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End of Summer Fashion

July 30, 2015
I don't know about you all, but I have my calendar out right now, marking the days off with a bright

red marker and singing to myself hallelujah, we have nearly made it through July!

You all know I am saying this because of this house business, and Ladies this house business is

taking it's sweet is good that maturity has taught me patience because I have just

about used mine all up and the next person's too.

And speaking of maturity-well just because we are aging doesn't mean we can't look good-because

we should and we can.

My Momma always said " Your fifties and beyond are some of the very best times of your life."

So far, so good and it looks like Mom was right.

This Summer I have loved my lightweight undies and unlined bras they have felt good against my

skin and kept me cool.

Granted, I still wear my lightly lined bras with sheer fabrics and form fitting tops.

I remember years ago an older friend telling me that she wore pretty underwear for herself, and

no one else, it made her feel feminine.

I think it is important to remember that thought in reference to many things in life.

It is all about being kind, loving, accepting of ourselves-nurturing who we are, not what image

the media has carved out for us.  After all-perfection is just an illusion.

Okay, now- you all must try butterLondon-it is positively amazing for hydrating lips and stays on

beautifully-silky smooth.  I even wear it walking, just because it feel so good...smiles...

Post Punk sunglasses-too cute and a great price-sunglasses are a must too-saves our eyes and helps

prevent wrinkles around that so sensitive and tissue like area.

Best deal of the day is the Striped Colorblock dress from Saks. Originally $185.00 now $49.99.

After my chemotherapy I developed very sensitive skin, that was many years ago, but my skin never

returned to it's original balance.

So, throughout the years it has been a struggle to find products that don't irritate it.

I use elta MD chemical free tinted natural sunscreen with anti oxidants on my face daily, it is

soothing, calming and non irritating.

I love it, I just apply some neutrogena bronzer  along my cheek bones.

To finish the look I apply MAC Studio Sculpt Lash, it ultra defines and lengthens lashes.

Love, love Aveda certified organic Rosemary Mint Body lotion, it cools, soothes and softens.

I wear a hat all Summer long-in the yard and on my walks-protects my face and my hair.

On a previous Fashion post I mentioned how we need to stay away from boxie Tunic designs.

I am very pleased to see that Soft Surroundings is adding a flattering A-line design to their

tunic designs.  I think this would be a perfect set for a early Fall day.

I simply could not resist adding these precious Gorina Velvet Polka Dot Pumps-new for Fall, so

if you feel like a splurge, girls, these can be yours too for $825.00-gulp...or just admire them like I


Another natural product that I use is Plantlife natural body soap.

I have so enjoyed the peppermint herbal soap bar all of this Summer, it has been so refreshing and

invigorating especially after my long walks in the heat.

In fact, it is reported that Historical records as far back as 1600 B.C. document the medicinal


I want to share the goodness of these bars with you~

So, I  purchased two extra bath bars at our market this week- one is peppermint, the other lavender.

If you are interested in putting your name in a hat for a giveaway, just leave me a little comment.

I will draw the name on Tuesday and contact you for your mailing address.

Thanks for stopping by today, I have been in Oklahoma this week and I have missed you all.

I will be visiting each one of you very soon!


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  1. I love peppermint soap.. I'll toss my name into the hat. We made it to Boise ID.. and will be home tomorrow.. 4800 miles so far! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Jemma, this is a fantastic collection of end of the summer wear. I have to say that I love the blouse with the flared sleeves. I can see me wearing that, as it looks a bit bohemian, which I love. I don't wear lipstick much while I'm out and about, but this butter London looks very smooth and silky. I'll have to check it out. I'm learning more about you, and I'm so sorry to hear that you had chemo. I didn't realize. The peppermint herbal soap caught my eye. My mother-in-law always told me about peppermint for colds and how it helps you breath easier. I love the summer fashions, but I can't wait for Fall's. Fall fashions get me every time. :~)

    love, ~Sheri

  3. Jemma- I love everything!
    Those soaps sound wonderful.

    Have a great weekend,


  4. I love the bracelet in the first set of photos. And if you will add me in the hat for the peppermint soap i would love to feel and smell it in the shower! lol

  5. Love all of your summery photos. Don't you just love Soft Surroundings? I love their stuff. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.


