Reflections of a Woman

June 03, 2015
First off, I have a killer of a key lime pie recipe to share with you, pie is made the, photos taken, post

nearly complete and then I was overcome with this need to share these reflections with you today.

I suppose it was making the pie that brought all of these thoughts to the surface...

Reflections of being a woman...whether you are a young woman, middle age or older,

have children,

have not.

You are remarkable.

This post is dedicated to you.

Some of my fondest memories of my childhood are of my Mother in her kitchen going about her

"womanly duties."  She was petite, warm, soft, and huggable-my hero.

 I love the era I grew up in, there were no gray lines-not one.

Right was right and wrong was wrong, men were men and women were women.

She was a beautiful example of what being a woman meant.

She so clearly defined it all through her actions and her thoughts.

She taught me that being a woman was more than "appearance, hair, makeup, clothes."

Although those things were important to her,

they did not take precedence over who she truly was.

She always said beauty fades but character does not.

That being kind never goes out of style.

That as you age your dignity, spirit and mind are more important than ever.

My Mom was a pie maker and baker from way back.  She grew up during the depression and

no matter how bare her cupboards might appear to a stranger, she always had back up's tucked

here and there.  She could take some cornstarch, some extract, eggs, sugar, vanilla, flour and

Crisco and have the finest pie assembled for Sunday dinner.

She was a creator, a doer, a dynamic forceful combination of talent, handwork and womanly


She grew an  amazing garden in the Summer and canned it all in the Fall.

In the Winter she feed us on all of those colorful jars of goods from her garden.

Today I am recognizing ~

Real women who have the battle scars of pregnancies,

survived hearts broken by men and bruised by children.

Women who just gave birth and are tired beyond words,

women who are getting up in the middle of the night with sick children.

Women who give tirelessly at work and at home.

Women who now, or have cared for their own Mothers and Fathers.

Those of us who have...

Loose skin from those babies we grew in our wombs for a full, long 9 months.

Breasts that are no longer perky because of babies we feed and nurtured.

Scars from c-sections, prolapses from natural births.

Women who have their journey to share.

Women who transcend through the decades. who age with style. and grace through the moments of

life and retain their dignity, who own who they are.

Women who are in the trenches everyday, young women who are at gymnastic classes,

ballet recitals, PTA meetings, carpools, all of you are working as hard as you can to make

responsible children and future adults.

Just a little reflection and tribute today to the amazing Mom I had,

and the amazing women I have in my life now.

My daughters, my friends and you.

So, today if you have a moment let the women in your life know how much you appreciate

who they are, I  just know they will love to hear those words.


Please Join Me

A Well Styled Life

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  1. Hello Jemma, what a lovely tribute to your Mom and all the woman in your life. I am inspired as I am sure they too are all inspired by your words and lovely post. Have a happy day!

  2. Dear Jemma,
    beautiful thoughts about women. What beautiful memories of your mother.
    Your flower paintings are beautiful as well.
    Much love and hugs ... Dorothea :-)

  3. Very beautifully written and it makes me feel special and so very blessed to be a Christian woman. (I might add those women that didn't have a good example to follow and by the grace of God found their way) Enjoy your afternoon! Sweet hugs, Diane

  4. A beautiful post and tribute to your mother Jemma! She had some very practical and honest words or wisdom for you, and I think she raised a beautiful daughter herself. Enjoy your day .... gorgeous blooms to accompany your post ;)
    Wendy x

  5. Beautiful post!! My Mom worked full time from 16 years old to 67 years old in a Sewing Factory and still managed to cook everything homemade and bake and clean!! Our home was spotless because my Mother was very much OCD!!!! She taught me never to expect anything from anyone else and that you have to work hard to obtain that for yourself. She also taught me never to be dependent on a man so she pushed me into being a Nurse because she knew that I would be able to support myself for the rest of my life in that profession. She was very independent, learning to drive at 16 years old which was unheard of at that time for a woman ( she would have been 96 years old this year) and she was taught by her Mother!!!! I guess i come from a long line of independent self sufficient women!! And I instilled that in my sons teaching them to cook and clean for themselves!
    Thanks for sharing and thanks so much for stopping by!!


