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Coaxing Fall Winner & Just Imagine

August 08, 2016
Well you just must know that you are all just the sweetest of the sweet leaving me such thoughtful comments like you do and you know they warm my heart, so here is a big Texas hug!

I am so happy to be able to announce to you the winner of the coaxing Fall print, dish towel and spatula giveaway.

It was a close running race for the Darren Gygi Home Collection sunflower print and scarecrow print, however the sunflower print won out and lucky for our winner Eileen, from Viewing Nature with Eileen, as that was the print that she voted for.

I use Random.org to determine a winner.

fiddleleaf fig-cake stands- clear vases, zinnias, french table, french chairsThank you so much Darren Gygi, for offering myself and my dear friends this fabulous opportunity to have your lovely art in our homes.

We will be hosting another art giveaway the 29th of August, so mark your calendars.

french, table, decorating, white, vase, inspiration

Do you have a little time to spare?

If you do,  just imagine with me for a few minutes.

Summer Time flowers in Texas on rustic kitchen table

Just imagine the momentum, creativity, energy, discussions, inspiration, vitality, and all of

the possibilities that exist in our world when we work together in harmony, kindness and

generosity of our spirits. 

Where not one soul is excluded-ever.

No matter what the age, ethnicity, experience, hair color, eye color, or knowledge.

Just imagine being welcomed as you are.

Where we welcome you is spoken in every language and dances in every hallway and 


Decorating, inspiration, Summer, zinnias, colorful blossoms

Sincerity flows easily and wraps itself around you like a warm plaid blanket.

Just imagine the sweeping hands of a ticking clock that rest on rigid numbers, magically

being replaced with inspiring words like creativity, inspiration, styling, photography, 

motivation, education, design, art, and paint.

Just like that, there is not enough time in the day to take it all in and oh how you wish there 


I found this world at the Haven Conference in Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend, and my 

goal is to share as much as I can with you throughout the upcoming months.

Coaxing Fall giveaway winner

I must share with you this big, big take away for me, oh there were many, but this is the
reality of how I feel today. 

When this type of experience resonates in your heart and soul a type of creative and positive energy starts brewing, all of sudden you sort of feel similiar to an old fashioned coffee percolator, with each pulse of the brew, a new idea forms.

Ideas start simmering, one after the other and before you know it, you are like a cup
of fresh brewed coffee, just steaming with a plethora of ideas.

table, wood, rustic, chairs, primitive, decorating

I am steaming with ideas my friends, seriously, they kept me up a good part of the night.
I would love to hear what sort of things you would like to see here, that way you will help 
me stay focused.

Feel free to stay awhile and tell me what you think or come back when you have more time.
Here is a little list, but please, feel free to chime on in on what you would like to receive in 
your inbox.

Lets work together and create something fabulous for one another!

1.   DIY
2.   Wreaths.
3.   Recipes (specific please)
4.   Inspiration
5.   Vignettes
6.   Seasonal
7.   Gardening
8.   Giveaways
9.   Decorating
10. Home Tour
11.  Aging with style topics
12.  Fashion


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  1. So glad you and Stacey had a wonderful time. I was so sad to miss out! Especially since it was in my backyard. The Haven team is amazing. I had the chance to meet Rhoda years ago and she is such a sweet soul. I was holding down the fort as hubby was tending to his sweet momma (she'll be 98 this month). I enjoy your variety of posts. Many make me miss my girl being at BU, Texas was our home away from home!!

  2. I enjoy everything you do here Joyce.
    Your photography is just beautiful.
    Anything you do will be inspiring and lovely!

  3. I know you and Stacey had a ball! I think your list is great and those are the things I look forward to reading about when I visit your blog.

  4. Jemma,
    First, you have really kicked your photos up a notch or TEN! Beautiful! Everything on your list appeals to me.


  5. Congrats to the giveaway winner! So glad you had a wonderful time at Haven. Any of those topics appeal to me except for any kind of crafts, as I'm not crafty! But, that's just me - I know there's plenty of other readers out there who are indeed crafty and love seeing new craft ideas.

  6. Jemma I always love visiting your posts, they inspire and entertain which is refreshing in Blogland. So I only ask of you to continue being your sweet kind enthusiast you.

  7. I always enjoy your posts, Jemma. I like your content but especially appreciate the spirit you bring to each post - the energy and enthusiasm elevate them in a very full Blogdom!

