A Baked Potato & Giveaway

November 23, 2015
This week officially kicks off the beginning of the Holidays and when the cooking begins.

Kitchens all across the country are brimming with cooks in aprons, chopping boards 

covered with celery and ovens bursting with pies.

In fact, my husband and I were just reminiscing about the joys of Thanksgiving of years 

long ago and what our favorite desserts were.

For my husband it was coconut cream pie, while mine was the perfect homemade pumpkin 

pie with whipped cream.

With sweet splurges like these throughout the next month, I have decided that I am going

to save my calories for the pies, snacks, and Christmas candy.

Nakano is here to help me stay on track with their tasty Sinless Seasoned Rice Vinegar.

These flavorful Natural, Gluten free Seasoned Rice Vinegar products will help us all to 

swap out high calorie condiments and unnecessary fat in our everyday meals 

without sacrificing flavor.

Good news is you can find Nakano Seasoned Rice Vinegar in most grocery stores.

I am going to be mindful of what I put on my plate and keeping up my exercise regime too.

You will remember a few months ago we discussed Aging With Style and staying Healthy.

During these Winter months it is even more important that we stay moving and motivated 

so that we don't have unwanted pounds and achy joints when Spring arrives.

In keeping with this healthy mindset my husband and I have a salad every night and at 

least once a week we add an Idaho baked potato to our meal.  

I did grow up in Idaho on a potato farm, so I will always have a part of that State in my heart.

To cut on fat and calories for our Idaho Russet potato we switched out the butter and sour 

cream for the Garlic Rice Vinegar.

The taste of the potato was amazing and sinless!

By doing this we saved 26g of fat and 205 calories.

When I discover good things in life that make me and those I care about happier and 

healthier I want to share the goodness, this is why I chose to do this post! 

This is when I began to think that this Seasoned Rice Vinegar would also make a super 

Holiday gift for the people in my life who want to cut the unnecessary calories and fat in 

their diet too. 

Maybe the daughter who loves to run, or the friend who is crazy over yoga.

Just make up a little gift basket with a few other goodies and surprise them with 

your thoughtfulness.

Now it is your turn to share how you will use Nakano Rice Vinegar on your meals...

Drawing will be through Random Number Generator and winner will be announced this 


Product will be shipped directly from distributor.


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  1. Good morning Jemma! Your husband's holiday pie was a coconut cream pie? How FUN! I had never heard of that but it sure sounds delicious. These holidays are definitely times to reminisce and distinct flavors a strong memory triggers.

    We too try to take good care of ourselves through diet and exercise and it sure makes a difference. Energy and flexibility is necessary on the job as well as fundamental to well-being. These products look pretty great! I wonder what yummy and healthy things you will cook up this week? I have French green beans (haricots vert) on my menu with a turkey breast Latino style! Sweet potatoes and some fresh fruit for me, and home baked pumpkin pie for Ruben.

    Enjoy the week my friend as you prepare! XOXOX

    1. Good Morning Anita!
      You know I love my walks and often times I walk and talk to those dearest to me.
      Your Thanksgiving dinner will be delicious!

  2. Well that's interesting- I wouldn't have thought to use a rice vinegar on a potato!

    1. Liz,
      So many tantalizing flavors to choose from, another one that I really like is the Mango,
      very tasty on a fresh salad!

  3. Oh after these ovaries came out instant 7 lbs! all in the middle!! I love that idea it will remind me of fish and chips with malt vinegar yet half the calories! xo K

    1. I know what you mean, same thing happened to me but more like 15 pounds! Yikes!
      Wonderful idea to use on fish and chips!

  4. I would love to try this vinegar, but I cannot eat a lot of vinegar because of the sulfites in it. Does it list sulfites or sulfates as an ingredient on the bottle?

    1. Glad you found the bottle of Nakano Vinegar in your cupboard!

  5. Ann Marie,
    The list of ingredients on the bottle are rice vinegar (made from real rice) water, corn syrup, salt, brown sugar, natural flavor and water.
    I am emailing you as well.

  6. Looks yummy!I need to eat better and exercise this holiday season, it's easy to get lax when it's cold outside. Pass my winning chance on to someone else, please. I have already been a lucky gal here! ;)

    1. Kim,
      Trying to find little ways to stay healthy and passing on the perks to my friends!

  7. A baked potato! Always perfect. Always fits. Always can just about make a meal.

    When I am "feeling poorly" with this or that, and food doesn't fit, a baked potato can still 'hit the spot.'