  6. I'm not surprised your mother was a wise, thoughtful and strong woman. Look who she raised!

  7. I absolutely adore this post! Thank you so much for posting such wonderful, honest, real-life words! What an amazing tribute to your mama! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. Oh Jemma, how perfect your words are here today. For months now I have been thinking of my deceased mother in a new light. I think I have truly (finally, at 57) grown up. Your words here remind me that a real woman is one who has the battle wounds of a broken heart, a tired body, tired eyes, but still stands tall and is giving. I have no children, but I teach, and this post speaks to the many roles I've played in this guise of womanhood. Thank you. AND....many thanks for coming to my blog today. What a joy it is to see your blog and to see you on Instagram!

    Be well and be strong. The world needs a righteous woman. Anita

  9. Like I told you before, you have a beautiful mind and heart, and this post says it all again. There are so many wonderful women I meet, especially in blog land. And my own sister who just lost her husband and is trying to be so strong through it all. I smiled when I read "breasts that are no longer perky because of babies we feed and nurtured" because I nursed my three babies for the first year of their life. Not an easy thing to do when they start to bite, yikes! I so admire the women who have cared for their own mothers and fathers. Your mother sounds like a wonderful person who canned and baked pies and taught you so much on how to be a true women.

    This is a very special post to honor your dear mother. She raised a wonderful daughter, indeed.

    love, ~Sheri

  10. I'm glad you went with your heart and chose to write this beautiful post. It shows your heart and is so well written and true and moving! I am inspired to be a woman!

  11. What a beautiful tribute to your Mom. What a woman she must have been... and girl, she passed on the gene to you. That post just warmed my heart, made me smile, filled me with joy. You are the best!

  12. What a wonderful tribute to all women out there! We are a tough group!

  13. You are a beautiful writer who has beautiful flowers - that photographed beautifully - you had a beautiful mother and you turned out beautiful too!

  14. Hi Jemma, so nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by and visiting along with your sweet comment. I have so enjoyed my visit and this post just touches my heart. You write so beautiful and this tribute to your mother is beautiful. She was an amazing women and reminds me so much of my own in the ways she conducted her life for her family and friends. Thank you for sharing this today. You blessed my heart with your words and I know your mother is so very proud of you.
    Hugs and Blessings, Celestina Marie

  15. What a beautiful post and wonderful tribute to your mom ! :)

  16. What a beautiful post and wonderful tribute to your mom ! :)

  17. Just found you...peeked in to get a glimpse of what you are all about & like what I see. I SHALL RETURN after adding you to my Honor Roll of Blogs- {I didn't find where I can 'follow' you" ?

  18. I really enjoyed this post. Beautifully written & heart felt! Just fabulous.

  19. Oh Jemma, this is a beautiful tribute to your mom and all women everywhere! Beautifully said! I look at my precious Tarrah, the mother of newborn Michael Dresden our little great grand baby born on June 3rd. She had a C-section and she looks so tired and I know miserably in pain but when she lifts that tiny boy into her arms, I see nothing but pure love. As my lil grandboy Jayden says of his new brother, "He is so soft" LOL! My grandson Andrew and his precious Tarrah are raising her sisters little girl, Drazah who is two months older than Jayden. They are such a cute lil phamily. My grandson is such a fine young man caring for his little phamily while working so hard to keep them fed and clothes and happy. This post touched my heart. Thank you.

  20. Jemma- this is it.
    This is the post that you will always look back on and thankfully shared with all of us.
    It is wonderful.
    Just wonderful.


  21. To us!!!
    Perfect timing, my friend, and beautifully expressed.
    Here's to women, and to no gray line days. Bravo!!

  22. Jemma, What a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing. Joan-My Cookie Clinic

  23. Jemma... this post was absolutely beautiful. Thank you :)


  24. You captured us perfectly, Jemma. Here's to your wonderful mom and to wonderful you! Thanks for sharing this inspiration with us today at the Lifestyle Linkup. Loved it....
    xx, Heather

  25. THAT was STUNNING!!!!!!!!!

  26. Jemma this is such a glorious tribute to women and especially your own Mother!! Brava!!
    I am so thrilled that I came over to visit you!

    The Arts by Karena


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