Fabulous Friday

February 20, 2015
Well my goodness, this week flew by like an arrow and here we are on Fabulous Friday.

Sharing some pretty picks from the week with you today.

Treat yourself well, perhaps a fresh bouquet of flowers or a cup of tea.

A pop of pink for your nails or some coral around your neck.

Maybe a wrap around your shoulders to keep you warm.

Or a wonderful book to read in your favorite chair.

Have a lovely weekend, my dears.


Please Join Me~

Cozy Little House


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  1. All the pink makes me think of spring..I love that trench coat and I don't think I have ever seen one in pink....I hope you have a wonderful weekend sweet friend...

  2. What a lovely collection of pink things you've shared with us today. Also enjoyed the wise thought by Miss Maya Angelou. That pink trench coat... what a soft and pretty shade of pink... yum! A fabulous Friday post.

    Thanks Jemma! Wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places...

  3. Oh, I'd SO love to get a bouquet of flowers before the next storm moves in this weekend, but they're so expensive around here!

  4. Isn't that trenchcoat divine? I love the colors of Spring. Sweet hugs, Diane

  5. Oh goodness Jemma! You've really got me here with all this girly stuff and I do love a little pink:) Beautiful post and happy Friday!

  6. Pretty shades of pink for this snowy February!

  7. Love all the goodies in shades of PINK!!!!
    Have a great weekend....

  8. I just got a much needed mani pedi today, with some pretty shades of pink ;).

    Love your beautiful inspiration Jemma. Have a great weekend!

  9. Good morning Jemma! I have to agree with Diane. Love that trench coat and that shade of pink. In fact, I love all your lovely shades of pink! Your photos are a treat to my eyes. My world is pretty white right now with more white on the way this afternoon. I'll be looking out my window through rosey shades now! Thanks for that healthy dose of pink!

  10. These gentle pinks are so lovely while I look outside and see rain, ice and snow. I'm so grateful for having the electricity back on after 7 hours out overnight.

    I do believe the truth of the things you wrote, Jemma. Amen.

  11. Oh, what a pretty post to open this morning. The soft pinks are lovely and have me craving some of them here. My week has been a shuffle between the bed and the couch as I try to shake this awful influenza. Your post lifted my spirits.

  12. Oh Jemma, all my favorite things on here today - pink roses, tea, jewelry, and dear Maya Angelou. What a wonderful quote this is. That coral see-through wrap is lovely. There is so much inspiration on here today, and it tells me that spring is on its way.

    Have a fun weekend, Jemma.

    love, ~Sheri

  13. Is that amazing first quote yours?! How very true it is!

    Sweet Jemma, you can't know how much your pinky pastels soothed my soul, today, just like the pink cotton candy of my childhood used to do! I can still remember looking at the coloured sugar spinning into a huge mass of mouthwatering sweetness, and couldn't wait to tear off the first sticky piece!

    Wishing you a weekend of pure pink bliss!


  14. I'm a pink girl, I love everything pink :)
    I'd love to wear this pink-coat!

  15. You just reminded me that I need to give myself a manicure and a pedicure. Time to treat myself :)

  16. Oh how beautiful - are you a designer by trade? And I have to say one thing - the first quote is so beautiful and true. Love all the clothes and pinks. Love the bluejeans, white shirt, high heels, and pink shawl.


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