    All in all, I do love-my-baked-potatoes!!!!

    And all wise words, for this upcoming season of excess. Back in the day, when feasting came but once a year, it made sense to indulge. They had the rest of the year, to not have another chance. But today, when every meal, can be a feast, we really need to adjust our attitude. :-)


    1. Tessa,
      This is the exact conversation that my husband and I had this last week. We were remembering how good the food was and what a treat it was way back when. Just as you said "feasting came but once a year." Now "every meal can be a feast."
      Baked potato, they are a a perfect little meal!

  8. Jemma,
    Ahhh vinegar yes!!!! i have discovered that A L'OLIVIER has a Fig vinegar. I make everything fresh and from scratch and avoid any processed, all preservatives or anything white (sugar, flour, etc.) and Corn syrup and soy is never consumed by me... My diet has helped my health and I've been junk free since 1984. Salads are a staple, just like for you and I make a dressing with the fig vinegar and extra virgin olive oil and serve it on a bed of fresh greens and layer on pears or apples, pumpkin seeds, garnish lightly with aged Cheddar cheese and this is a special Fall/Winter salad. I also adore baby spinach and strawberries tossed with a poppy seed dressing, boy does this look pretty for Christmas. Plus every other Salad ever made!
    I will have to try your idea with vinegar on an Idaho baked... We're bad and sneak a dab of Crème Fraîche on top. Yup no calories there!!!! But I do love it's richness. I also put a Splash of vinegar on French green beans and baby bok choy and spinach.
    BTW I've been meaning to tell you that your recipe of the Pumpkin roll dessert was a huge dinner party hit! Desserts for me are reserved to when I entertain - I'm more a savory lover.
    Your giveaway is generous but please do not enter me because of the corn syrup ingredient.

  9. Hi Jemma,
    I have rice vinegar but have never tried it on a potato. Well, now you know I just have to! I love to have salads for supper too. I love trying an assortment of vegetables as much as trying different fruits and nuts. I have already started some baking and will tackle the grocery store again today! Though we won't be home for Thanksgiving dinner we have my 3 daughters and son-in-law staying with us over the weekend so we will still need to do some cooking and baking. Happy cooking and baking! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  10. We eat a lot of salads here in Florida and I would love to try these on a veggie salad. Thanks! Hugs, Diane

  11. Hi Jemma, we also eat a lot of salads and just keep moving. I know the rice vinegar's are so good but I have never tried it on a baked potato. Have to now for sure. Have a wonderful week preparing. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving my friend. xo

  12. I have never even heard of this product, Jemma. We have been following the Whole 30 since October 1st and the difference is amazing. I did start clarifying our butter which really makes a huge difference to us...and so little goes so far on potatoes, etc.
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I was telling someone the other day about mincemeat pies-which my grandmother dearly loved and they had never heard of them. Also, in PA I grew up with Shoo-fly pie. xo Diana

  13. We've only used rice vinegar when making Japanese food and never the seasoned ones. Thanks for the wonderful tip, Jemma. I'm going to get some next time I'm at the store!

  14. I've never heard of it before but will definitely be doing some exploring to see how I can use it in my cooking! The older I get the more important it is to control the diet and weight! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving Jemma! Much love and hugs to you!!

  15. Such an interesting take to put on potatoes. I do love rice vinegar and I use it for my Asian dishes. Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family. Hopefully soon, you will be in your new house. xo

  16. I'd love to try this recipe!

    - Judith

  17. I've used these rice wine vinegars in salads or Asian dishes. I honestly didn't realize there were so many flavors ~ how neat is that? Really sounds interesting on a baked potato too. I only use butter, no sour cream ever.

    Pies? Oh my soul! I absolutely love most any flavor you can mention and I do have to say I make a killer chocolate as well as coconut cream! :) My mother and her sisters used to make mince meat pies and rarely would the kids eat them. My kid's favorites have always been pumpkin and pecan for Thanksgiving.

    I hope you enjoy the holiday and many blessings are sent your way!

  18. I would try it on a salad!


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