Reclaiming The 50's

January 04, 2016
You know how the trend has been to reclaim wood, tin containers, metal containers, 
subway tile.
I just know that you know where I am going with this because of the Title...smile...
Well I am reclaiming the 50's and the girl that lives inside of me.
I mentioned in my last post that she was fading fast-a shadow of sorts, well she is being reclaimed.
It isn't going to be as easy as it might seem because, I am not as young as I used to be, and yet I am not as old as I will be.
So, I suppose the time seems just about right.

I made a commitment to bake fresh bread, once a week, beginning January first of this year.
I was so excited to read your comments and see that many of you are already making similar efforts and are well on your way to living plain and simple.

Whether it be organic food from the local grocery or growing your own.
Clothes lines that are make shift or the real mccoy, it all is a community effort of living a life
with intention, it is a legacy you are creating for you and your family.

The goods news about all of this is, is that you are all thriving with this minimalistic 
50's approach to life (don't you love the way that sounds) and happy as honey bees.

Speaking of honey bees, did I mention that I am going to become a beekeeper-yes I am.

I have some dreams of joining in on a coop or local Farmer's Market and sharing my honey
and homegrown pumpkins from my garden.

So back to the bread commitment so far, so good.
I made my first loaf of braided bread on the second of this month and used the other half of the dough for Parker house rolls.  
You can find the recipe for them right here, this is a family recipe and it is sooo good-
I promise. 
I did change two things-I used butter instead of shortening and fast rising yeast instead of regular. 

I think I like them better this way, and of course the fast rising yeast eliminated one of the

Reclaiming the 50's and that girl inside of me, means that I must slow down and let this process evolve over time.
I have been waking up way too early with a new sense of energy and vitality at all of the possibilities of the day.
I am eager to watch the sunrise and marvel at the light as it gracefully kisses gray and barren tree tops with glistening warm morning rays. 

I am going to be as open as I can with this adventure-because that is what the
50's girl did.  
There was no Facebook, Instagram, Flipbook, Periscope, there were only stories written down, or told across a party line on a rotary phone.

So, one of the reasons I have to slow down is because in my eagerness to get outside, I fell today and I banged up my knee.
Do you know how embarrassing it is to fall, even when no one sees you??
Oh gosh, I just felt so ridiculous, reading glasses and phone in one hand, camera in the other...oops!
I am fine, it's a wretched bruise, but it is the reality of this journey.
My heart lives in the 50's, my body does not!

Thank you for joining me, I look forward to you sharing with us, your stories and just maybe
we can put together a 50's link up party in the very near future!
Now wouldn't that be an adventure...smiles...

Love to see you on Wednesday where I will be sharing a stunning and tasty
Winter Pound Cake Recipe.


Please Join Me~

French Country Cottage

Cozy Little House

Love Of Home


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  1. Yum- I have always loved homemade bread. My grandmother always made potato bread and I loved it. I haven't tried making homemade bread for years. Sounds like you're on a mission! I love the idea that you're going to take on things like growing pumpkins and the bees. Sorry you fell- it's always such a shock when that happens!

    1. Liz, there really is nothing quite as close to heavenly as homemade bread and oh the aroma of it wafting throughout a home.
      Major problem is me eating it!
      Thanks for the well wishes-feeling much better this morning.

  2. My dear heart, ARE YOU OK????????

    I am coming to you as I follow my blog roll list for the morning, and I'm looking at the clock thinking, OH MY GOODNESS! I NEED TO LEAVE TO WORK!

    Oh the 50s.....I was a little child in the early 60s so I know what you are talking about. I am loving your idea here, your photos, your baking....I made scones yesterday and the relaxation of making them in the morning, hanging out in the house, oh the fun. But now, I need to go to work. I wish I could get involved with your idea! I think it would be GREAT FUN!

    Are you going to slow down on social media?

    When I get back home, I will email you. We can discuss it more?


    1. Good Morning Dearest Anita,
      Thank you for asking, much better after a night of rest and keeping my leg elevated. Much bruising, but it will go away.

      I am on a mission to reclaim the "good old days!"

      No, I am not changing my social media activity-I am just going to be more mindful of not using it while I have a multitude of items in my hand.

      Wishing you a great day back at work!
      Much love to you too:)

  3. Oh Jemma :(. I was watching the news recently and one of the segments was about cell phone distractions, and how so many people are having accidents while walking. One person recently fell off a cliff and died while texting. I know that's not what you were doing, but a distraction is a distraction and we must always be aware of our surroundings. I'm certainly guilty of this too. Just yesterday while riding my bike I wasn't paying attention and almost got hit by a car. Sometimes these things are blessings, since they make you more aware and hopefully prevent future incidents.

