Pretty Posies

January 15, 2016
Did you know that flowers always, always make me smile and make me forget my worries.
I come from a circle of flower loving peeps.
Our clan loves all flowers.
They can be roses, hydrangeas, asters, tulips.
We will even take a good looking dandelion.

Some bouquets last longer than others, and I just get so aggravated when some of the bouquet begins to fade and some does not.

You know how that goes, and when that happens the bouquet is just plain awful.
It seems that it would be easier if they would all fizzle out or give it their all.

Best way to handle a bouquet that is half alive and partly dried up is to discard the old and trim down the surviving flowers and make mini arrangements.

Somehow trimming those dwindling stems down and pulling off those old dead leaves seems to revive them and they get a bit of a second wind.

Fortunately I inherited many vases, because my Mom and her Mom always, always had flower gardens and those magical gardens were ever so prolific.

Blooms began in early Spring, beginning with tulips, daffodils, Lilacs and peonies.
We always had fresh flowers arranged in vases of all shapes, sizes and color throughout our cozy home. 

Naturally that way of life was passed down to me, and now I enjoy having several arrangements around our home too.

I am pretty frugal when it comes to spending money on flowers.
I look for those bouquets at the market that are marked down and I shop the 
budget section for my flowers.
Those groupings were you can get 3 bouquets for ten dollars.
Always buy the flowers that are still buds-they will last longer.

I also have a method to my madness.

All of these flowers that you see here today are going to make a natural Spring Wreath,
maybe even a Valentine Wreath, depending on how quickly they dry.

I wrote a little post awhile back on drying roses, it really is very simple and here is the link.

So, if my plans work as I hope they will, I will have enjoyed these flowers three different ways.

First as large bouquets, second as several smaller arrangements, and finally as a wreath.

A perfect way for me to continue living a life that is plain and simple.

Looking forward to sharing with you next week the finished projects from this week.
I should have something all sewn up and be in the middle of drying some flowers.
I hope to have an update on my bees for you too.

Stay safe and Soar like a majestic eagle in the blue sky.

You are all really the best!


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  1. Prety posies and vases. I am sure the wreath will be just as beautiful. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Pretty flowers! Yes some flowers are definitely better at lasting longer than others. Saving the survivors and giving them another chance is the perfect way to keep them going. Love those pink vases on the dining table and I love that beautiful hutch.

  3. Lovely flowers Jemma and those rose vases are simply stunning on your table. I love anything in a set of three!! Your wreath will be gorgeous. I love to dry roses too and also hydrangeas. Some do last longer then others but the joy they bring is endless.
    Have a nice weekend and stay warm. We are going to be cold tomorrow! xo

  4. Sounds like we do flowers the same way -- market's 3/$10 and plucking out and rearranging till the last bloom has faded. Flowers feel so important at this time of year -- they just cheer me immensely. What a lovely post with such fun and brightness and light!

  5. I am a huge fan of flowers. Once tulips show up in the grocery store, I buy several bouquets each week and pop them in every room. They make me smile, just peeking at them!! :) Yours are lovely!!

  6. Bees! For the love of Pete what did I miss??? Very good tips here!

  7. Jemma,
    This post for me is perfect timing! I love your arrangement of three very feminine rose vases. Vintage?
    I purchased 3 bouquets @ 5.99 each at Trader Joes the other day, (look at today's post to see them). Just this morning I was enjoying my cup of coffee and admiring them on our table and thought to myself - boy all these beautiful blooms have different cut lives. Your tips will be used and are much appreciated. My Pink triumphs I'm forcing are doing their dance towards sunlight. Flowers give me joy, your words are beautiful.

  8. Great post Jemma. I love all the arrangements and so many pretty vases. I am ashamed to say that I also have a lot, but I love them all. We normally have flowers all the time in SO CA, so I can easily go out and pick a bouquet. I have two different rose one now and some paper whites. But due to a very cold winter for us, not so much now.

    Have a super weekend.

