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Succulent and Candle Vignette

January 14, 2015
Succulents are a great group of plants, they are heat tolerant and cold tolerant, within reason that is.

I have a nifty group of succulents that I move all around Summer and Winter and they just

keep on doing their cute thing.

I started  growing Succulents, just about two years ago this month, and then added to my

Succulent collection in May of 2013.

I am using just three of them for this Vignette, the rest are tucked in the Greenhouse until our

temperatures get into the high 40's and we are not dipping into the 20's at night.

I put together this little Winter Vignette using succulents, candles, milk glass and a basket.

I added a little Sand dollar that I found a few years back when we went to Bald Head Island.

Once you get succulents established they seem to be a very congenial plant and if one

of the "stems," break off just tuck it into a little dirt, water and they will root for you.

Presto, you have another Succulent.

I suppose the most important thing to remember is, not to over water them, even in the Summer.

You know, I live in Texas and the heat is very severe here in the Summer, I still

take great caution not to get carried away with too much water.

Which is very challenging for me, because all of my other plants get watered at least once a day!

This is a great time of the year for you to start growing succulents.

There are so many interesting plants to choose from in any garden center or

Lowe's, Home Depot, or Walmart.

I have put together a little inspirational collage for you which comes from my Container Gardening

Pinterest board, where you will find links to the original source.

So now, get your green thumb warmed up and plant away!


Please Join Me~


Live Laugh Rowe

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  1. Okay i have a question for you - do you think just a little bit is a green thumb? Unfortunately - I don't have one! I tend to kill lots of plants - but I love them. Love yours. So pretty.

  2. I enjoyed seeing your vignette of succulent plants and candles. I always enjoy looking at our local Home Depot at their plant department. Succulents seem to be fairly hardy; and make for a good house plant. You have made a very pretty display.

  3. My heavy hand watering is one reason I don't have cacti or succulents...they wouldn't stand a chance! Love the way you have showcased some of yours.

  4. Jemma, I've always wondered what succulents were cause I've seen this word on other friend's posts, and I appreciate the info. you gave on it. Your little winter display with candles is so charming. I noticed the milk glass. I love milk glass, as it reminds me of vintage d├ęcor. Hasn't it been around for many years? I like your blue bowl, and have always loved blue in the home.

    I can't wait to plant some flowers this spring at my new home. I'm going to need all the help I can get because I don't exactly have a green thumb haha.

    love, ~Sheri

  5. I need to grow more of these. They seem more hardy and not prone to my brown thumb :)

  6. Oh Jemma, Your succulents are just so beautiful. Here in WA state we have an abundance of water and green .. even so, many of us include these drought tolerant plants because they are so pretty. I like them inside because they are so easy to take care of and if I forget to water them it's no big deal. The container basket and other objects (love the sun dollar!) work well together and everything looks so pretty.

    Have a great weekend ahead! xxleslie

  7. First, I love your header, how creative is that! I have succulents down in the dungeon that are needed an updo! I love them in the egg cups. The sun dollar really liked nice by them. So great ideas on different ways to pot them. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you like my Currier & Ives inspired hutch. Have a great night!

  8. Beautiful vignette! I love the ambiance of candle light! Succulents add beautiful texture and color to any decor and I love growing them! Thanks for the inspiration! Happy weekend! ~hugs, Poppy

  9. Good morning Jemma,
    I have been wanting a succulent garden for quite some time and it is on my list of things to do! I love how they look with your candles and sand dollar. My daughter gave me an aloe plant and at first I was overwatering so it looked sickly but as soon as I learned what I was doing wrong, I ended up with a robust looking plant and it has grown so much in a year. So much easier to keep green than other plants!

  10. Succulents are one group that I've never done much with, you've inspired me!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY.


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