  8. Hello, Jemma! I just had to re-read your post and I saw I was a winner. YAY! I loved the sunflower print. I always enjoy your post, they are so full of ideas and inspirations. Do you need my email address? Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  9. Always wonderful to stop by here - it's part of my weekly dose of goodness!! Conferences are the best - they simply grab your attention and pull your heart in the right direction. Looking forward to hearing more and so glad you and Stacey had a great time. This list of ideas is great - Right now my brain is on seasonal - but I think it's just because I'v been stuck inside chilling. Oh and that age with style sounds interesting - in all aspects of life.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  10. Love the way your kind and generous heart always shines through. Enthusiasm is contagious so we await all your inspiration. All the list sounds good. I think I need the age with style!! LOL!

  11. GOod morning Jemma! You must have taken away so much stardust and hopes, ideas and skills from this conference! It was fun to follow you a bit on Instagram from the moment of take-off to landing! I wish you happiness as you create in your beautiful home, and share with us!

    Thank you for contacting me via FB; I do hope you are able to go to my blog to get Vicki's link. I think I remember you saying a while back that you could not find my blog link....do try. Her layout of my photos and interview are really beautiful. Hugs to you my friend! Anita

  12. Good morning, Jemma...congrats to your winner. I'm sure she'll enjoy her sunflower. I'm so glad you enjoyed your time at Haven and come back full of enthusiasm and feeling so inspired. xo, T.

  13. Good morning Jemma. Congrats to the winner. such a nice giveaway and so generous of the artist. Reading all about your haven adventures. have a beautiful week. xo

  14. You sound so happy and euphoric, Jemma! This is indeed a bliss state, I think, and I am looking forward to hearing more. As for your list -- is any or all of the above a fair answer? I don't think I could pick one or two or even three of yours as "must have!"

    Let's hear it for the magic of your newest adventure -- and promise of more to come!

  15. I'm so happy for Eileen! Congrats to her! And what cute pics I just saw of you and Stacey. You had such fun and we can't wait to hear more about it! Hugs!

  16. I'm so glad your adventure was so rewarding. Looking forward to all the posts that are forming in your imagination!

  17. All the ideas you listed sound great! I always love what you offer here. It is a joy to see your blog in my inbox!

  18. Hi Sweet Friend. Oh I know you and Stacey had a great time. Looking forward to hearing all about it in your pots. Congrats to Eileen!!
    Have a great week. xo

  19. I caught your excitement on your FB postings, Jemma, and reading here what you want us to imagine made me feel happy that such an event took place and you were at it. Please do share the joy and the ideas in future posts because I enjoy seeing them.

    "Where not one soul is excluded--ever" -- I do so love that, Jemma. It is the very best of blogging too.

  20. I second what my friend Dewena said Jemma. I'm delighted you were inspired and restored at Haven. It sounds like it lived up to its name!

    As for your list, I would just say to write about what inspires YOU. Everything else will fall into place.


  21. I saw the fun you gals were having on Stacey's instagram! It sounds like Haven was wonderful fun. All your topics in your list sound good to me--I love variety!

  22. Hi Jemma,
    New to your sweet blog. I found you through Stacey. I subscribed to the email so I do not miss your posts. Beautiful blog. Glad you had a great time with Stacey at Haven.

  23. This may fall into one of the 12 categories you posted, but I love to see the creative re-use of an item. I am always amazed at some of the truly original ideas I see in blogland using affordable, easily available items.

    For instance, gluing a glass plate onto a glass candlestick to make a raised serving piece. When I first saw that combination I was shocked. It had never occurred to me that those 2 items could be paired to make a new piece.

    I love new, fresh ideas!

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  24. Its all good to me, I always enjoy checking in to your blog!

  25. What a nice thought this is, Jemma, that everyone is welcome in the world without restriction. You know I love your inspirational posts and all that you share, but I've always enjoyed your home decorating posts, especially around the holidays. You have so many great ideas. What a cute table and chairs this is, and I really like the aqua color. This Haven Conference sounds positive and uplifting. So glad you found something like this.

    love, ~Sheri

    ps I'm showing some pics of the wedding tomorrow if you want to see them. :)

  26. It is amazing how much creativity can be sparked when people get together and share, I know you had the time of your life Jemma, and you certainly seem energized!

  27. So glad you had fun at Haven!! I loved peeking at your photos and videos on Instagram! I love whatever you share, Jemma. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

  28. I bet you have been so inspired! I can't wait for you to share it with us. Love all your ideas...I know that's not much help but seriously they are all good topics. DIY, style, decorating, gardening...all appeal to me and I'll enjoy reading along.

  29. Congratulations to Eileen ...

    I do love the colour of the flowers here in your post, they are beautiful

    All the best Jan


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