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June 25, 2015

Happy Friday Lovely Ladies!

Well, you won't believe this, well you might, this was suppose to be a sponsored post.

Yes indeed, a sweet little deal where I was going to do a review and then there were some perks

for you and I.

I was envisioning you using the coupon to  purchase a casual and feminine dress or top maybe in a

soft tropical floral or stunning solid, and then wearing your new outfit out to dinner...

Well, the coupon for you all, just didn't seem like much of a deal to me, so I wrote

back to the company and said hey, I am ready to move forward but the coupon you are offering is

going to need to be for a bit more, if you are sincerely interested in this post.

Well, as you can tell by the looks of things, they weren't interested in increasing the perks.

So, here I am with my Friday picks for you and they are dresses and more.

There is a reason I chose dresses-comfort and style.

Comfort ladies in this hot Texas heat, or wherever you might live.

We are all in the middle of Summer heat.

I actually think that dresses are so flattering to all women, all shapes, and all ages.

Slip on some amazing sunglasses and a cuff bracelet and you are accessorized for a

Summer afternoon, simplicity is the key.

Some of the items I included today are some of the things in my own closet this season, they are

comfortable and fashionable.

Extra plus is that many of these items are getting ready to go on sale!

The maxi dress is fashion forward and transitions from daytime to evening very easily.

I discovered that I am a fan of the Reba line, her sizes run true, moderate pricing and comfortable.

I love my Vera Bradley Tote and I have this exact color-it nearly works as a neutral and is a

smashing color for Summer.

Have you tried Tocca Violette (Paris in Springtime) notes of african violet and cashmere musk.

Soft Surroundings has a mix of quality clothing, you may want to go down a size

 as they tend to run large.

Some of their styles can be a little boxie cut, so watch out for that, even when choosing dresses

it is important that we have a waistline-as you can see in this neutral maxi.

Don't forget to check out Old Navy and Gap for some great cotton shirt dresses.

I have several for this Summer, I always wash them on gentle in cold water and then hang to dry.

Yes, we have to iron them...pssst...but I secretly like too...

Kendra Scott has the perfect earring and the perfect color earring to add just the right pop of color

effortlessly to your Summer wardrobe.

If you are a little shy with adding bling to your style, try it on your feet first!

Love bling on a Summer sandal.

Hope your weekend is lovely and if it isn't quite what you had anticipated,

just remember some days we have to look a little harder for joy!

Be safe my dear friends!!

Please Join Me~

A Well Styled Life



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  1. GOOD MORNING JEMMA! In all capital letters, I am emphatically greeting you on this fine Friday morning! Oh, I hear ya about the dresses. They are my go-to in all seasons, and looking at these choices is a good reminder about what I already have in my closet and what I should put on when I go out on these fabulous summer days. Shorts and pants are great but I've learned to dress for the occasion. I so love seeing anyone dress to simply go out to meet a friend or to eat in a restaurant. Shorts and such are for the beach or lake, but a dress with a necklace or great pair of earrings and that great pair of sunglasses is the thing for me!

    I hope you are having a great week! I will never forget the feeling of being on vacation and "meeting" you on Instagram. I will always associate you with my time there. Both experiences are still so fresh in my mind and heart, and I look forward now to more creative moments with you.

    Enjoy your Friday, in FASHIONABLE style! Love, Anita

    1. Good Morning Anita!!
      I love your enthusiastic greeting, made me smile!
      Shorts and pants are great, and definitely have their place for certain.
      However, a cool cotton dress for a day of shopping, lunch with a friend or an evening out is fabulous and fun.
      Our IG friendship has indeed blossomed, and I am wishing you a Fashionable Friday as well!

  2. Hello Jemma, I love this cute post. The dresses look cool and comfy for summer. And the sandals, bags and totes are pretty. I love the positive quote too! Have a happy Friday and weekend ahead!

    1. Hi Eileen!
      Happy Friday to you and thanks for the visit and sweet comment too!

  3. Well I bet you can't guess, but I don't wear a lot of dresses. I wear more T-shirts and capri jeans in the summer and jeans in the winter - my uniform. I love the Reba Tie Dye Maxi - I love the teal color too. Have a great weekend. Love, sandie

    1. Sandie,
      Thanks for visiting, well of course there is a time and a place for dresses!
      You have been busy with household activity so you should absolutely dress for comfort!

  4. Love all the clothes and accessories. Great choices - they are timeless. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Mary,
      So very nice to meet you and thank you for your thoughtful visit.
      I am glad you enjoyed this Friday Fashion post~

  5. Hello there classy lady!! And I say that with true enthusiasm, for these items you hand picked are lovely and so practical for summer days.i love Soft Surroundings but you're right about some items being a bit boxy. Have you seen their home decor items? They used to have the most gorgeous bedspread and I so wished I could buy it but we had a four poster at the time and it wouldn't work with that style.

    Did I read correctly? You actually LIKE to iron??! For someone who gets burned easily (like moi) I'm surprised to hear that! I walk around looking like I slept in my clothes. THAT'S how much I hate ironing, so would you mind if I sent you a few boxes of wrinkly clothes to tend to?

    (Too bad about the coupon, but it was nice of you to try.)

