Sew Me Some Passion

January 25, 2015
Sewing and passion, such a marvelous combination, don't you agree?

Mix in some creative writing, passion on Motherhood, wit and one sweet puppy and you have Linda

from Sew What!

I am sure many of you know Linda. Be sure to pay her a  visit, she has shared some warm

memories, a heartfelt journey on how passion ebbs and flows and where she finds passion today.

She has a heart of gold and kindness is woven  through her various projects and posts.

Thank you Linda, for joining the Passion, Purpose, Productivity Project where we are

growing and inspiring one another throughout each week.

So many great conversations from everyone, truly an enlightening gathering of such

talented women sharing their thoughts.  I appreciate you and for taking the time

to leave your comments, please continue to contribute, we are all gaining inspiration from

one another.

I am learning from all of you that there is no fancy formula or pesky pressure to live with

Passion, it dwells in all of us and we acquire more passion for life by being present in the moment.

Two weeks ago Dewena from  Dewena's Window, was one of our guest writers for

the Passion, Purpose, Productivity Project. Dewena shared some insights, some passions and some

rich writing and photos that will certainly light the passion for living in your heart.

Last week we welcomed Honora from her home in the Pacific Northwest, where she creatively writes

from Pondside.

Honora explored the topic of coasting and passion, she shared some inspiring observations on a

renewed way of looking at life.

As I continue on this journey I am becoming more aware of the bounty of life that is

blooming all around me and striving to focus on the small details of the day that make up the

precious moments of the week.

If this is your first visit, this is how the Project began.

It is such a joy for me, to have this opportunity to meet new people and develop new friendships,

there are just so many lovely ladies that I have been so fortunate to meet!

Truly, I thank you for inspiring me-you are beautiful and amazing!


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  1. Jemma, I am so grateful you started this whole thing... and that Honora did a post that led me here. I am being inspired by all of you ladies! Thank you. blessings ~ tanna

  2. Dear Jemma, your blog is wonderful now. Thank you for visiting.
    Have a nice day. Hugs ... Dorothea :-)

  3. Jemma, I feel that you intuitively recognized a need so many of us have for living each day with more passion and what better month to do something about it than January. Thank you for your opening this up to me. I have learned something from you and the writers but also from readers' comments about their own lives.

    Linda's post, which must have taken hours and hours to gather the pictures that "tell" the sweet story of her grand passion, her family, spoke to my heart by bringing back what it was like to be raising a family and then to adjust my life when the last one left home.

    And now to see those beautiful creations she makes with fabric and thread inspires me to make more time for creative goals.

    Thank you, Jemma. I linked to Linda's post yesterday at my blog but I'm going to go now and link to your post today also as you wrote so lovingly about this whole project.


  4. I am so glad you came up with this idea of Passion, Purpose and Productivity as it is really causing women to think about these elements in their lives. I have really enjoyed everyone that has been a guest. Hugs...

  5. Oh, this post reminds me of my sweet mother, Jemma, as I told you she sewed anything and everything! I will be sure to visit 'Sew What' and see the creativity behind the name. It's nice to meet new people, and I am enjoying this project that you have been sharing.

    Have a beautiful week.

    love, ~Sheri

  6. When I saw picture number four - the flower close up - I felt passion - a passion of life - I see God and all his work. If He can make that flower so beautiful think what He does for us.

  7. Jemma, This is a wonderful idea:) and such sweet comments here today. I will head over to visit the blog! Hope your week is off to a good start. xxleslie


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