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August 14, 2015
It is a happy Friday my friends, by the time you open your eyes from a restful sleep my husband and I will be out at our home site meeting with the builder.
Today is the day that the house begins it's journey of being framed and becoming our home. 
Do I hear a round of cheers?
I sure hope so, you are all the best. and you have kept my spirits up, and motivated me to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank you!

In preparation for adding some architectural finds to our home, my husband and I have 
been shopping in Dallas for some unique pieces.
First stop was at Architectural Antiques were we discovered some reclaimed finds from cottages to mansions.

I could not resist taking a photo of this Suit of Armor.
But, before we pull out the pocket book, I thought I would ask you all what you think of some
of these items.
First up Suit of Armor-not my style, but would you buy it or leave it??

Wonder how this reclaimed light would look in the Foyer-buy it or leave it?

We found quite a nice selection of wall sconces, we need six for our home.
We are placing two in the master bedroom, two in the family room, one in the foyer
and one in the powder bath. Buy or leave?

These glass vintage door knobs really did catch my eye, they are the real McCoy.
I am not sure if $15.00 a pop is a steal or a rip off, do you?

An element of French Country design is the use of  wrought iron accents.
I was pondering the notion of having a unique piece of wrought iron added to the front of our home and mortared in.  What do you think- buy it or leave it?

We found a bit of everything, antiques and hardware dating back to the 1800's.
Including a vast selection of international collectible furniture,
There was something for everyone from chicken coops to villas, a feast for the eyes!  

Wishing you a lovely weekend and as always be safe!


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  1. The foyer light is my buy of the day!! Love it. Glad to be back off my trip so I can catch up with everyone.

  2. Hello Jemma, so many items definitely a feast for the eyes. I think I would be overwhelmed trying to choose. Happy Friday, have a great weekend!

  3. You must be so happy, the process is underway! :) My aunt had a suit of armor in her home back in the 70's. It was really cool when I was little, not sure I feel the same way today! The doorknobs are lovely. I don't know about the price though. Good luck with the framing. yay!!

  4. I am so excited that your home has started - that is a huge deal! I am so happy. I liked everything! Not much help.

  5. How exciting! Love all of the sconces. Also love the idea of a decorative piece built into your home.

    So happy for you and hubby!


  6. Hooory for you!!!!

    Those glass vintage door knobs, I love. But have no idea, if they are 'a buy' or not.

    And again, I don't like to add my views. Wanting everyone to have around them, just what makes them the happiest.


  7. I received the soap today - I have always wanted to try peppermint soap - don't ask me why - just seems refreshing! Thank you so much. It was wrapped so pretty and a cookie cutter in the shape of Texas!!! I am a lucky winner - thank you so much.

  8. You found some great things for a home. I would want to know the size and height of the foyer before I bought anything. Scale is important. For me with a new home I'd want some consistency for the fixtures like the door knobs. The coat of armor? Hmmm... Perhaps if you had a den or a room with a bar it would be cool. Hooray on the framing finally starting! It's such an exciting experience to go through. I hope everything got started as expected

  9. Looking forward to seeing which vintage details you add to your new home!

  10. Oh my! Buy, buy, buy! I actually did buy a suit of armor just like that and gave it to my husband as a gift. The light and the sconces are gorgeous and I think the door knobs are a good value. I have seen them for much more money. I have them throughout my house and just love the look. I love the idea of a cool wrought iron piece mortared to the front of your house. That was fun, spending your money!!

  11. Love the doorknobs. they would be my pick.xo Laura

  12. I'm so happy for you and so glad that I get to follow along!

    Lots of interesting things at these sales---I do like the foyer light and the knobs have me swooning. I think I would take a pass on the coat of armor!!

    Jane x

  13. How exciting! I love the doorknobs. It must be fun to wander around a shoppe like that.
    Hope you are having a lovely summer.

  14. Good morning dear friend!

    I was just in one of our several antique salvage warehouses yesterday, but it was TOO HOT to stay too long!

    OK! Now, you have some fun items here to think about. You have a vision as to what you want, correct? And all these items you are looking at are original, old items, non? Then in my humble opinion, you can't go wrong if you are using old and authentic pieces. If this place is anything like the ones here, then there is such an array of choices. You just have to decide what PERIOD of decorating style you want to stick with. Do you want a more "medieval" look with the black/patina metal works, or do you want the shiny, brass sconces that have a more formal feel? I had to decide on that when we purchased a sofa table for our great room. We couldn't find anything antique to our liking so we bought a table that had a faux medieval feeling to it UNTIL we spotted the right table. It is white, chippy and softer edges, and I am glad we waited. We took the other piece back and this one sofa table helped me decide what other elements I'd add.

    I love the idea of that metal piece being embedded into the front of the house. Do you want metal, or would you go for a stone embellishment? Take your time...

  15. Jemma, I would definitely buy the light fixture and the glass vintage door knows - both so pretty, and a lovely addition to your home. The suit of armor is interesting, and I love to see things like this. If your husband had a room of his own it would look cool in there, but you probably wouldn't want it anywhere else. I remember taking a picture of a suit of armor at one of the costume shops in Sac, and I think I still have that photo.

    How wonderful it is to look around for treasured finds for your new home.

    love, ~Sheri

  16. So many things to ponder about. I am so excited for you two! Let the framing begin. I am sure you have an idea on how you want this house decorated. Formal. country, etc. The door knobs are quite cool. The suit of amour is very interesting and would look in a foyer that has a medieval look. Lots of decisions to make. xo

  17. Leave the suit or armor, buy the rest but negotiate the price on the knobs...$15 is a bit much! Great pieces, I know you are excited!!

  18. Fun items to look at and ponder about, but I can't voice my opinion on what to buy until I see your finished house! Hard to know what would look good. Though I think that suit of armor can stay right where it is. ;-)

  19. Looks like the suit of armour is a 'no' for most of us. Those things give me the heebie they're gonna come alive and chop me up for dinner :(.

    I like the sconces, or as Fisherman and I like to say 'scones' lol. The knobs are pretty, but too pricey. Plus, when it comes to knobs, I like them to be the same throughout and I don't think there's enough of them to do that...but if you feel differently than go for it.


  20. I'd buy everything in that last room and all the light fixtures lol The suit of armor? Not so much ;)


  21. How fun for you Jemma! I love the idea of adding the piece in with mortar. The armor I would leave there. :) Gold is super popular right now, but it's just too fancy for me. If I bought them I would have to paint them white. Crystal door knobs will set you back about that much, but they sure are sweet! I have one on the pantry in our basement kitchen. A dear friend gifted it to me. Can't wait to see the progress! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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