Walking With Wildflowers & Giveaway Announcement

April 06, 2016
Good morning it is Wandering Wednesday, April 6th, 2016.

It is the middle of the week and here is where we share what is on our mind, in our hearts, 

where we have been or where we are going.

Before I take you on a little Texas walk I'd like to announce the winner of the 

TOHOT Giveaway from last week. 

Congratulations to link entry number 12, Rita C. from Panoply, chosen by Random.org.

You have won a subscription to Southern Lady magazine.

Will you walk with me?

Just for a short spell over a hill, into a hollow where a bank of swaying 

wildflowers dance in a singing Spring breeze.

Endless banks of the Indian Paint Brush bow their colorful noggins as the evening sun 

gently slides into the early evening horizon.

Soothing shadows beckon a tired walker to sit and stay awhile.

Perfectly posed wildflowers, no need to straighten or fuss with a stem.

They beg me to take my camera out of my pocket and snap a photo of just them.

The hum of nature speaks with out saying a word...

Listen to me, I am the quiet murmurs that soothe your soul on this blue sky filled day.

Nature creates her own perfect pallet of harmonious hues of red-orange, lime green and 

sunshine yellow.

There will be no hemming and hawing over which flower looks best next to the other one, 

as when blended together they create a perfect canvas fit for a Queen.

Thank you for joining me today for Wandering Wednesday.

I would love to have you join me on Instagram where I share other snippets of beautiful 


Now,  it is your turn to share your wanderings with us!

See you back tomorrow for Thoughts Of Home On Thursday.


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  1. So beautiful! You do have some pretty flowers in Texas!

  2. Gorgeous! I need to take my camera on my walks! I walk past a rambuctious donkey ... I literally stop breathing as I pass by! Maybe he wants some attention, I'll do a photo shoot! Those flowers are so pretty! What a view you have!!! I heard the sound of music playing...:-)

  3. Gorgeous! I need to take my camera on my walks! I walk past a rambuctious donkey ... I literally stop breathing as I pass by! Maybe he wants some attention, I'll do a photo shoot! Those flowers are so pretty! What a view you have!!! I heard the sound of music playing...:-)

  4. Hello Jemma, congrats to the winner. I would love to walk with you to see these lovely wildflowers. Gorgeous! Have a happy day!

  5. What a pretty field of wild flowers :) We have Indian paintbrush here, with a bit different flower and much shorter. I'm now thinking of somewhere I can go today to share, but not sure what the weather holds just yet. I'm envious of your flower-filled fields and blue skies today!

  6. Your pictures look like summertime here. Wasn't Lady Bird Johnson wise when she started the mass wildflower plantings in Texas! How nice that you can walk just a little ways and see all this!

  7. Oh, you're pretty pictures make me want to get outside and walk! I just need the temps to come up and bit...and then I'll venture outside! :) And congrats to Rita!

  8. Yes, I would love to walk with you among the wildflowers. Your scenery is so beautiful, thanks for the delightful walk…...

  9. OH I love wildflowers that is gorgeous! xo K

  10. Thank you for taking us along on your walk. The wildflowers are such a happy sign of spring in Texas!

  11. Jemma, you write so beautifully, and your words flow like silk. And these wildflowers! You know, some call them weeds, but I see something pretty in all flowers, especially nature's own. These pictures are so pretty, and you're right, they ARE reddish-orange! Yes, I would love to take a walk with you, dear one.

    love, ~Sheri

  12. Thanks for the beautiful walk among the wildflowers and the lovely words that accompanied them!

  13. You don't know how anxious I am to see flowers here!!! For now, I'll must have to enjoy yours! Monday's snow is almost all gone :) but it is still cold. Still there is that spring smell to the air--grateful for that!

  14. This is gorgeous...what beautiful Indian Paintbrush....

  15. Thank you for bringing a little Texas sunshine into my snow covered world, sweet Jemma!

  16. Good evening Jemma! Through your walks, I live vicariously. What a sea of dreams here in all these fantasy-like reds. Indian paintbrush; I'd never heard of it until you.


  17. Jemma I took your walk with you in my mind's eye and it was refreshing and spiritually rewarding. I absolutely adore Wildflowers and I love your words "blended together they create the perfect canvas for a queen". Congrats go to Rita. Enjoy your walks sweet Jemma as you in your garden nuture nature you will be rewarded by her bounty on her walks.

  18. I sure enjoyed walking with you. :)

    It has been a beautiful day!

  19. Did you write that? It was incredible! Thank you!

    1. Yes, my friend all content on this blog is written and photographed by me, unless otherwise noted:)
      Thank you!

  20. Here in northern IL, we don't have those flowers, so thank you for sharing the photos with us! What a gorgeous flower. I love how they are scattered all over the field almost as far as the eye can see.

  21. Jemma,
    Wildflowers in Texas are beautiful. Each year I eagerly await their return. This week there are still bluebonnets along the country highway from my house to Mansfield. Plopped right in the middle of bluebonnets on one side of the road is a metal porta potty for men working on the other side of the road. I've thought about taking a few photos, but talked myself out of it.


  22. Such a lovely post - I really enjoyed my virtual walk with you.
    The flowers have such a lovely colour.

    All the best Jan

  23. Walking is so good for us. Truly a path of paradise to be able to walk around and take in Mother nature's natural beauty. xo


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