8 Terrific Stocking Stuffers For Women

November 29, 2015
It is as important for me to take care of my skin as it is to eat well, exercise regularly and 

maintain a good attitude. 

I have extremely sensitive skin and I have to be ever so careful with the products that I use.

I also needed to update some of my makeup, my cosmetic bag had seen better days and I 

had used up all my lipstick.

"Mother Hubbard's cupboard," was essentially bare.

So over the course of the last year I have been trying out a few new facial products.

I have picked eight of my favorite facial products to share with you today and I also wanted 

to tell you a little bit about them and I why I think they would be terrific stocking stuffers.

1. It Cosmetics give a flawless airbrush glow by incorporating peptides, hydrolyzed collagen and antioxidants, this line of cosmetics is also referred to as a problem-solving color cosmetic.
I love how it helps to hide my dark circles and blend in the Melasma  on the sides of my face.
 2.Block Island Organics manufactures an amazing product that cares about how it formulates it's sunblocks and other products. 
It is a moisturizer, as well as a broad spectrum sunblock providing protection against UVA and UBA rays, by using Vitamin E and C, zinc and other ingredients.
I am outside walking daily and I have to wear a sunblock to protect my skin.
Block Island makes an affordable and soothing sunblock that I can easily wear daily with or without makeup.

3.Lip Sheer cares for my lips.
It provides just a hint of color, is long lasting, ultra moisturizing and uses plant based ingredients.

4.Smell The Roses Hydration Spray  is a hydrating spray to spritz over your makeup.
This is a great spray to use during the Winter months. 
I enjoy how it hydrates, nourishes, detoxifies and calms my skin.

5.Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain is long lasting custom color for cheeks and lips.
Also all of Jane Iredale skin products are proud to be cruelty free and many of their products are also gluten free and vegan based.

6.L'Occitane enriched shea butter is like a balm to my skin and leaves it so soft.
It feels so soothing on my dry Winter hands and the lingering scent is heavenly. 
Even my oldest granddaughter commented on how good I smell!

7. Stephanie Johnson Astrology Cosmetic Pouch  is such a clever little bag. 
When I saw this bag I thought how perfect for many of the young woman in our family.  
It is such a great size and I like the little tassel too.

8.LeSportsac Nylon Cosmetic Bag  is a very reasonable priced bag and perfect to slip into
a larger purse. 
Keeps everything organized, with such a clever saying too.
"You look Fabulous!"

Just a little news about the house and moving.

We would have been moving into our new home this week, but with the rain, it has delayed 

us a couple of weeks. 

So, we are moving out of the apartment this Tuesday and into a Hotel for the rest of the 


I just hope that my paperwhites will bloom in the Hotel Room!


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  1. DEAREST! Good morning and happy Sunday! First of all, that photo on your sidebar of your "home in Southlake Texas" - is that your former home, or your new home? And you would have been moving in this week? OH DEAR! Do you suspect you will be in by Christmas? If so, what a great Christmas present!

    You too have that melasma on the sides of your face? I DO TOO! Oh, how clear my skin once was. They used to call me snow white with my light skin and dark hair! I saw a dermatologist a few weeks back, and she did say there is some cream to try to lighten the spots, but not only is it expensive, but I just didn't like the idea of using this sort of bleach on my skin. Oh well!

    I wish you a wonderful December as you anticipate and then get into that château of yours. I can't wait to see! Much love.

    1. Yes I do have melasma on my face too, so I must wear sunscreens or it will become even darker.
      This is why I am enjoying Block Island Organics.
      It is a moisturizer and sunscreen in one and I am also a fan of zinc.

      I also did get the cream you are mentioning that your Dermatologist recommend for my dark spots. It takes such a small amount and I am already seeing some results.

      Thank you for your well wishes my dear, tomorrow is move day.
      Much love to you ~

  2. Thanks for all the links! I will visit them and see what I can find! I too have sensitive skin and have to use quality product. So sorry about the delay in your move. Can you receive mail at the hotel?!