    As a child of the 50's, I'm interested in your new venture, but I'll opt out of the baking bread part ;). Carbs and all that. lol

    1. Good Morning Doreen,

      Well this does not surprise me one bit, as I am now one of those people.
      I find myself becoming so absorbed in what I am seeing on my phone that I neglect to watch what I am doing. Definitely a lesson was learned here.

      My husband and I thought that I torn my MCL with the amount of swelling and bruising, but I am feeling much better today-so thankful.

      Oh girl, I know about the carbs-and I have been so good for so long...now imagine this fresh bread with some natural honey.

      Thanks for following along!

  4. Oh I just started a diet and this bread is making my mouth water! xo K

    1. Well, I will start my diet tomorrow-I have to finish eating my braided bread!
      Yikes, what have I done!!

  5. Oh no! I hope you are ok...and I bet your new kitchen smells just heavenly with all that fresh baking going on! :)

    1. Kim,
      I am on the mend, stayed off of my leg most of yesterday except towards evening when I fixed a big pot of jambalaya:)
      We had just a few rolls left over to dip
      in the broth-yum!

  6. Ouch. Hope your knee feels better quickly. I didn't realize there were so many of us on the same wavelength. I am definitely on a simpler path this year. Is it our age? the stresses of the world? I just know that I want to simplify my life and not be on the computer so much. Can't wait to see how everyone goes about it. xo Laura

    1. Oh it's much better today, Laura. I may even do a little more unpacking.

      It does seem that many of us are on quest to reclaim the simpler and more gentle aspects of life.
      I am wondering just like you if it is the age deal and our awareness of grasping the last quarter of our life with more intention in our living...
      It is a fun experiment for certain!

  7. Oh falling is so embarrassing and it hurts! I'm glad you are ok but take a little Tylenol if you need it. Baking bread....yummy! We have black eyed peas cooking today because we were out of town on the 1st. We are making an effort to eat at home more. Today is day two. Woo hoo!

    1. Stacey,
      Yummy black eyed peas!
      Yesterday was just a tad on the cool side, so I can imagine how satisfying this meal was:) Sounds like you are well on your way to the new goal you have set for the New Year.
      It was an embarrassing fall, even if I was the only one privy to it!

  8. Jemma OMGosh I so understand your fall... I will admit throughout my life I've had many klutz moments, like the one my brain (yup my mind multi-tasking) told me I had reached the bottom step but nope did not! That split second of time I managed to break and tear ligaments in both ankles - seriously. That was 11 years ago. I was born in the 50's and as much as my mind is energetic and knows (OK maybe acknowledges) no age I have learned to slow my pace and appreciate more.
    Jemma we purchased a bread machine years ago I was so committed and determined to make fresh organic ingredients healthy breads and rolls. I loved the honey wheat recipe I edited and made... But truth be known I fell off that bread wagon and I don't know why! Your post series is inspiring me, thanks for entering into my social media reading for I truly appreciate your posts.

    1. Vera My Dear!
      Klutz! Yes, in all capital letters!! Oh but my dear, I am so so sorry that you tore your ankles up so badly. I cannot even imagine the pain that you felt.
      I really thought that I had torn my MCL-but I seem to be feeling much better.

      Love, love your outlook and you inspire me as well!

  9. Loving this!

  10. This is just the inspiration women need.
    All women- young, of a certain age- ALL women.
    There is honor in the work , in caring for our families.

    That you for this wonderful reminder!


    1. Laura,
      What beautiful words of the meaningful life that all women are intended to live!

  11. Jemma, I'm so sorry to hear that you took a fall. I hope your knee is doing better. I would love to have a slice of your bread, and I can smell and taste it from here. :) I took a fall one time when I was shopping, and I sware I fell flat on the ground. Had to shake it off and luckily I didn't break anything. We have so much inner energy, but our bodies don't work as fast as they used to I guess haha.

    It's so nice that you are reclaiming the 50's, Jemma. It was such a delightful era in time. Your bread looks amazing, and I think it's great that you are getting back to baking it.

    love, ~Sheri

    1. Sheri,
      I think that is exactly true, my mind had me out the door into the backyard snapping photos of some very plump Cardinals.
      Instead my feet stayed in one place and I went in another-ooops!
      Thank you for your sweet and caring words.

