightly, so when I visited with the owners of
Glamour Farms I saw a family business with a big heart. They are the sort of folks that by shaking their hand is sealing the deal, because they stand behind what they say and sell.
So here is what I chose to share with you today!
Since we are in-between seasons and knowing that Fall is just around the corner I chose this navy and mint medallion print Whitney Tunic/Dress. I love it's versatility as I am wearing it here as a dress, but you will also see it worn as a tunic.
Underneath I am wearing the Ahh-Mazing Long Tank, it is a comfortable body shaper which smooths and slims. It feels like a second skin and breathes. A perfect undergarment for hot or cold weather.
One of my favorite things about the Whitney are the sleeves and the a-line styling.
Keeping the Whitney a little dressy here I chose to wear a statement necklace and classic circle earrings with a simple pair of sandals.
If you happen to live in Texas or be familiar with it's weather patterns we can go from 100 degrees to 70 degrees in 10 minutes.
So for me having a pair or two of quality leggings is a must and naturally Glamour Farms has just
the perfect legging for me, the Tummy Tuck Ankle Legging.
I chose navy blue to pick up the blue in my Whitney tunic.
There was a little chill in the air too, so I tossed on this lightweight wrap, a pair of ankle boots and changed out my earlier jewelry for a more casual look.
I think this looks a little bohemian now and I love how the Whitney can be dressed up or down.
This fabric is amazing, it does not stretch nor does it wrinkle-perfect to toss in a suitcase for a weekend get away.
Glamour Farms is a small family owned business operated right here in the U.S.A. and I encourage you to pay them a visit and say Hi.
If you would like to shop at Glamour Farms they have generously included a code for you to receive a discount on their products.
Just use code ATHOMEWITHJEMMA981 for $10 off any purchase over $20.
(regular prices only, not sale!) Discount code can only be used once.
This code is valid beginning 8/22/2016 and ends on 9/25/2016 

*This post does contain affiliate links, you will not be charged extra for items purchased.*

I am heading to Oklahoma now for our youngest daughter's baby shower and I will be wearing this outfit!

Have a fabulous weekend my dears!

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  1. This is so cute you look fantastic! I like both but I'm more of a pants person so that option would be my favorite. Definitely going to make some fun purchases from those Glamour Gals. Thanks for sharing!!

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  2. You look beautiful friend! Have fun at the shower. :)

  3. Oh how cute and stylish you look! I get emails from Glamour Farms although I haven'the ordered anything yet. Do you mind telling me how tall you are. I'm 5'4" and sometimes leggings are too long for me.

  4. Oh how cute and stylish you look! I get emails from Glamour Farms although I haven'the ordered anything yet. Do you mind telling me how tall you are. I'm 5'4" and sometimes leggings are too long for me.

  5. You look gorgeous, what a great color on you! And those legs!! You should wear skirts and dresses all the time!! :)

  6. How pretty you look!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Jemma, there you are, and you are lovely!!! I really like this blouse, especially with the leggings. What I really like is the flared arms, and that makes it look bohemian to me. I love those boots. I can't wait to find a cute pair of Fall boots. Jeans and boots are basically what I wear in Fall. I'm off to check out their link, and thanks for sharing. You look marvelous! Have fun at your daughter's baby shower. :) A baby in the family is so very special.

    love, ~Sheri

  8. You look fabulous my friend. What awesome clothing. The leggings and boots caught my eye. Very chic. xo

  9. Way to go, Jemma! And I agree with Kim above. Let those legs out more often. Beautiful!!!!

  10. Hello Jemma, you look so cute in the outfit with and without the leggings. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  11. You are looking so awesome, Jemma! I'm kicking myself for not having more time to spend in their booth with them...GRRR!

  12. Love your tunic both ways! Have a wonderful trip.

  13. Oh, Jemma! You look so beautiful in these darling clothes! I saw Stacey in some too so I guess I had better go check this out! You too could be a model.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. Jemma, your outfit is so cute! I love the whole outfit and you are such a cute model!

  15. You look fantastic and how versatile the Whitney is. I like how it can be dressed up or down. And how it can be worn as a dress or a tunic with the leggings. Very nice.

  16. You look simply darling in every iteration. Have fun in OK!!

  17. Love this. You look gorgeous in all the versatile ways to wear this tunic. Thanks for sharing. You are a natural model! Have fun in Oklahoma for the shower! xo

  18. How fun to have a new site to browse through for clothes! I took a sneak peek and I can definitely find something to buy....can't wait for the coupon code to start. Thanks for introducing this cute shop to us and for the coupon. You will be the most fashionable lady at the shower. Your outfit is so you!

  19. Good morning Jemma! You are inspiring me to go out and get new clothing for school that starts week after next! YOU LOOK WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!

  20. Dear Jemma, you look fabulous.
    I wish you a lovely weekend. Lots of love ... Dorothea :-)

  21. Jemma,
    You look so cute in both outfits! I have shopped with Glamour Farms before and I have to say that I love the quality. They shipped super fast. Their site is super easy to navigate. I have been eyeing the leggings and the Ahh-Mazing Long tank for awhile, please let me know how you like them! Again- you look super cute girl!

  22. I love this dress, and you truly do it justice. They made a smart decision when they partnered with you :)

    I love both looks, but would be more likely to wear the leggings. I'm heading over now.

    Enjoy your weekend Jemma!


  23. You look adorable in that dress/tunic. I like that it can be worn either way. Hm, with you and Stacey singing their praises, I might need to try them out. They have cute styles. I like the idea of a shaper breathing...nothing worse than having a hot under garment on!
    Enjoy your trip to see your daughter.

  24. Hi Jemma! You look darling....Texas chic! Thank you for modeling and sharing your new style!

  25. Well, aren't you cute, Jemma! I love versatile clothing. Good for you in partnering with someone you've actually met. I hope you both do well!

  26. So cute Jemma! Love it both ways. For me It would have to be a tunic. My once pretty legs are not so much anymore. lol! You look fab dear!! :)

  27. Darling. How fun that you got to know these people at Haven. What a cute outfit. I'll have to check them out.

  28. You look great waering this either way!! Thanks so much for visiting!!

  29. Oooooo I like this! It's great to have a versatile outfit to dress up or down. I can't decide which I like better, dress or tunic. You look fabulous in both the styles!! I love the sleeves and the whole thing reminds me of the "peasant" tops my mom cranked out for us in the 60s ;)
    Have a great time at your daughter's shower Jemma!

  30. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this on you. And it looks so nice both ways! Can you come style me? I am a bit boring!

  31. I love this look - so cute!! I will definitely check them out, I'm always on the search for amazing new looks! Thanks for sharing - and you look amazing, sweet friend!

  32. Hope you had fun and learned alot at Haven!

  33. You look great! Love the outfit! I love there stuff, I purchased a white blouse from them Maria

  34. Look at you Jemma, striking a pose and wearing it well. You look very stylish. I have a very simple style, I wear Black! Its an artist thing. But if I check them out.

  35. What a darling model you are, Jemma! That dress/tunic is so YOU! Thanks for sharing this great company with us. Your enthusiasm is catching!


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