Wandering Wednesday~Daily Joys

April 27, 2016
Daily joys I find at home.

 Which is my sanctuary, where I find simple pleasures.

No matter where or how I far I roam, I always long to return home.

Storm clouds rumble, grumble in a gruff and hurried sort of way.
Rain drops permeate every molecule of air and pungent earthy fragrances linger
on rosy red petals.

I want to go home.

My memories; they shape many of my days, they are the way I saw my life,

through those rose colored glasses.

That I will never ever give up.

Home, there is no place like it.

Where do you find your daily joys?


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  1. I find my joy's in my home, the gardens, seeing the sun come up and of course my two dogs that greet me so loving each and every morning. God is good and I love being in my home.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  2. I find joy at my home and when I can out in the garden area. I look at life through rose colored glasses too- it makes me happy!

  3. After being away for ten days, I am enjoying everything about our home! It was such a treat to see how much the perennials had grown. I love making coffee when I want it, having reliable internet, petting my dog, everything!

  4. Home, there is no place like it...
    I couldn't agree more.

    All the best Jan

  5. My home, just as you do. I always want to go home.

  6. There is nothing like home for true comfort.

  7. I've walked around my neighborhood 2 nights in a row and I plan to make it a new habit. I love living here and enjoy each and every day. I find joy in every day living! Hugs, Diane

  8. What a sweet post! Love all the beautiful pictures! Where do I find my daily joys? In my kids laughter, in their sweet smiles, in their innocent eyes... In all the great memories we are building together in a daily basis, here, at home!

  9. Home... sitting on the chaise lounge on the deck, lying in bed reading, having the cats curl up in my lap to be petted...


  10. Actually, home is my nest ... but during this period of the year my gardens also inspire me, the rebirth of Nature is something prodigious ...

    I'm so very grateful to you, Sweetest One, for all the joy you always bring with you when you writes your lines in your comments on my blog, you always put a smile on my face and fill my heart with such a deep gladness, you're truly a Good Hearted Lady, your good sentiments are such a Jem !

    Sending blessings on the remainder of your weekend ahead, dearest Jemma, may it be filled with love and wonder,
    with sincere gratitude


  11. Hello Jemma, beautiful post. Your flowers are gorgeous, they would be a daily joy for me. Your post are inpiring. Enjoy your day!

  12. Jemma, your photos are gorgeous. Home! Definitely home. Right now, I'm enjoying two places. The farm definitely is where I long to be more but my city home holds dear memories. :)

  13. What a poetic post! Your beautiful words & photos are inspiring. I enjoyed it extra this am. Maybe it's because we are traveling & I miss home a little, even though we are having an awesome trip! Love you bunches XXOO

  14. So like you, Jemma, it's home! Love your photographs, they are wonderful~
    Happy day~

  15. You said it my sister Virgo! Also for me Jemma, there's no place like home in our beloved nest. Your flowers are so stunning.

  16. You are a Michael Buble fan? I have another blog friend that really likes him as well. He has such a lovely voice, doesn't he? Yes, there's no place like home, and you sincerely cherish and appreciate your home, Jemma. I love that little crown you have shown, and Oh, the flowers......they are the magic in our lives. This is a very special post.

    love, ~Sheri

  17. I am the ultimate homebody. I get it! :)

  18. I can not travel because of health issues so several years ago, I turned my home into the Victorian Bed and Breakfast that I would like to stay at if I traveled so when I now walk in the front door, I feel my home wrap it's arms around me and I am so comforted by what I see so for me, there is definitely no place like home!!
    Thanks so much for visiting and I loved this post!!


  19. I am exactly the same way!
    It is my haven.
    Enjoyed visiting as always,

  20. Another homebody here!! If I don't have 40 projects going on, I like to just walk around and look at all of the things we have accomplished. The Princess Posie cat jumps on my shoulder and we parade around. I think we both may be purring...... :^)
    Blessings to you,


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