Fringe For Fall And Hair Tips

August 07, 2015
When we sold our home this past May, I cleaned out my closet- big time-and I parted with some beloved pieces of clothing that I had kept through the decades of my life.
I shed some tears over these pieces as I packed them in a box and toted them off to one of our local donation centers.

My most favorite 70's leather jacket with a very furry collar, a beaded belt that I wore with hiphuggers, and a leather fringed purse, were the first items in the box.
My favorite pair of hiphuggers were maroon velvet, I know Maroon, but oh they were 
wonderful goodness oh soooo cute...
I just know in my heart that some adorable 17 year old will be wearing one of these items this season, because they are vintage.
Girls, the 70's Rock and the clothes from that era are back in style whoo hoo!

So as I have been reading my Fashion magazines and saw that fringe is in, I just knew I was going to add some pieces to my Fall style.
I enjoy sharing fashion finds on my blog and on my Looking Good Pinterest Board, 
I would love for you to follow me along on Pinterest too.
I think I may tippy toe in to this style, adding a few moderate pieces of fringe at time, but I must say that I LOVE this trend.
I will keep it simple by wearing black pants, or jeans and then adding pops of fringe.

Do you remember that some of the best music came from the 70's, oh girls the
Bee Gee's, Carly Simon,Rod Stewart...scream!
I took my oldest daughter to a Rod Stewart Concert in Dallas in the 90's, and it was 
wonderful, although did you know that he is very tiny?
He came out in a green and white suite and for a brief second I thought he looked like a Leprechaun-hehehe... but then he sang...

Depending on our age, sort of determines how much fringe we can wear, if you are
under twenty five and reading this-go for it, there are many jackets and purses dripping
in fringe and you can pull it off!
I tweeted fringe is in on my Twitter account and Bloomingdale's replied 
"Fringe makes anything fun!" 

My little words of wisdom are this for the younger set, 
enjoy your cuteness, and wear the fun stuff now!

My oldest grand girls, myself, and my daughter Samantha, from over at
Crafty Texas Girls made these Tassel necklaces, did you know they are so in style.
They are also a nifty DIY project for most ages, and relatively easy to make too.

We whipped these necklaces together one afternoon while we were nibbling on yummy
Strawberry Cake.
If you just click Crafty Texas Girls, it will take you to my daughter's tutorial.

Some of you, my dear friends, were wondering about my hair-well here it is, much shorter
and it feels so good, especially in this hot weather. 
It sort of lost it's zing in this photo-it was a hot afternoon.
I have been letting it air dry a bit and then adding some of my favorite hair products.
Letting hair dry naturally helps prevent over drying and honestly it helps me stay cool,
that blow dryer puts out so much heat.

I have enjoyed sharing some of my favorite fashion styles and hair products with you all today, I hope you have felt inspired, because that is my goal.
I just want us women folk to feel good about ourselves and embrace the journey.

Also sharing a social media event with you today for the chance to win a $500 gift card to any Aveda Salon.  Free money is always a good thing, smiles.

Where to shop for these fashion finds.

1. Calypso St. Barth
2. Shop Harper Bazaar
3. Nordstrom
4. Stuart Weitzman
5.Mod Cloth
7.Cusp~Neiman Marcus
8.Soft Surroundings

Have a joyful and safe weekend, my dears!

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  1. What a fun, fun post, Jemma! I enjoyed each and every word, from the maroon bellbottoms {I had a pair!} to the fringe, to the hair products. Happy Friday, friend. xo

  2. I know it was hard to let go of those prized 70's clothes but hey girlfriend looks like you can update and have some of the same effect. Thanks for all the tips and product ideas and where they can be found....I hope you have a wonderful weekend....

    1. It was difficult to part with my maroon hiphuggers! But you are so right, I will add some fringe heels to a good looking pair of black slacks and be very content.
      Wishing you a fabulous weekend too.

  3. Hello Jemma, it is hard parting with our favorite clothing. Since retiring I have to clean out my closet too. Thanks for sharing these cute new looks and the hair care tips. Happy Friday, have a great weekend!

