Picnic Time

July 02, 2015

Did you know that I love to go on a pick-nic, oh I really and truly do.

I enunciate pick-nic too, just to put the emphasis in the right place...

Love the planning on what to put in the pick-nic  basket which usually includes fried chicken,

homemade deviled potato salad, rolls, pickles, olives and a dessert.

Anticipating the location and remembering when,

remembering the joy of spending time with those you love in the beautiful outdoors.

My husband and I had our picnic on the home site in Rockwall last weekend.

I woke up early to fry the chicken and I had made the potato salad the night before,

you know potato salad must be chilled so the flavors have a chance to blossom.

Our home site is an unruly raw piece of land right now,

all overgrown and yet a haven for some of the prettiest wild flowers.

Come join me, we will step just beyond this branch to where the home will be built.

I would like to share some of the items I brought along for this picnic...

I brought a basket of goodies other than food with me, just because I have been envisioning this

Picnic for some time and wanted to make it special.

For me, planning the event is just as pleasurable as the event itself, whether for two or

twenty two, it is all about the joy of making the day, a special one.

And seriously, preparing the food and presenting it, is a gift that comes straight from the heart.

I tossed in a silver tray to serve the fried chicken in and brought along a striped linen tablecloth.

It was a little buggy, in fact I came home with some unusual bites and by the looks of this darling

flower something nibbled on it too.

But never the less, isn't it such a pretty and perfect little blossom?

Growing up we went on a picnic every weekend, during the Summer and one of Mom's special treats

was a can of black olives.

So, naturally to me no picnic is complete without them.

I brought along a vintage white milk glass bowl to put them in.

I also brought along two large white plastic trays for us to place our plates on and

a blanket to sit upon.

We spread our blanket upon the wild grass added the tablecloth, sprinkled some freshly picked

sunshine yellow flowers about and nestled a few in the miniature yellow milk jug vase.

For dessert I made Polka Dot Brownies and served them on the melamine tray in the background of

this photo, which I picked up at Home Goods.

It was a good day and a great pick-nic.

Wishing each one of you a Happy Fourth of July!


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  1. Well, now I want to go on a picnic! But we're having a big BBQ on the 4th with a big potato salad, orange baked beans, BBQed chicken and ribs, and a hot dog or two.. and my sis is bringing homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and we're having a fruit ambrosia salad. Yum! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Loved the old fashioned picnic post : ) Reading this before breakfast but now craving your picnic food :)

  3. Good morning dearest Jemma! You know, now I recall seeing your name on other blog comment pages as I visit other friends and see your name...and to think I never knew who you were, and NOW? I just can't imagine NOT knowing you and visiting your gentle world.

    A picnic is always so special. Do you believe that my husband and I even picnic in the dead of winter? Let me explain!

    We make a thermos of hot tea, grab a lunch of what we enjoy the most, head out to The Mall of America (ONLY TO GO FOR A POWER WALK!) then we pull out our picnic lunch and tea, find a quiet corner of the food court and enjoy ourselves. A picnic is greatly missed in the winter months, so we just create our own!

    But nothing beats a summer picnic en plein air...outdoors where even the bugs play a role in the experience. AND POTATO SALAD is a must! Looking onto your building site is only the beginning of a wonderful dream yet to live.

    Hugs to you sweetest friend! Anita

  4. Hello Jemma, your picnic idea was awesome. The food sounds delicious and the special spot where your home will be is a perfect spot. Now, I want to go on a picnic with hubby. Happy 4th of July, have a great weekend!

  5. Oh Jemma. What a delightful time you had on your picnic! I'd LOVE to go on a picnic with you as everything sounded great. (Except for the bug bites. ha ha)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Susan

  6. I saw that aqua hat in the first photo - everything looked so nice and peaceful - I know you had a good time - you need to invite all your bloggers! We will have to bring some bug spray tho.

  7. I would love everything about your pick-nic except the bugs! They love me!

  8. Hi Jemma, what a delightful picnic and wonderful menu, especially on the property you will live on in the near future. Lovely photos you share. It has been so nice to meet you recently and a blessing to visit your lovely blog. Wishing you and yours a Happy and Safe 4th of July!
    Hugs and Blessings, cm

  9. Good morning my friend! I loved going on this pick-nik with you, enjoying your fabulous munchies and taking in the beautiful surroundings. Your property looks so lovely, my goodness, I would be THRILLED to build a home on that site! You lucky lady you!!,

    Our day today may be a wash out...I'm actually starting to get used to this! lol


  10. Jemma,
    This looks lovely and you picked the perfect spot! I haven't done that in a long while.....now I just have to! Everything from food to your special touches looks so wonderful! It's about time my husband and I went on a quiet picnic. It looks and sounds so relaxing and takes me back to when we used to picnic as a family. Sure miss those days! Enjoy the holiday weekend Jemma!

  11. We haven't been on a picnic in two years, so I think I'd better put this idea on my summer to-do list! Fried chicken and potato salad sound so yummy and summery. I probably should pack some bug spray, too. ;-) Hope you're having a wonderful Fourth of July weekend!

  12. I collect picnic baskets and I hope to take each one on an outdoor adventure such as your beautiful day here, that way each time I look at them I'll remember. This is a lovely post, Jemma. So glad you shared with us.
    Hope you had a great fourth of July.

  13. What a great way to spend the day, out on your piece of land. Looks like a lovely way of being together and enjoying a wonderful menu. I guess bugs are just part of it....Hope your 4th of July was fun! xo

  14. Picnics are so wonderful and so relaxing! Nothing says slow down and relax like throwing down a blanket, some pillows, some food and beautiful scenery!

  15. Jemma, found your blog from the Jennifer''s link up and so glad I did, it is a breath of fresh air. What a lovely 'pick-nic' you planned. Your attention to details were so well thought out, I thoroughly enjoyed visiting today.

  16. What a wonderful pick-nic you served up and I have to agree - the planning is just as much fun as the pick-nicing. Love your wonderful post. Cathy


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