  9. I've always said that flowers are the magic in our lives. Jemma, wherever did you find those pink rose vases, they are so lovely? I am noticing your hutch in the background, and it's gorgeous. It's nice to hear you love all flowers. Tulips, carnations, and azaleas are a few that I like, with ROSES being my favorite. :) How sweet that your mother grew flowers in her garden and brought them in her cozy home all the time.

    May you see many beautiful flowers this weekend, Jemma.

    love, ~Sheri

  10. I am so in love with those pink pottery vases with the raised rose design on them! Lovely!

    When someone brings me a big bouquet of flowers I always break them down into smaller vases to share around the house. And I find myself using more and more odd glasses and jars too instead of real vases, especially for single blooms.

    I love the lighting in these photographs, Jemma!

  11. It was delightful to get to know you at lunch today!
    We have loads of roses in the backyard right now, but I never think of cutting some to bring in the house (since they are not long stemmed). I love yours in the little jars. I am going to start doing that!

  12. Such pretty flowers...a perk to see this time of year! I do much the same...just pluck out the dead and make fresh little bouquets. Further down in your pics, is that a Norfolk Island pine? I have one that's 4 years old and it's so fussy---always on the brink of dying. Our climates are different and my guy never goes outdoors. Still I fiddle between sun and not so sunny. Lots of water and then hardly. Any advice?

    Happy Weekend, dear Jemma!

    Jane x

  13. Flowers are one of Gods BEST creations! Simply Beautiful!

  14. Good morning dearest Jemma! What a great way to be here in the quiet of a Saturday morning with you. You and me both; flowers are one of God's gifts to make us forget the folly of the world, the rat race, and they bring us down back to earth. For me, it's peonies, grape hyacinth, puffy blue and white hydrangeas, roses of any color. I learned early last year about the benefits of having a weekly bouquet somewhere in the house; they bring so much joy! And your collection of pink vintage vases....WOW!!!!!! What pretty photos of your glorious ch√Ęteau my friend. Enjoy the weekend and the silent song of the flowers.

  15. I love flowers and was able to dry an arrangement my husband gave me it lasted for a few years.
    Such pretty arrangements here !! xo Have a great weekend, K

  16. I do love those vases! I do the same thing with my bouquets though I have yet to make a wreath from the dried flowers. I have dried them with very good intentions! Perhaps your wreath post will inspire me to do the same. Those little white roses are so sweet. Love those too! Happy weekend Jemma!

  17. Beautiful! I love your pink flower vases, they're so adorable in your lovely dinner table and dining room. All are pretty and I like the idea of three small vases, glass or ceramic. Thank you for your sweet visit, you made my day.
    Big hugs,

  18. Just lovely! I can admire your pretty flowers in pictures. What a nice tradition to continue from your family. I don't remember growing up with fresh flowers in the house. I am allergic to most so I can't have them in my house :-( My daughter did find some no pollen sunflowers at the public market last summer so I will have to wait for August to get those!

  19. Looks like you are quite settled in your new home, Jemma!! I love fresh flowers in the home but I rarely buy them - our market up here has nothing but horrible bouquets so I stick to my houseplants in winter!

  20. Dear Jemma,

    What pretty posies, each and every one, and such practical advice, all very good points to keep these precious petals strong and vibrant! Like you, I prefer many little bundles of beauty than one big, sometimes overbearing, bouquet. That way, there is a lovely, refreshing scent all through the house to complement the blasts of colour, too!

    I`ve been missing more than usual from our beloved bloggerhood, as I`ve started working full time, and well, there`s just not enough moments in the day to attend to blogger business, most nights, since other, more pressing stuff takes priority. But, once I get settled in, (there`s a lot of writing involved with this position), I hope to be more present, both composing more of my own posts, as well as visiting!

    Wishing you a most healthy, happy new year, and I look forward to more inspiring posts that feature your gorgeous new home!

    Lots of love,

  21. I do the same thing with frugally and make them last as long as possible. My favorite place to shop for flowers is Trader Joe's. They just always seem to have the freshest. Now, I have to go check out your drying technique...must have missed that post. You have some lovely vases, and your home looks just the way I would expect it to be....beautiful and so you.

    Warm hugs,


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