    1. Cleaning out closets is so cathartic and a job that you and I both have behind us now!
      Happy Weekend to you , Eileen!

  4. That was nice, to donate your loved pieces. Don't you just love it when young women wear vintage? I have noticed the magazines showing the 70s look will be here this fall, updated of course. I know it will look fabulous on those who love it. I just hope they don't bring back the tacky 1980s!


    1. I do love it when young women wear vintage-it looks fabulous. I had to chuckle over you mentioning the horror of the 80's style-I hope they don't bring it back either!

  5. I love that fringe is back and that is about the only thing of the 70's I might wear again! I want a leather purse with fringe and a long cardigan with fringe on the bottom. Your hair looks great and your necklaces and granddaughters are so cute!

    1. Fringe is great and I like some of the Boho look as well, flowing tops you know, they are all such feminine elements. Thanks so much for the comment on my haircut, I sure am enjoying it!
      The girls and I had a great time making those necklaces, making them passed a hot afternoon and turned out cute too.

  6. I love those necklaces! I'm off to see how to make them. And I follow you on pinterest but I need to add a board for fashion ideas! I have one for silver hair! lol Hugs!

    1. Diane,
      They were ever so fun to make and simple too-I hope you had a chance to look at the tutorial.
      Thank you for following me on Pinterest, I am following you too!

  7. I remember the bell bottoms and fringe!!! It is funny - but styles do come back! Love your post.

    1. Yes, it was a good time of life for me and I have some great memories and some of them include clothing!

  8. In middle school, one of my friends had a purple leather fringed poncho. She was the height of hippie fashion :) We all wished we had that poncho / cape ! :)

  9. In middle school, one of my friends had a purple leather fringed poncho. She was the height of hippie fashion :) We all wished we had that poncho / cape ! :)

  10. THERE YOU ARE! Jemma my beautiful friend! First of all, you are brave to go into your closet and actually part with some of these articles of clothing...do you know that I still have a dress that Ruben gave me when we first got married, 33 years ago? I can never part with that...I did however, part with many of my 70s clothing and SHOULDN'T HAVE! The fringe, who knew all that would be in today? And of course the shoes...the platforms? REMEMBER? I'll never forget the platform shoes my girlfriend got on the sly....when her mother saw them on her in her bedroom where we unwrapped her secret purchase, her mom says, "You are not wearing those tonight to your Gradnight party!" My friend, standing tall in her new shoes says, "Oh mom, I can handle it!" Then, KERBLUNK! She falls to the ground...teheee...

    Oh those were the days. And you are having such a fun time with those darling little ones! The smiles, it's YOU! And you look marvelous! I want to follow your Pinterest, but this morning, I can't seem to be able to enter in because I tried to enter Pinterest from another friend's link and I simply can't get in. I will try again!

    Enjoy the weekend and you just look wonderful. Anita

  11. Jemma, black is such a classy color in fashion, and one of my favorites to wear. It's hard to give away clothes that are special to us. I still have my black leather jacket, and I don't think I'll part with it because it's just so simple and fits great. I smiled when you talked about Rod Stewart, and here's why......when me and husband were dating, we saw him in concert also, and OUR SONG happens to be by Rod Stewart. We love him! So nice to hear that you and your daughter got to see him in concert too. All this fringe stuff coming out for Fall is so cool, and the fringe boots are cute. You look darling in this picture with the girls.

    love, ~Sheri

  12. Fringe is definitely in, and now that I've gotten the scoop from a beautiful blonde who wears her own pretty fringe so well, there's no denying that this fashion trend, whether it's clothes or coiffure, will sweep across the planet, stealing the scene from other couture contenders!

    What a delightful photo of those adorable little girls with their stunning nana!

    Happy weekend, my friend!


  13. I would have never guessed that fringe would come back in style and be popular! These are some beautiful pieces!

  14. As always, you've shown us some beautiful pieces Jemma!! You and your grandkids are beautiful!!


  15. just for fun, check out :
    She also has an etsy store....
    Happy tassels to you,


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