    1. Hello to you pretty Lady!
      Yes, I have seen Soft Surroundings bedding and furniture, I have been eyeing a few pieces, actually.
      I know it seems ironic that I like to iron, considering I burn myself on everything-but I enjoy watching the wrinkles fade and messy turn into neat.

  6. Hello Jemma. I love dresses for summer - so much cooler than shorts or capris. Great looks here.

  7. Hi Jemma, Love this post featuring summer finds and trends for the hot season upon us. Summer dresses, accessories, bling, sandals and purses~~ oh be still my heart. I'm a girly girl and love it all.
    Thank you for sharing your picks. And, I've got to share. I like to iron too. Just love seeing a pretty piece of clothing or linen become crisp and fresh with the iron.
    Great positive quote too.
    Have a blessed weekend. Hugs, cm

    1. It is enjoyable being a girly girl and at the same time we both enjoy digging in the garden too,
      I am a mix of both, not prissy, but I do enjoy dressing up and I do like to be comfortable.
      Seems dresses and sandals just fit the bill for our Summers.
      I am glad to have a friend who enjoys ironing too-such a gratifying experience!
      Happy Weekend and Hugs to you too!

  8. Hi Jemma! Oh how I love the maxi's!! Easy, breezy, all like you said .. add a little cuff and some sandals and off you go. Kendra Scott is a great place to shop on line! The quality and price is right:) Stay cool and have a wonderful weekend ahead! xxleslie

    1. Leslie,
      I always enjoy seeing your Summer picks too-you choose the loveliest and coolest fabrics and styles!
      Thanks for visiting and Happy Saturday!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Oops, sorry, I had to remove my post because of a grammatical error. Anyway, I'm sorry that promotion didn't work for you. I'm not much of a dress girl. I'm very casual and when I'm at home, I'm always busy doing housework and gardening. I'm more of a tshirt and shorts or denim capri type girl. I do have some summer skirts but I need some tops to go with them. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Oh Melanie,
      Nothing more comfortable than shorts and a cool top when one is fussy about their home and garden, I just bet you would be very pretty in your skirts with a pretty blouse or Tee.
      Wishing you a wonderful weekend too!

  11. Jemma, what a nice collection of women's clothing. Now, is that Reba, the singer? - I love her! And her tie-dye dress is fantastic. Love that blue cuff bracelet too. Blue is such a pretty color in fashion, and it's always been a favorite of mine. I am a fan of the jeweled sandals, especially in the summer.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Jemma, and have a delightful weekend.

    love, ~Sheri

    1. Yes Sheri, it is Reba the singer and I have studied her style before and some of it is too Western, but there are some pieces that fit in with my style just right. Isn't blue just the loveliest of Summer hues, I just bet you have some pretty dresses that are perfect for you California weather.

  12. Happy Saturday Jemma! Thank you so much for visit my garden and your kind comments. You have put together such beautiful inspiration for summer dressing, I wear long dresses and maxi skirts, they are comfortable and you are so right, cool in our California heat. The colors you have chosen are so bright and just perfect for summer. I love ironing so linen and all cotton don't scare me either. Hope you have a beautiful weekend! Xo Lidy

    1. Lidy,
      Your garden is a joy to visit and my goodness it provides me with so much inspiration!
      I have found another friend who enjoys ironing!
      Have a lovely weekend too!

  13. Good morning Jemma,
    I loved this post! I have been looking at lots of dresses lately, even purchased a sundress and one other summery dress recently. I generally don't wear them that much but boy are they every comfy on a hot summer day! I find them comfortable travelling in the car as well. I love that maxis are back in style! Coupled with a pair of cute sandals it's my new go to on a hot summer day! Enjoy the weekend my friend! So sorry about the promo.....:(

    1. Hi Sweet Linda,
      Oh I am tickled that you enjoyed this fashion post, it has been awhile that I have done one and I have missed them. Yes, yes!! Dresses are so comfortable for traveling and especially so in the Summer heat and then they are just so flattering and appealing.
      Thank you for your visit and sharing your fashion finds with us too!
      Happy Weekend to you dear Lady!

  14. Very cute options here! I have that exact gathered maxi dress in aqua from another store, not Soft Surroundings. I thought maybe it was outdated by now but the scarf/belt around the waist is adorable on it. I will have to try it on again and rethink it! Thanks for sharing all these great summer picks.

    1. Oh, I just bet that by adding a scarf around your waist it will update your Maxi just perfectly.
      Let me know if you do and how you like it!
      Thank you for your visit today:)

  15. I always wish you lived closer and could help me update my wardrobe! I would love to wear cool dresses more but don't want to look like I'm in a beach cover up dress or mu mu! (is it mu mu or moo moo? haha! ) Love your pretty combinations! Hugs, Diane

  16. I've ordered things from Soft Surroundings in the past and they do wear well. Their linen shirts do feel cool in summer.

    The fashions you've shown look so pretty for summer!

  17. Jemma, I'm snooping around on your blog this morning just loving everything. I know that I've been here once or twice before. I clicked on your Facebook link and was so happily surprised to see that you and I might live in the same town! Sometimes Facebook gets it wrong but I live in Rockwall. How about you? I've found one other blogger who lives here too. We should all get together. :)


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