10 Great Maxi Coats

October 30, 2015
One of my favorite styles for a Winter coat is back in full force for this Season,
the Maxi Coat.
In fact this classic, and stylish coat made the cut for Marie Claire Magazine  as one of the best Winter coats for 2015.
Here are some of my favorite picks and why I love a Maxi Coat.


I truly believe that the Maxi Coat is not only fabulous and flattering, they are an essential
item of clothing that every woman should have in her closet.
Even when they are not the "trend" of the season, this coat is timeless.
They can be worn with jeans or a classy dress, dress them up or down.
Wear them with boots, heels, or even keds.


A Maxi Coat is extremely versatile, they come in such a variety of fabrics,
so they fit the bill for virtually every climate and lifestyle.


If I could have two Maxi Coats one would definitely be in this color.
Such a soft, feminine hue and I suppose leaning toward the neutral side.

Of course, black is always a sensible choice, and always looks great on every age and shape.


I do have a fashion crush on neutral tones, and I will be purchasing a neutral Maxi coat  for myself this season.
I don't think a woman is ever too "mature," to have a fashion crush, do you?
In fact, I hope that I have them all the way into my 90's and that I am still wearing my pink lipstick too!


You know I am in love with grey, Ladies,  just look at this coat and oh these boots!
Such a slimming look.


This coat is too young for me, with it's texture, and I also feel it needs a very slim frame to carry off the look and handle the bulk.
But just notice the mix of neutrals and all of this scrumptious layering.
Dressing ourselves is much like dressing our homes.
We are the pallet and then we choose the colors, layer the design, adding to and taking away until we achieve the desired image.


I wanted to include accessories in this post too.  
Many of you live in very cold climates where hats, gloves and boots are more than just a
"look," they are a necessity.
I thought this was a great example on how to complement your wardrobe,
staying stylish, comfortable and warm.


Once again thinking of you my friends who have the bitter cold weather.
You need to stay cozy.


Do you have a Fashion Crush?

I am so excited to share with you in my upcoming Monday post, a very special interview with my dear friend Anita Rivera, a long time blogger and talented artist.
You probably know her from Castles Crowns and Cottages, and now you will find her
on Instagram.
Her artistic flair has been featured in one of our favorite magazines...

Have a beautiful and safe weekend, and always be good to you!


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  1. Jemma- I am with you. I LOVE maxi-coats. I just could not get into those shorter coats that left 6" of skirt hanging out beneath them. I have 2 maxi coats that I switch back and forth with and love them both. I think they are flattering on anyone and ooze casual elegance no matter what you are wearing under them. GREAT post- xo Diana

  2. Haven't had a maxi coat in years. No longer thin enough. :-))) but these look great, for those who "can"!

    .•*¨`*•. ☆ .•*¨`*•
    Hugs and magic

  3. Beautiful coats.....I love all kinds of coats and boots. Fun and so pretty. xo

  4. I love all those coats!! It does help to be tall and thin to look good in them! I do have a maxi coat that I wear when it is really cold. I hope maxi sweaters come back too. I have two beautiful ones....remember those?

  5. Ok so I have a fashion crush now, thanks for that!!! I am loving that black maxi coat - oh so classic and elegant and stylish - love, love, love!! So exciting to see a new coat style that works for my climate - thanks for sharing, Jemma!!

  6. I love the variety of your posts, always good reading.

    I remember getting my first maxi coat when I was 14. How I survived the snowy winters here in the Midwest with that heavy wool coat dragging on the!

    I love the sorter styles in your post. If they are simply shorter or on taller models. But of course, there are tailors for that, right? And they are perfect for when we are dressed formally, a short coat is not as elegant.

    Thanks for doing the research. Hope you have a lovely weekend and un Halloween!

    Jane x

  7. Pretty coats! I just bought a new winter coat - not quite maxi, but down to my knees. It's a puffy, warm one. Greatly needed here in northern IL for the cold weather. I desperately needed a new winter coat - the one I had (and it was the only one I had) was at least 10 years old! There's actually nothing wrong with it and I'll still wear it once in awhile, but I needed a little upgrading. ;-)

  8. It's been a while since I've owned a maxi coat, but your photos are making me think I just might need one now! Did you know my fashion crush is coats? Of course you didn't, but it is. Sometime's I wish it could be something like bags that don't take up as much room as coats. I've gotten better about resisting though, especially since we are not here for most of the winter and I don't have as much of a need for coats. I still love them though. I think my favorite is the pink one. Not just for the color, but the simplicity, which is definitely something I would need for my barely 5'4 frame!

  9. Anita is a treasured friend, and I love her with all my heart. I'm so happy for her about the magazine, and can't wait to pick up a copy. I love these winter coats, especially the black one. I still wear my leather jacket from years ago, and it's so simple and classy.

    Have a Halloween filled with magic, Jemma.

    love, ~Sheri

  10. JEMMA! Happy Saturday my friend! I am barely making it this Saturday morning to sit with you. Well, as long as I live, I hope to never shed off my love for style in all aspects of living! From home to food to fashion, style is that artistic expression for each individual. I have a super maxi coat from about 21 years ago! And I still wear it and I've often wondered if I could get my tailor neighbor (he is exquisite) to replicate this style because it is so fitting. It's long of course, with a large collar. It is so suited for dress up as well as my favorite jeans.

    My friend, I cannot wait to see your post on Monday! I may be late you know, as I will have to rush off to work and often return late. But keep it up so I can get to see it at least by 8:00pm! YOU ARE SUPER!

  11. Hi Jemma! Oh, I love maxi coats! I have one and I really need it here! I don't like the little short coats that don't even cover your bum! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Hi Jemma, I love a maxi coat too. I actually need a new one and I love the grey maxi coat. I do have a maxi rain coat that is more a dress coat and works for dresses. It has been with me for years and a classic that never goes out of style. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your interview with Anita. She has been such a dear friend but I have not seen her around in a long time and actually emailed her a bit ago to say hello. She must really be busy this season. I am so excited about her magazine feature and I so look forward to it.
    Have a great Halloween weekend. Blessings, xo

  13. You should post the coat you got!


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