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February 28, 2015

I have a few questions for you...

Would you buy a previously prepared salad from a vending machine?

How about if it was in a mason jar and only cost one dollar?

I asked myself these same questions as I was reading an article from The Atlantic Magazine.

Formerly known as The Atlantic Monthly.

The article was in the Health section of the online edition of this magazine.

It seems, Luke Saunders, a young entrepreneur invented the salad machine-(vending machine.)

The article delves into the premise that if we have the same amount of dollars to spend on fast food

or a healthy salad that were both available to us in the same amount of time,

would we spend the dollars on healthy salads or turn to the comfort of a hamburger.

Super interesting and an article that definitely provides "food for thought," no pun intended...wink...

If you have some time to spare and are interested in the article, here is the link

The Dreadful Inconvenience of Salad.

In the meantime, I have a super great salad to share with you that is full of healthy ingredients,

and is great alone or along side your baked potato or entree.

And since we have had a very wicked snow and ice storm in Dallas this weekend, this is the

salad we will be having this evening-too slick to venture out.

Kishu Mandarin Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette 


12 cups leaf lettuce torn into bite size pieces

4 Kishu Mandarin Oranges

10 Champagne Tomatoes

1/2  Cucumber

4 Radish

Handful of dried cranberries

2 Tablespoon chopped walnuts

1-2 ounce Feta cheese (optional)

Salt and Pepper

Ken's Balsamic Vinaigrette ( fan of Ken's Dressings)


Wash lettuce and spin dry, tear into bite size pieces and place in large salad bowl

Peel Kishu Mandarin Oranges and pull apart segments

Slice Champagne Tomatoes in half

Dice Cucumber and Radishes

Add cranberries, walnuts and feta cheese, toss all ingredients together, salt and pepper to taste.

Now, seriously would you buy a salad from a vending machine-


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  1. It would have to look really, really fresh for me to buy a salad from a vending machine. But then, I never purchase anything from vending machines. Better a salad than a hamburger, though.
    Your salad looks deliciously fresh and healthy. Enjoy.

  2. I love salads but we have a hard time eating all of the lettuce and fixings so I buy pre made salads from our grocery store, Publix. They package all kinds of salads in a small plastic bowl that has about 2 servings. I usually get the romaine and cherry tomato salad but sometimes I get some of the others. They don't have dressing on them....just fresh ingredients. It's great for us! Enjoy your evening my friend. Hugs, Diane

  3. That is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know if I would eat one out of a vending machine- but I might if I was hungry or not.

  4. If I worked in an office and were pressed for time I probably would, but I even have trouble buying the packaged salads in the deli section of the grocery store, always wondering if the ingredients have been washed thoroughly, were their hands clean, etc.

    I'd rather eat your salad, Jemma!

  5. Yes, I would. I just don't know why food good for you can't be readily accessible along with the 'junk' we are offered.

  6. Hmmmm.... I might try one... but, without being able to really check it out (since it would be in the vending machine), I'd be a little leery... unless someone gave it a good recommendation. It would be nice to have healthy as convenient as junk!! blessings ~ tanna
    ps I'd take your salad any day! ;)

  7. I can't say that I would. I don't even buy bagged salads. They seem to be a haven for bacteria.

  8. Jemma, I have to say that I wouldn't buy a salad or a sandwich from a vending machine. There's just something about a fresh salad that appeals to me, and yours looks wonderful. You know, every time I order a salad at a restaurant or make one at home I prefer the balsamic vinaigrette. Oh, I love everything in here - cranberries, walnuts, feta cheese, and the mandarin oranges really add something to it. What a nice salad this is, and I think I'll make it sometime. Thanks, Jemma.

    Have a good week ahead.

    love, ~Sheri

  9. I probably would not buy salad from a vending machine. I do love salads though and love to the way they look in mason jars. I actually enjoy cutting up the fruits and veggies I use in my salads. Your salad looks delicious Jemma!

  10. Your salad looks very yummy! I would buy a salad out of a vending machine......

  11. I'm pretty much a salad slut, but I'd have to say nope to the vending machine since I pretty much avoid them like the plague. I'd have to be STARVING!!!

    Everything in your salad sounds scrumptious! If I only cooked for me, I'd eat them almost every day for dinner. Then I'd be thin and svelte and healthy and gorgeous!

  12. Um.... no.

    I don't buy fast food anymore unless it's from In-n-Out and that's only a once in awhile treat, but they're supposed to be organic, so it works for me.

    Your salad look yummy though, Jemma :)



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