Favorite Faux Flower Arrangement

July 26, 2016
I am super excited to introduce Susan from Love Of Home.

Susan inspires us daily with her gentle love of home, family, life and creating a welcoming 

home for those she loves and then she shares it with us!

How fortunate are we to have a blogger like this in our lives.

She believes in creating within a budget, and who doesn't love that...her tips are always

winners and her beautiful 1890's Farmhouse home is filled with three bright and beautiful 

children and her loving husband.


                                                        Faux Flower Arrangement

                                                           Contributor ~ Susan Duane

Hello, I’m so happy to be here with you today! My name is Susan and I blog at Love of Home. Jemma thank you so much for having me share with your readers today! I have an easy project to share with you today, it’s one of my favorites.
 I have a favorite faux tulip arrangement that I bought years ago, they look so real. I think the clincher is the "water" they are in.  I love flowers but it's not always possible to have fresh flowers so this is a great alternative to fresh and it's so much cheaper to make these faux arrangements yourself. This project has been on my idea list for months! Since I'm working on decorating for Spring I thought it would be the perfect time to make it come to life. Make your own faux flower arrangement. Love of Home
 Here's what you'll need: Faux flower stems Quick water - Here is a less expensive one on Amazon *affiliate link A vase of some sort, I used a mason jar Wire cutters Container to mix the acrylic in and a something to stir it with Directions: Cut stems to their desired length for your container. Follow the directions on the box for the quick water. Mix according to directions and pour into a clean container. Add your faux stems and let set overnight. Decorate! Make your own faux flower arrangement. Love of Home This project was super easy. It took me less than 30 minutes, cost me around $15.  This is a bargain compared to the faux arrangements you can buy! I used the water solution to make a second one with a bunch of flowers I already had at home. Make your own faux flower arrangement. Love of Home
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  1. I could swear those are real and yes, I do think that the "water" they are in helps to conserve that natural effect! WELL DONE, SUSAN!

  2. This is a fun one, I like that you chose a simply jar as your vase.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  3. You could have fooled me! They look incredibly like the real thing. What an easy project! I do love real floral bouquets but this is really the next best thing. Thank you for this easy substitute!
    Linda @ mysewwhatblog

  4. Such a lovely post and gorgeous photos!

  5. WOW! They do look so real! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. I'm on the look out for some pretty faux flowers, as gnats keep infiltrating my plants and they had to go outside. Great idea!

  7. Just brilliant!
    Thank you.

    All the best Jan

  8. I've seen these available at Home Goods and love the look. Would love to create my own to match my decor. Thanks for the tutorial. The "water" really does make them appear real.

  9. I had no idea that this could be a DIY project. I love these for bathrooms were I tend to forget about plants or fresh flowers.

  10. Love this - pinned! Thank you, Susan.

  11. Like Ellis, I had no idea either! I have an arrangement with this faux water that I purchased from Homegoods a couple of years ago and I love it. Such a great idea Susan! Many thanks :).

  12. I have learned something new here today!

  13. That's so pretty! The faux water makes all the difference. :)


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