    1. You will enjoy the sunblock as it is a moisturizer and is so very gentle and I love the IT Cosmetics.

      We have a mailbox at our new home and we'll be checking the mail daily:)

  3. Hello Jemma, all great ideas for the stocking stuffer. I have a hard time remembering the sunscreen. Thanks for sharing! Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

    1. Eileen,
      I know it is a "pain," at first to remember the sunscreen, but if you will leave it next to your toothpaste, it will be easier to remember!

  4. I love to see/hear what other women are using. I need to find some of that lip/cheek stain!
    Good luck on living in a hotel. I hope your home is finished in short order and you can be in before the holidays. What fun- a brand new home. xo Diana

    1. Diana,
      I love lip stain, as I am one of those women who enjoys having color on her lips.
      I cannot eat or drink without having my lipstick disappear, so these products are perfect for me!

  5. Hi Jemma, I have always taken really good care of my skin and also worked as a skin care specialist in my career path. Learned a ton and the one thing that is the most important of all~~~ never go to sleep at night with your makeup on. So many do this and it is so bad for your skin and the aging process. Thanks for sharing your links.Wishing you a smooth transition into the hotel. Hope your into your new gorgeous home soon. What a special gift for Christmas. Enjoy this Sunday my Texas friend. xo

    1. Oh My Texas Friend,
      I can tell that you have nourished your skin, by your photos, just beautiful.
      Thank you for sharing the importance of not sleeping with makeup on, this is one thing I never do either, and I always moisturize too.

  6. I'm sure you're disappointed about the delay in moving. I imagine you're anxious to start decorating for Christmas, and who can blame you? I think your new home will be a perfect backdrop for whatever you decide to do and I am so looking forward to seeing everything!

    You gave us lots of great ideas today, not just for stocking stuffers, but for ourselves :).

    1. I am SO dissapointed. Granted Texas always needs a good rain storm, so I am trying to keep that in mind. But seriously...
      Oh well, yes Doreen, these are some great products for anyone on our Christmas list, including ourselves!

  7. Wonderful products for keeping our aging skin perfect. some of us have more skin issues than others. t is always refreshing to see what other women are using. During the winter months, our skin does dry out, so using a moisturizer is the key. Perfect for stocking stuffers as you have pointed out! Thank you for your sweet Thanksgiving card. I, too treasure our friendship. Hopefully the weather will change, so you can enjoy Christmas in your new home. xo

    1. There aren't any magic serums for aging skin, but there are products that reduce the appearance of lines, dry skin and loss of glow. For me it is all part of the mindset of aging with style.

  8. You KNOW I am going to be trying out some of these bad boys - can't wait!!!! Some of these are new to me and I'm always looking for the magic - thanks for sharing!! On another note - so sorry to hear your move is delayed - that stinks. I know how frustrating it is to wait and wait and wait. And with the holidays, even tougher. Big hugs to you xoxo

    1. I know you are sweet Lady! You are in another decade (younger one) lucky you! But I do know how you take good care of yourself. These products which I have shared today, are excellent choices for all ages!
      Thank you for your encouraging words too!

  9. Thanks for sharing these great ideas! My skin is very dry and somewhat sensitive so I have to be careful about products I use. So sorry about your move being delayed...this rain is something else isn't it? I feel for you ~ moving from the apt to a hotel and then into your new home ~ and in the midst of the holidays! You will make the new home beautiful and I can't wait to see it.


    1. Pat
      My skin used to be wonderful, hardly any acne or breakouts and then as the years rolled on it has been challenging. I must say however, that it finally has calmed down quite a bit and of course I choose my facial products very carefully and actually keep a pretty clean diet as well.
      All of these products are good and have not irritated my skin.
      Thank you for your compassionate heart-I need one!

