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The Simple Things That Bring Joy

July 25, 2016
Are you feeling as joyful and inspired as I am, maybe even a little giddy with the pure

goodness of life that these talented ladies have been sharing with us.

Haven't we been treated to just some wonderful projects, decorating and recipes!

Today a tried and true friend as well as a beloved blogger kicks off the beginning of our 

second week in the Summer Break series .

You might just know this talented gal Laura from White Spray Paint.

Laura seasons her decorating posts with just the right amount of storytelling and life lessons

for us all, and then there are those ranch recipes and oh her zinnias!

Pink chairs, pink umbrella, beach, sand


Today we are taking a gentle stroll through a portion of Laura's lovely Texas home and 

enjoying a sweet story too.

The Simple Things That Bring Joy

Contributor~Laura Harrison

Blue and White Porcelain

Many, many years ago, when my husband and I were first married, and we moved into our
first home-a garage apartment teetering on top of a carport in Kingsville, Texas.
We had the usual furnishings of that era:  bookshelves made out of cinder blocks and boards, lots of stereo equipment and albums, college mementos and impractical (at the moment)wedding gifts.

white table, gold table, summer vignette

I didn't need to worry however, because within a day my mother of White Spray Paint fame drove in from the ranch-her car loaded to the top-followed by my father pulling a cattle trailer.
Out of that trailer came my white bedroom furniture, a couch and chair, a small dining table and two chairs and lamps.

blue and white chair, table, inspiration, decorating

And then the relatives arrived.
My Uncle Jerry put down the carpet, my Aunt Sherry painted walls, my Murchison cousins brought gifts, my grandparents brought all sorts of small appliances, all while my mother helped me make this simple bare place into a home.

Also, on that day, unknown to me because that was his way, my Father had a side of butcher wrapped beef delivered to Gafford's Meat Locker on 14th street as a gift to us.

simple, joyful, decorating, living room

The message here for me, which is the ongoing message of my blog White Spray Paint, is that it is about the simple things in life and enjoying what we have.

The flea market finds in the photos above, from the botanical birthday prints, to the lamps, to the brass tray table are all simply ways we make our house a home.

Summer break series, guest post Laura of White Spray Paint
                                 You Do It Too I know you do


I am so honored to post these thoughts on Joyce's blog today.
Every time I read one of her posts, I fell I am connecting to a kindred spirit.
Her lovely home, and her gardening and love of family all appeal to that young woman you just read about from many years ago, who stood in that garage apartment while her mother guided her in how to make a house a home.

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  1. Good morning Jemma! I hope you are well! So many inspirational homes, I simply don't know where to begin to share my own home! Flowers however, are the theme here that keep me interested in possibly sharing my home soon. I'd love for you to come to my blog if you get a chance! Safe travels to you and enjoy!!!

  2. Awe enjoyed Laura's story so much. And yes is truly the simple things in life that brings the greatest pleasures and mean so much. Hope you are having fun! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Hi Jemma, I so enjoyed Laura's story and feature. I so relish in the simple things in our lives that bring the greatest joys.
    Laura this was lovely!! Beautiful photo.
    Have fun Jemma on your trip!!
    Blessings xo

  4. Jemma,
    I love Laura's story! It brings back memories of all the times we moved. My mother would come and set up my kitchen while I set up the boy's rooms. First thing we did, every time. Laura's story made me realize just how valuable my families love and support was and still is. Laura's photo's are just beautiful!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Beautiful and touching story. Simple times and simple things make wonderful memories. Laura's photos are so pretty. Love her blue and white urn collection. Enjoy your trip! xo

  6. What an up-lifting story on a Monday morning and what a wonderful family! I think sometimes we forget about "sweat equity" as a gift. Painting a wall, laying carpet, setting up a kitchen are long lasting gifts. Giving a gift of your time or expertise, is the best gift of all!

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  7. Oooo, she has a lot of BLUE in the home, which I love. That side chair is so charming, and I love the gold tray. It's nice how all her family came together to make her first house a "home."

    love, ~Sheri

  8. Oh my goodness I remember boards and cinder blocks bookshelves! :)

  9. Oh my goodness I remember boards and cinder blocks bookshelves! :)

  10. Hello Jemma,
    I agree--it is all about the simple things in life.....Love the punch of color with those pink flowers. How beautiful! Hoping to catch up on some of your posts today my friend!

  11. What a lovely start to the week, I enjoyed reading and looking at Laura's story.

    All the best Jan

  12. Another gem! Adore Laura, and her positive outlook on life.

  13. We are all making that 360 degree turn back to our younger days and simpler times, aren't we? Laura has a lovely home and her story is just so sweet!

  14. A great inspiring story. To have supportive family means so much.
    Your home is beautiful and I always enjoy every picture. We like so many of the same types of things.
    I am smiling to myself wondering though what accent colors did you use, Laura in early marriage? I had white furniture but my era in the 70's of early marriage, yellow, green and would you believe orange accents were stylish.

  15. Such a sweet story, Laura. What blessings you experienced that day. Thank you for sharing! And thank you, Jemna for having Laura's story here today. Have a great week!

  16. I love this story - I wish you had photos to go with it!

  17. What a sweet story and beautiful photos. I love the botanical prints and the white table, too!

  18. I really enjoyed this story.

  19. This is wonderful. Well written and sentimental!

  20. Such a lovely story that I'm sure many of us, including moi, could relate to.

    It sounds like you had (have), a wonderful, supportive family Laura!


  21. really is all about the simple things and family!

  22. That was lovely - and evocative! I remember so many similar things/events from our first home, 43 years ago.

  23. I love this Laura and Jemma! This is love and family and support in helping a young couple get started!


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