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Coaxing Fall & Two Giveaways

July 31, 2016
I was really and truly hoping that once our Summer break series came to an end so would Summer.
Silly me...who was I kidding??

I mean seriously, I live in Texas and I just know that right now my Texas friends are shaking their heads and thinking to themselves what is wrong with this lady...

You see I am one of those people who rush through Summer, sort of like when you pass everyone on the freeway, well that is me passing on thru Summer.

athomewithjemma hosts a celebrate fall together giveaway

I have two super nifty ways that I am coaxing Fall on in and this how I am going about it.

One, I am personally hosting a little tiny sweet giveaway this week, as well as a

Darren Gygi Home Collection Art Giveaway, now seriously if this doesn't coax Fall on it,

what will!

Canvas Art, Decorate you home for Fall
I am thinking way ahead because I am ready to decorate for Fall and I am wondering if you 

would like to join me in choosing a print for the giveaway.

I am going to share some photos of a few of Darren's prints and you help me choose which 

one you like the best for the art giveaway.

The Scarecrow Print set, and Harvest Print set are both on sale right now just in time for

your Fall decorating.

1. One scarecrow print

a. Top left corner
b. Top right corner
c. Bottom left corner
d. Bottom right corner

sunflower, pumpkin, apple, Indian corn
2. One harvest Print
a. Sunflower
b. Pumpkin
c. Apple
d. Indian corn

decorate for Fall, elm leaf, oak leaf, maple, leaf, aspen leaf

Did you know that Darren's art also comes in collections so you can purchase the entire

set, the Leaf Collection is on sale right now just in time for decorating for fall and if 

you use Jemma10 you will get an extra 10% savings for one month.

3. Leaf Collection
a. Maple
b. Aspen
c. Elm
d. Oak
Decorate for Halloween with a witch's shoe, haunted house
Halloween anyone, I have fun decorating for Halloween so these really appeal to me too.

These canvas art prints aren't just for hanging on the wall, they truly add to a seasonal


Create vignettes with canvas art for Fall decorating ideas
So let me know your thoughts.

The single canvas art print with the most votes will be the 9x9 giveaway.

Giveaway winner for both giveaways will be announced on Monday August 8th.

Remember you can shop day or night on Darren's website, from the comfort of your own

home and shipping is always free.

Darren also has a Face Book page, it would be super sweet of you to give him some likes:)

Fall, spatula, dishtowel, decorating, kitchen

Let's celebrate Fall Together with this cute dishtowel, spatula and a Darren Gygi 

Fall canvas print giveaway!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Hi Jemma...these are so hard to choose from! I'm going to choose one of the scarecrows- A- because it has all the blue colors in it and it would look great nestled in between my pumpkins. And yes, I'm dying to rip all my fall stuff out, too. :) Thx so much for the chance at the giveaway and I hope you have a great week! xoxo, T.

  2. I'm so excited for fall! But you're right, in Texas we have a few months before we see any drop in those hot temperatures! These are so cute!

  3. You just described how I feel about summer. I love having a break from school routine but these temperatures are not my favorite! I long for cooler days.

  4. LOVE the Indian Corn, the Sunflower, and all of the leaf set. Gorgeous ways to celebrate autumn in a vignette!

  5. The harvest prints caught my attention - really like the sunflower but think the pumpkin apple and corn represent fall best, I must have food on the brain? At our place this si the time of year it starts to look like fall - with the lack of rain the pine needles and dried leafs begin to scatter. This is when I hope for the wind to blow it all away. I to am ready for cooler temperatures - I can handle the heat but get tired of working around it. Welcome back!!

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  6. I just love the sunflower print. It brings a bit of sunshine into whatever room you choose to put it.

  7. My favorite is the scarecrow with the crow (d). Cute prints!
    Welcome back! And yes, I'm laughing - Summer is far from over but I completely get the over the heat thing. Me too. I just try not to think about how much longer before we actually get Fall. Sigh.

  8. GOod morning Jemma! Happy August first....don't worry, summer is going to end soon (at least my summer, since I go back to work at the end of the month!) but the heat you experience must be horrific. I hope you are well and I just know you will create a very stunning fall d├ęcor! Sending you much love, Anita

  9. I just love 1 d, 2 a and 3 a. Always have to go with the sunflower and red! Love the scarecrows too. Very nice giveaway!