  12. Hi Jemma, Oh no, are your okay from your fall? I have done that myself and it is embarrassing even with no one around.
    Love to bake bread too and I usually make a loaf of gluten free bread that I freeze and pull out as needed. The domestic part of life has always inspired me since I was a little girl in the 60's. Watching my mother and grandmother was very encouraging even though at the time, I didn't know they were influencing me greatly.
    I too wake up very early each day wanting a jump start on accomplishing the many things on my list.
    Your bread looks so yummy good and I applaud you on reclaiming a lifestyle that was so charming and less stressful. Since being unplugged from my computer a lot over the holiday and travel, I am finding it a challenge to focus being on line again. I know I will get back into a routine, it's just so peaceful and less hectic off line!!

    Have fun and take care of your knee. Hugs and Blessings. xo

    1. Dearest Friend,
      You summed this up perfectly, my Mother was the quintessential homemaker.
      She infused and influenced my life with her tender and talented skills without me even realizing it-I am enjoying reclaiming the 50's and the energy that I am feeling inside my soul.

      I am feeling much better today, thank you for kindness!

  13. Hello Jemma,
    I can just smell the bread baking! There was a time when I baked bread weekly but I had to stop because I was eating too many slices.....with butter!!!! Think I may bake a loaf next week. Sounds good and comforting too!

    Love the 50's idea, I was born in 59!

    Hope you have recovered from your fall. It is embarrassing! I fell off a sidewalk and splattered myself in the parking lot of a movie theatre just after a movie had ended so I had an audience. LOL!

    Nice visiting, I am home tonight! :)

    1. Good Morning Linda,
      I hope that you are doing well and it is wonderful to hear from you:)
      Thank you for helping me to feel not so incredibly klutzy over my fall!
      So many of you have shared your falling experiences and it sure made me feel better!
      I am so glad you are home, I'm going to email you this morning!

  14. I fell twice last week, working in and around my garden cottage! Aren't we the silly ones!! I always had a clothesline at my country houses in the past - not when I was in the city because the air is too dirty with all the traffic. I do not have one yet in my new home but I'm ready to find a spot. I find it incredibly therapeutic to hang out a load of clothes in the morning before work. Back to basics - love it!!

    1. You too??? Apparently we have all had a mishap or two in the last few years!
      I really believe it is the sense of urgency to embrace it all.

      I think you and I need to get those clothes lines up ASAP-I can smell fresh linens on the bed already!

  15. Sounds wonderful! We have friends that raise honey bees and we so enjoy their honey!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

    1. Cindy,
      Thank you for the opportunity to join in on your lovely party!
      Can't wait to get those busy bees!

  16. I have wanted bees for soooooooo long! I not sure where my curiosity came from but they are very cool!i can't wait to live thru you Queen Bee! Did you know the real Queen Elizabeth has bees at the palace & they make their own honey? So awesome!
    I am super excited about your new life & adventures! You are inspiring!

    1. Laura,
      Oh goodness, will you be getting some bees anytime soon??
      I remember walking along the river bank in Idaho and one of the neighbors having all of those white containers lined up filled with bees.
      Interesting fact there is a Beekeepers society of Texas! Can't wait to learn more and thank you for this interesting fact on Queen Elizabeth:)

  17. Dear Jemma,
    I wish you und your family a Happy New Year!
    Lowe ... Dorothea :-)

  18. Awe Jemma, though I was a late 50's baby my favorite era of time is the 50's. I love the music, the dress, the simplicity, the everything! And bread baking....YUM! I got on a kick with my baking fresh bread weekly here while back but have gotten slack about it with holidays and etc. My granny used to make a pan of homemade (handrolled) biscuits every single day! My sister can handroll those biscuits just like her! Me????? Well let's just say they AIN'T PRETTY! Happy New Year sweet lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  19. I love the new adventure you are on and I am interested in what else you will do in embracing the 50's!

  20. Jemma, I just found your blog and love it! I would love to have you post on my blog hop—the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home (www.myflagstaffhome.com). It begins on Thursday evenings and lasts through the weekend, if you're interested.


  21. Jemma! This looks amazing!! I'm featuring tomorrow!!

  22. I used to make homemade bread back when I was a new bride...and unemployed. Once I started teaching...my bread making went to the wayside. I might give it a try again. Sheila

  23. Glad your ok", I too love the slower lifestyle and the simple pleasures of everyday slower pace! Keep it up girl! Great job!

  24. Be careful, Jemma!

    I am a believer in homemade bread, in the process and the results. I can't put as many minutes into my kneading as I used to, what with arthritis in my hands, but it really doesn't seem to matter all that much and still tastes wonderful.


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