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Get More with Garden Infused Water

July 30, 2016
This is the last post in our two weeks of the Summer break series and I truly, truly hope that 

you enjoyed this series as much as I did.

I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to get to know these talented women a little 

better and have them share their talents with us all.

Today we welcome my friend Carole from Garden up Green, we both share the joy and 

struggles of gardening on acreage in Texas.

Carole is an accomplished writer and you will find her published works both online and in a 

kindle format.

She and her husband are living the life of empty nesters and she feels very blessed to live

on a small farm where she enjoys and thrives living an independent lifestyle.

Get More with Garden Infused Water
Carole West – Garden Up Green
hydrate, homemade water, refresh with herb infused water
Summer is Hot in Texas and I’m always reminding myself to drink more water Sometimes I forget because unless it’s ice cold with lemon or lime I’m not interested.   
This summer I decided it was time to jazz up my water and turn it into Garden Infused water.  Yes this is something I made up because I needed inspiration to help increase my water intake.
Drinking water benefits our overall health and most important it keeps us hydrated.   This means I have more energy to keep moving forward.
Summer Break series with garden up green and athomewithjemma
Moving forward took me to the garden where I picked cucumbers and peppermint.  I needed something with a wow factor so I brought home lemons and organic raspberries from the grocery store.
hydrate, fresh, vegetables, water, fruit
To make this garden infused water we begin with a vintage mason jar followed by a few ingredients.
Garden Infused Water Ingredients
  • One lemon slice
  • Four or five cucumber slices
  • A handful of Fresh Raspberries – they can also be frozen
  • Sliced pieces of Peppermint
First add a squeezed lemon slice into the jar, followed by cucumber slices.
Drink more water and stay healthy by making your own
Then we include raspberries and chopped peppermint.  Chopping the peppermint is optional; the flavor is more pronounced which is something I like.  

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  1. This water not only must taste wonderful, but it LOOKS so pretty with the complimentary colors of lemon and raspberries.

    I picked up a container a few weeks ago that has an insert for whatever you feel like using...lemon, limes, etc. and the water gets infused with the flavors. It's such a handy item to have and was fairly inexonsive. Most grocery stores have them.

    I feel the same way about water being cold, but I learned not long ago while in Singapore that cold water is not a great thing to drink. It's much better to drink warm water. That was surprising to me to learn, and truth be told I can't 'go there', but knowledge is power I always say. :)

  2. Great feature!! I love infused water!! This one looks so refreshing. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy weekend.

  3. Thanks for the invite Jemma - I just made me another jar last night but this time with strawberries. So tasty and finally cucumbers from the garden just make it even better. Hope you enjoyed your break and look forward to your posts next week.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  4. I love picking things from my garden to spice up my water...and I agree, it looks pretty too!! :)

  5. That water sounds and looks wonderful! Perfect for Summer♥

  6. This sounds amazing, Carole! Anything to jazz up the water that we all so desperately need to be drinking. :)


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