  10. Jemma,
    Love your stocking stuffer suggestions. I too have fair skin and I have taken care of it my entire life. I too was born with extremely sensitive skin. I use micro retin A .01% solution {not strong solution) it has kept my face free from any aging marks and discoloration. Each and every morning I do a lymphatic massage to my face and neck with a vitamin C serum/cream. These two things are my secret to keeping my fair skin clear and firm. Oh and for decades have found Clinque makeup perfect for my skin. But let me stress the importance of cleansing, exercising and getting enough beauty rest. I stress the importance of wearing a hat and UV protection in the sun.
    I appreciate your tips Jemma and after I post this comment I am heading to purchase Block Island Organics. Thank you dear Jemma for sharing and I wish more woman would share their proven secrets on beautiful skin.

  11. Oh Jemma, these are great stocking stuffers for women. The girls would like these, especially the lip sheer. That cosmetic bag is also darling. I do hope you are in your new home for Christmas. Wouldn't that be something? It's Christmas time, and I get so excited for the season! I'm going to decorate today.

    Have a relaxing Sunday, Jemma.

    love, ~Sheri

    by the way, thank you for the e-mail and what you said. It was so beautiful, I loved it.

  12. I need a new something for my lips!! I am sick of using my daughter's Bonnie Bell Lipsmakers! ;) At 47, I need a grown up lipstick. Thanks for the recommendation! :)

  13. Thanks for all the suggestions on skin care; they all sound great. I am sorry about the delay of your move and I do hope your paper whites bloom in the hotel. You are going to love it when you get all settled and I can't wait to see the pictures...

  14. Jemma I meant to add that I think your paper whites will thrive in the hotel room in anticipation of arriving bloomed to celebrate your new home. Are you a Virgo (I am) just wondering because of the cosmetics bag.

  15. Thank you for these recommendations. I will be checking them out!

  16. Nice to read about these products. I seem to have more problems now than ever before. I have always had problems with my skin. Do you have any ideas for eye shadow? I am having problems with everything I try. Maybe it's time to forget about it.

  17. Good morning Jemma,
    Sorry to hear of the delay in moving into your house! It will be soon! I wondered if I had missed it....hoping there are no further delays and you get to move into that beautiful dreamhouse asap!!!

    I am going to try a couple of these products! I also have sensitive skin though I have to say as I get older, it seems to be less sensitive....I couldn't use anything when I was younger. Skin care products have come such a long way over the years though.....thanks for the advice!!!


  18. L'Occitane products are some of my favorites. I've not tried the Shea butter cream, but need something more for my hands, so next time I'm in a store, I'll pick some up.
    Sorry you've had more delays in getting into your new home. The paperwhites will add a touch of home to your hotel room.

  19. Sorry to hear your move was delayed. I'm sure your paperwhites will bloom wherever they are planted! And I love LÓccitane -- I have some of their soap that is to die for!

  20. I love posts like these. We women who want to have beautiful skin need to spread the word on products that help. I love a tried and true opinion from someone like you rather than a magazine review. I have been looking for a spray that refreshes my skin and keeps my make up well put...thank you for the suggestion. My skin is very sensitive so much of what I buy is trial and error. Thank you.

    I'm so, so happy to hear the 'end' is near. And on a positive note, work begun on out lakehouse today! Yay!

    Jane xx

  21. It's always a treat to hear what other women I admire use. I love #7, the best! Thanks for giving me some new products to try Jemma! xo

  22. Thank you for some new skin care ideas! I will have to check out the links. I don't like to fuss with my skin, wear minimal makeup, and also like to use natural products, especially moisturizer. I am especially interested in #2 - the moisturizer with sunblock. Do you have any problems with the sunscreen in it, staining the collar area of your shirts? My husband and I were both using a moisturizer with sunscreen (forget now which brand) and it stained our clothes orange! So we stopped using a moisturizer with sunscreen and now only use a regular moisturizer. But I hate not wearing sunscreen.

    So sorry that your moving into your new house is being delayed. I know it will be awful to move into a hotel room. I'll be thinking about you and praying the end is in sight! I know it'll all be worth it in the long run. :-)


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