  10. Oh my! I am in love with the Harvest print...the one with the sunflower! BEAUTIFUL! All the sets are amazing though. What a sweet giveaway Jemma. Happy Monday! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  11. Hello, I enjoy my summer and try not to rush it. I am not a winter person. The fall prints are lovely. What a great giveaway. The sunflower is my favorite. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  12. I love the sunflower print the best, pumpkin second. His prints are always gorgeous!!

  13. I am itching for some cooler weather but know we have at least 2 more months of heat! Right now, I could really go for some cool breezes and a nice rain.

    The prints are really beautiful. Very colorful, and smile-inducing. :-) My favorites are: 1D, 2D and 3A.

    Happy Monday to all!

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  14. I'm not sure if red is just jumping out at me today, but I like the apple and the maple leaf (2C and 3A) best. They are all lovely! Let's pray for a cold front...

  15. Wow, too many pretties to choose a favorite...and I am lucky enough to own one of his fabulous pieces, so I know just how lovely they are in real life! My daughter has it in her room, it is the focal point by her bed. I would go for 2A or 3A for fall, but I still want it to be summer for a just little longer!! :)

  16. Too many pretty fall prints to choose an absolute favorite, but I think I'll have to go with the scarecrows. So we're supposed to pick just one, not the set? If so, I will pick 1D - the scarecrow with the sunflowers in the background.

  17. Hey Jemma,
    Since my favorite time/season of year is fall/autumn I pick 3, lol - don't know which one will be your giveaway but I'm heading over and checking out all the artwork!!! Ok adore Scarecrow top right, harvest the pumpkin and leaf the oak. For all my 2 cents is worth.
    Sending love sweet Virgo sister,

  18. My favourite seasons are the Spring and Autumn (you call it Fall).

    They are all gorgeous, but I think I'd choose the scarecrow with the sunflowers.

    Have a lovely August

    All the best Jan

  19. Love the Halloween prints. Anything Halloween reaches out to me. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway (shirparks@gmail.com)

  20. Jemma, I can see why you want to rush the hot summer days and step into Fall. My very favorite season of all. :) The art prints are very nice, and I especially love the pumpkin. Pumpkins just say "Fall is here." That candy corn print is delightful also.

    love, ~Sheri

    ps I haven't commented as much as I'd like to. Your blog sometimes loads very slow for me, and I'm just waiting for it to speed up once again.

  21. I'm drawn to the candy corn, I love the colors.

  22. I'm drawn to the candy corn, I love the colors.

  23. Jemma,
    SUNFLOWER.... loving the print of the single sunflower!!!!! You know our heat hasn't been as bad this year as many years in the past. Even so, it is still HOT. But, I'm loving summer anyway.


  24. They are all gorgeous and would welcome fall in any home. But I think my favourite is the Indian corn.
    I live in Canada and it's been in the 90's for weeks now - cant' wait for September!!!

  25. 2a The Sunflower print is my favorite! All of his prints are beautiful though!
    Still have lots of hot days ahead here even though I'm ready for fall also! Fall is my favorite!

  26. Hi Jemma, what a great giveaway. I am loving the scarecrow in the red checked shirt, and the maple leaf print. It's a hard choice since they're all great!!
    Yes, here in Texas, we are into one of the hottest week's yet. Happy August right!!

  27. Hello Jemma, Lovely giveaway. All of the prints are so cute. Darren is very talented. I am drawn to the sunflower and the maple leaf. Thanks for the opportunity. Happy summer. Xo

  28. I love giveaways, will enter!

  29. I love giveaways, will enter!

  30. I am a nut for halloween decor...so I guess that is me! ha.

  31. Jemma, I have thoroughly loved summer, but the heat is finally getting to me. Love all the prints, but the sunflower is my pick! Pam @ Everyday Living

  32. Hi Jemma! I love the scarecrow on the bottom right, with the sunflowers...so cute! However, all of them are so pretty.

  33. Love all of the prints. Went to your FB page also. Any print would be ok with me to win.

  34. I like the pumpkin with the sunflower a close second! They all look so nice for Fall! Hugs, Diane

  35. I think the apple is adorable. What a wonderful giveaway.

  36. I love summer too much to rush through it, but I also love fall decorating! Let's see, I like the scarecrow with the crow, the Indian corn, the maple leaf, the witch's shoe, and I'm torn between the Jack o lantern and the candy corn :)
    they are all wonderful!

  37. I'm loving the Haunted House print!

  38. I love the Harvest Print Set.Especially the sunflower.That would be my number 1 choice.Second choice would be the Pumpkin from the Harvest Print collection.It screams Fall.


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