Passion, Purpose and Photography

February 01, 2015
Something interesting is happening in my life, I am slowly emerging into a

Passionate Photographer with a Purpose.

This is pretty fun for me, because up until I started blogging, I was very uncertain about

taking a photograph.

Let alone understanding terms such as aperture, element, or reflector.

Imagine me uploading photos onto a computer and editing them...I almost feel like giggling.

Me-the fumble fingered gardening guru...no way!

Well, here I am in the thick of it all and Passionately loving every moment of it.

I do not have any ambitious dreams of becoming another Stephanie Gonot.

Or a modern day Jacques Henri Lartigue.

I am passionately content with taking my camera with me on my daily walks,

while embracing the beauty of nature, and what unexpected joy this walk may bring-

to my heart, to my mind, to my soul.

Isn't this what passion is all about?

Living one hundred percent in the bursting moment.

Not rushing the beauty,

Not rushing the feeling,

Not rushing the experience, of living abundantly, whatever it might just be.

Could Passion and Purpose be as simple as recognizing the sweet beauty of an unexpected

blossom  coaxed to an early bloom, by extra doses of sunshine on a unseasonably warm January


Or could it be a very mediocre photographer passionately thrilled over the possibility of

capturing a photo of a very skeptical Egret?

Could it be that Passion, Purpose and Productivity is all around us.

If we really and truly take the time, make the effort to look, listen and love with passionate spirits?

Could life be a gentler, softer journey, if we just allow ourselves

the freedom to relax and focus on the here and the now.

Not worried with the if's, the what's and the maybe's.

Perhaps life can honestly be filled with not quite so many thorns...

I believe, yes I do, with all of my heart.

I believe that it can be... it is within each one of us, and each one of us must find our own way,

to choose, to have the power to make it so.

Do any of us have it easy, oh of course not.

Have we all had our share of disappointments, heartaches, tragedies, health dilemmas-absolutely.

But just as the day dawns and just as the day closes.

We have abundant choices throughout each moment of each day to live it with

Passion, Purpose and Productivity.

There is not a prerequisite to live a life with passion, it is never too late to begin.

Never, ever be afraid to try something new and above all enjoy the journey.

As for this mediocre, photographer, she is striving to  run with passion, giving it all her best shot.

For more inspiration on this project please visit these other purpose filled bloggers.



Sew What

Are you living your life with renewed passion, purpose or productivity,

do you have a story to share...


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  1. You are definitely on to something, Jemma. I believe joy springs from appreciation of our daily gives... awareness... and gratitude. And, blogging definitely brings a more acute awareness to our lives... the photos... the moments... we tend to notice each of them more. It has been an unexpected gift of blogging for many of us. Beautiful thoughts!! thank you! blessings ~ tanna

  2. I, too, have developed a passion for photography. And, too, it has grown with my passion for taking and sharing pictures with my blog friends. The digital camera came first (2007). Shortly after, I did my first blog and my love for the beauty of this world was enhanced, saved, shared. Thank you for keeping us aware of our passion for living.

  3. I think God gives us these things to enjoy and see His gift. I think you see it and so do I! It is a wonderful gift to have when there is sadness around.

  4. Dear Jemma,

    I think it's about time you add another ribbon to your pretty header, with the label: Photography! Unlike that 'very skeptical egret' (love that!), I am positive that your passion for pictures was probably dormant, keeping a low profile, amid all of your other talents! Yes, I couldn't agree with you more; there is beauty in our every day existence, whether it be our walks in nature, cooking for family, or creating a blog post, such as this!

    Keep smiling and snapping, you sweet shutterbug!


  5. How exciting to discover another facet of yourself! I'm assuming Jemma that photography skills were not what got you into blogging but rather a love of home and garden and all that it meant to you? And blogging needed photographs so you began. And now you've obviously discovered this new love of that art and are working to improve that skill just as you did with others. Hurrah! A new love is born!

    I do so agree with your "Living one hundred percent in the bursting moment." Passion is experienced that way and yes, it can be "as simple as recognizing" the moments of our life. There is freedom in that, Jemma, a beautiful freedom.

    Love from one "fumble-fingered" blogger to another,

  6. Yes Yes, Jemma....and that's what Photography teaches us, everything you're saying, and oh, how you said it well. You know how much I loved this post with me loving nature so much and You taking pictures of the Great Egret and the trees and the flowers and the water, and don't forget the weeds, which you showed that there is beauty in them as well. The sky in the last picture looks heavenly. And you are becoming a good Photographer because I think anyone can take a picture, but a good picture is all in the scene, and the scenes you have here are awesome.

    What a wonderful post, Jemma. One of my favorites yet.

    love, ~Sheri

  7. I lkie your photographs. I like your enthusiasm and passion. Blessings, Linda

  8. I have such an embarrassing story about blogging and photos, but I will save that for another day. Suffice it to say I never thought I'd own a dslr, much less know what to do with it. Blogging can bring out dormant passions, we didn't even know existed.

    About 30 minutes before reading this, I photographed an Egret hanging out by our houseboat. It's my first time seeing one up close and personal. He was a pretty big guy, and minutes after I clicked the shutter he caught a fish! Very cool!


  9. Blogging has helped me become passionate about photography as well. It's a creative outlet. My camera accompanies me almost everywhere. It's like a third eye that distills the views, contracting what my eyes see and forcing me to select what I want to linger upon.
    Beautifully written, Jemma.

  10. Hi Jemma,
    your pictures are beautiful! I've not had much time to drop by lately but I am so glad I was able to see these tonight. do you get out often to take them? xx Nancy

  11. Your photos are amazing and you are always so gracious and sweet. This post has meant the most to me and I continue to have it in a tab to read and copy quotes into my journal. Thank you so much for sharing your beauty and love of life with all of us. Sweet hugs, Diane


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