Nature in Early Spring

April 07, 2015
I love nature, anytime~

But truly there is something gloriously wonderful about nature in early Spring!

Sweet delicate petals of soft angelic blooms that nearly seem to be sent straight from heaven.

The human soul and dreary moods seem to lighten in the early breath of Nature's perfect plan.

First songs ring in the new season with blended notes.

Azaleas spread their colorful glory.

Budding twigs raise their branches in applause, so thankful that Early Spring is here!

The breathe of Early Spring floats through the breezy air.

Happy Spring, Happy Day!


Please Join Me~

The View From Right Here

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  1. Dear Jemma,

    Your poetic prettiness, both in pictures and in words, of this joyful spring post of yours, has a smile blooming on my face.

    What a sweet and precious soul you possess.


  2. Hello Jemma, I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter! I love the beautiful blossoms and lovely images.. Happy Spring! Have a great day!

  3. It looks so beautiful in your area!

  4. Dear Jemma,
    the nature pictures are beautiful. Thanks for the visit and comment. I was very pleased.
    I wish you a beautiful day. Lots of love ... Dorothea :-)

  5. Oh, your pictures just warmed my heart, Jemma. I went out seeking the same spring beauty today, but noticed it was raining! The picture of those seagulls are precious. There's something very special about this fellow, isn't there?

    I hope you had a nice Easter with your family. I am just cleaning up, and was blessed to have all my family here this Easter. Enoy your week, Jemma.

    love, ~Sheri

  6. The pictures, together with your words were beautiful, Jemma :)


  7. I think maybe it's the "possibilities" that come with spring. The flowers that may or may not come back up. The birds that may or may not find your yard this year, that makes spring so special and anticipatory.

  8. Beautiful and poetic! Spring is so soft and delicate! Can't wait to see all this kind of glory up here!

  9. Although every year Spring is most welcome and special for all the reasons you mentioned, I believe this year it is especially so. What a long and dreary winter we've had, and we were in Florida for most of it! lol

    Your pictures and words are lovely Jemma. The second pic...may I ask where that was taken? It's beautiful!

  10. Hi Jemma, how are you? I'm sorry I'd fallen out of touch with you. I just added your blog to my blog roll so now I can make sure I keep up with your blog! Your new header is beautiful - did you design it yourself? I love your spring photographs, too. I was just scrolling through some of your posts and saw the one about visiting your daughter. Her house is beautiful! And your little grandson is so cute and precious.

  11. Don't you think nature is God's way of making us see him? Have you seen the movie Do You Believe? Go see it - it is excellent. In the last photo i love the bottom right!

  12. what a true presentation of spring, all colors and peace and happiness. I love spring. Have a happy day, Jemma.

  13. Hi Jemma...Don't know if a comment I just made was deleted or not. Just wanted you to know I thought your phtotos were beautiful. And thanks so much for your visits to my blog. Susan

  14. So, so pretty Jemma! Just as we were noticing some signs of spring, it turned very cold again. Yesterday and overnight it snowed leaving a light blanket of white. Your spring signs are a sight for sore eyes!!!

  15. Wow!!! Those Azaleas are gorgeous, as are all your images! I especially love the second one. It's so peaceful looking.


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