8 Chocolate Cakes For The Holidays

October 23, 2015
Does chocolate soothe your soul,
Quiet your mind, and give you a general sense of well being?
Did I see some smiles...

Well, with the Facebook Debacle unresolved, I was a little on the uptight side, and we were totally out of chocolate.

Seemed the next best thing to do, was to dream of chocolate.
So, I have been distancing myself from the entire FB matter. and dreaming away on Pinterest.

                                  The Best Chocolate Cake ~ My baking Addiction

I found 8 irresistible chocolate cakes for you, and I to make for the upcoming Holidays.
I have included all of the links beneath each photo so you can just click on them and presto,
you will be taken to these talented bakers websites.

                                    Playing With Flour~ A Super Moist Chocolate Cake

I found this recipe from Playing With flour it is originally from Ina Garten's Cookbook, and is a relatively easy cake to make, very pretty topped with buttercream frosting too.

                                                          Nancy Creative

Oh goodness, I just had to share the love of The Best (Texas) Chocolate Sheet Cake.
I  made the vanilla version of this for Christmas one year and oh yes, it was a little
morsel of heaven.

                                            Best Chocolate Cake You'll Ever Have

Good Housekeeping presents one of the very best chocolate cakes ever as well,
a rich cake blended with buttermilk and butter.

                                                        Perfect Marble Cake~ I Am Baker

This cake is for the cake lover who is not totally into chocolate 100 percent, and wants just a smidgen of yellow cake mixed in with their chocolate.
Top this marble cake with chocolate buttercream frosting and bam, it's a delicious dish.

                                         Hot Chocolate Hits~ The Best Chocolate Cake

Maybe you are into a devilishly good cake, which is perfect for this time of the year, where
ghosts and witches roam the avenues.

                                       Life, Love And Sugar~ Best Chocolate Cake

This gorgeous ultra three layer chocolate cake is made with dark cocoa-so this is the ultimate in chocolate decadence.

                              The Domestic Rebel~ Damn Good Chocolate Bundt Cake

Leaving you with a real beauty of a bundt cake, totally drenched in chocolate Ganache and topped with chocolate chips.

All of this chocolate, made me feel much calmer.
One of the best parts was that I enjoyed it all, with absolutely zero guilt and no calories.

Have a lovely weekend, xoxo

Please Join Me~

Cozy Little House

Rustic & Refined

Natasha In Oz

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  1. What an excellent idea to indulge our eyes and unloose our imaginative tastebuds on chocolate cake! You've found several that I'll pin for future baking--sometimes when the family is here to help us eat it! They all are beautiful but the one with the first fork full falling away looks like it will really deliver on taste.

    And Jemma, last fall I made a Chocolate Stout Cake that had Guiness in it and a fudgy icing that was to die for. Maybe a once a year indulgence wouldn't be too damaging!

    Now to practice your calorie-free indulgence with pecan pie!


  2. Oh my goodness Jemma if there is one food that gets me in trouble it is chocolate cake - I feel in love with all of them. This is my downfall!

  3. I just want you to know that I gained 100 pounds looking at these gorgeous cakes!! Chocolate is one of those things I absolutely cannot resist!! Oh my goodness...these look so delicious!! Hugs!!

  4. Oh Jemma, you just had to show these dreamy cakes ~~ They look so good and I LOVE chocolate!! Now that I must go on a diet just from looking, I appreciate you sharing these great cakes!! I'll pinned these for later!!
    Have a wonderful weekend my Texas friend and stay dry. It's raining buckets here with some flooding.
    Hugs and Blessings, cm

  5. I love chocolate! Who doesn't? LOL These are wonderful. I can't wait to try some out. xo

  6. You've taken one thing off my list...a cake for thanksgiving and Christmas. It's going to be hard to decide which ones but I don't think I can go wrong....I think my feelings go beyond love and into addiction where chocolate is concerned....

  7. Jemma, what is it about chocolate that makes us smile? : ) These cakes all look scrumptious, but the "playing with flour" cake I could almost taste right through the screen. The Texas cake looks yummy too. I don't know if I mentioned to you or not, but chocolate cake and vanilla frosting is my favorite dessert..........brownies coming in a close second hehehe.

    Have a restful weekend, Jemma.

    love, ~Sheri

  8. I just gained 5 pounds!! These all look delicious!

  9. I-am-not-looking-at-this-post!!!!


    Pumpkin hugs,

  10. Wow I'm having a sugar rush looking at these! Each one looks just fine to me!

  11. Thank you, thank you! This lifted my spirits, too. I recognize some of the websites and I think I have my heart set on that bundt cake!😂😂😂

    Happy Weekend, Jemma!

    Jane x

  12. So far I have only followed one link and I think I gained a pound or two just from looking! There is just nothing like a moist chocolate cake!

  13. Good morning sweet baker and friend! Lately, I've been loving the IDEA of baking again. I haven't done much of it for the last 13 years since I started to teach. HOWEVER, last weekend, I baked some chocolate cookies and left half the dough in the freezer that I'm pulling out today. And thanks to watching the Great British Bake-off, I have been itching to bake a great cake. These chocolate cakes speak volumes of childhood memories for me, of the days when my stay-at-home-mom would bake on occasion, a perfect Devil's Food cake. How our senses communicate so much.


  14. I am addicted to chocolate cake. Thanks for fueling the fire :)

  15. Listen here, Missy! Don't you KNOW I am off sugar and flour and that I LONG to bake---not even to eat it but just to BAKE it! lol I can hardly look at your blog pictures because it raises my ugly sugar head. xo Diana

  16. ps. IF you have time pop over and sign up for the giveaway for my son's newest venture.

  17. Such a delicious post! I'm itching to get into the kitchen and make something rich and chocolatey. But I'll refrain - for now - and just eat one square of dark chocolate. But I'm pinning some of this.

  18. These all look so delicious. Chocolate doesn't like me, so I am having to live vicariously through your post. SIGH!!!

  19. These all look delicious Jemma! The swirls of icing on the perfect marble cake make it so pretty! I bake a layer cake for all our birthdays (all 4), but I use a very simple recipe ... of course my family doesn't think it's a birthday cake unless it's chocolate ;) I like the combination of chocolate & orange. Now I think I'll make myself a good hot tea to melt away all this sweetness!

  20. I was on Pinterest last week looking for chocolate cakes/desserts since I'll be making something for a Halloween party. I decided on chocolate lasagna because it's super easy and feeds plenty, but I'm pinning this post because one can never have too many chocolate cake options ;).


  21. Oh crap! I hope that I have a hershey bar or something around here because you make me want cake but I'm not baking one tonight, lol! These are scrumptious looking :)

  22. Oh crap! I hope that I have a hershey bar or something around here because you make me want cake but I'm not baking one tonight, lol! These are scrumptious looking :)

  23. Looks like you and I both had chocolate cakes running through our minds. I did a post on 7 Chocolate Cakes. You can never have too many! That first picture really whet my appetite.


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