  6. So very cute and colorful. Soft Surroundings is a great store. Add my name to the hat Jemma. I love the bookmark you sent me. it was a pleasure working with you. I am so glad you love your blog makeover. xo

  7. Hi Jemma,
    I love, love tunics and I especially like the look of the one in your post. I think I have to have it!! I have several a-line, button down corduroy tunics that I love to wear in the fall. I went crazy and bought them in several jewel tone colors a few years back! I love soft surroundings, i've been looking at their website a lot recently! Hope all moves forward with your new home!!!!

  8. sensitive skin here too...have always had to use neutrogena for the most part : )

    Fun post to read and view :)

  9. sensitive skin here too...have always had to use neutrogena for the most part : )

    Fun post to read and view :)

  10. Good morning Jemma! I fell asleep on the couch quite early yesterday and never made it back to my computer!

    OH how wonderful are your suggestions here...when I think that in three years (God willing!) I'll be 60....that makes me laugh, giggle from fear, ask myself "WHAT? How can that be?" I realize how blessed I am. I think it's actually been FUN to age, to acquire the best garment any woman or man for that matter, could obtain: the chance to learn through life's experiences. But I love to know the tips that can make our journey more comfortable, too! I have learned to keep my fashion styling simple. Fortunately, I live in a climate where it's cold 6 months out of the year, so black, gray and darker blue colors are great for cute dresses dolled up with a bright scarf during the winter. But the issue with the skin is still one I need to investigate. I think I'll look into the product you are mentioning here, because since my menopausal stage, my once creamy, almost perfect skin has become spotted! I can't even use the over-the-counter sunscreens I used to use (Neutrogena) - I tried it in the beginning of summer only to end up with burning, itchy welts on my face. So it's time to find something more ph balanced too.

    Well my dear, will it be another hot one today?I hope to my walk. You too? XOXOXOX

  11. Hello Jemma, what a wonderful post, lots of wonderful items. I have sensitive skin, I would love to find the herbal soap. Have a happy day and weekend!

  12. The first thing I was going to comment on was the soap....oh how I love nicely scented soap! And the fashions are such fun. I LOVE sunglasses!!! I'll go back and look at these again. The cowboy hat looks cute on some but it would make me look like a country bumpkin! haha! Hugs, Diane

  13. All of these vignettes are adorable! I like tunics with leggings, but much prefer the feminine non-boxy looking tunics. They look so much better. With the leggings, you can wear flats or heels, depending on how you want to dress them up. The longer dresses are awesome...they flow so nicely and are perfect for hot weather!

  14. Love all your suggestions. I am not into beauty products enough to know what is new out there, so this is helpful for me! I do love the clothes and accessories and I am so excited and proud of myself for finally buying a racerback bra!!

  15. Beautiful choices! Now if the heat would just ease up a tiny little bit...

    I really do love your choices. We still want to look amazing at 50 and above. No granny clothes for me! I like that you chose some sleeveless things because seriously...have to have them.

  16. Those sunglasses are HOT, and those polka dot pumps super adorable!! Not surprised they came from Nordstrom. Did I ever mention I used to work there in the personal shopping dept? Well, that was a lifetime ago, but boy did I have great clothes! Now, it's plaid flannel, denim, and if I really want to get dolled up, I might put on a bra ;).

    Hope you had a great time Jemma! Missed you!


  17. I love posts like these, My MIL always said her 40's were her favorite. They were good for me, too, and even beyond---I'm just more sure of myself.

    Love your choices of things to make us feel pretty. I have to check a few out. I truly believe we need to pamper ourselves, whether it's a long hot bath or a full on beauty spa day. Whatever fits the budget. But celebrate being a woman and lift your spirits!

    Jane x

  18. What pretties you have for us today Jemma! I love that color blocked dress from Saks!
    So true, we need to do pretty for ourselves even more so than others. Love all you've shared.

  19. What pretties you have for us today Jemma! I love that color blocked dress from Saks!
    So true, we need to do pretty for ourselves even more so than others. Love all you've shared.


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