Run With Passion

January 12, 2015
I am truly delighted to tell you this!

During the month of January, some very talented and articulate bloggers

will be sharing their own personal stories on living a life with passion.

These are five women who take passion and run with it.

 Dewena, Jan, Honora, Nancy and Linda 

Passion, Purpose and Productivity

 A little bit about the project...

This project is comprised of women who are committed to living their lives, with

intent, awareness, presence, and vitality.

We are here to support and nurture one another,

in this wonderful, messy journey we all share - known as life.

So, no matter your age or lifestyle, we welcome you.

      Today I welcome  Dewena's Window.          .   

It is a joy to know Dewena, she is such a vivacious, and inspiring writer.

I met her a little over a year ago when she and I and a few other bloggers did a Christmas Tour

of our homes.

  Dewena has charm, class, and personality.

After reading Dewena's post your are going to be so inspired.

Passion runs through this woman's veins!

So, please click on the link above and hop on over to visit  her.

I have been doing some reading and research this week on what it is that 

Passionate people have that many of us don't have, or have just a slice of.

I would like to share some of these observations with you today.

Living with passion is truly more than simply finding a career or hobby that we 

love.  It is a lifestyle choice, which is fueled by a passion source.

It requires a total mindshift that changes how we view ourselves and how we

choose to navigate through our day, week, world.

Some Tips I picked up Along the Way

1-We may have forgotten or "lost," our passion it's ok-
Lets reconnect with our passion, because you know there are so 
many wonderful things to be passionate about!

2- Lets Brainstorm and then brainstorm more and then write down what our passion is.
Hold onto it, it is such a beautiful part of life.
Nurture it, embrace it and love it!

3-After figuring out what we are passionate about, and we might just surprise ourselves.
Run with it, like it was a kite high in the sky on a windy day.

4-Will living a life with passion always be easy?  
Absolutely not, 
Will it be worth it?
Absolutely yes!

As we continue living a life with passion, what is yours, how do you harness it?

If this is your first visit, welcome!  Here is the link to how the project began.

If you would like to connect or share your story please leave a comment or

email me, it is my joy to hear from you!


Please Join Me~

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  1. Good morning!! I'm excited about this project, especially pumped after reading Dewena's post and then reading yours! "Our individual Passion is like the fuel we use to heat our homes on cold winter creates a fire within us to live life to the fullest! Reignite your passion daily...and if you don't feel you have Passion or aren't living life with Passion...sit down and figure out what passion is and how you have even the smallest glimmer of it in your life and IGNITE it - it's never too late"...Jan Tanis

    Jan ♥

    1. Jan,
      What a beautiful description of passion-truly it is the fuel of our spirits!
      Thank you for sharing these uplifting words and I am so looking forward to your post on Friday.
      When women pull together and become each others cheerleaders great things are bound to happen.

  2. Jemma, thank you so much for your sweet words and for inspiring me to think about this. As you wrote above, it does require awareness. I think that's why this morning, a rainy day, as R.H. and I worked together cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast, we went a step further and started putting away a few things that always seem to linger there. We ended up with a less cluttered look AND motivation to move to other rooms where our cocooning at home during the very cold weather we've had meant piles of this and that around. How freeing to get these things done quickly so that we can have the afternoon for following our passion--that sounds a little risqué, but it only means that I will dust off that manuscript and he will surround the sofa with the books he loves, the old, to me very dry, Bible commentaries that he loves to research in. And no, he's not a pastor. We've owned a family roofing business for many decades!

    Each to his or her own passion!

    I look forward to being inspired by the women, both bogglers and commenters, who share this journey with us. I think this cold winter will be much warmer for this project we're taking part in.

    With much more awareness today, blessings to you, Jemma,

    1. Dewena,
      Your post was amazing and filled with the most inspiring, positive, and powerful examples of the
      passions that are in your life and the awareness you have to embrace them throughout the days and weeks of life.
      Thank you for supporting the Passion, Purpose and Productivity Project.
      Blessings to you,

  3. Well I am taking a break on working for awhile - my passion is to relax. I have to say that soft pink with the baby's breathes - and the beautiful vase - makes me feel passion. I just LOVE that color.

    1. Sandie,
      Last year was a courageous year for you and you have set such an example for all women who are breast cancer survivors. Your passion for your family and to bring cheer to your readers has been a blessing to us all.

  4. Dear Jemma,
    First of all, these flowers are filled with passion. They have such a vibrant color. I am enjoying your 'passion' posts so much, my dear. I remember Dewena from the Christmas link party, and I will be sure to go visit with her after. To answer your question, what is my passion? I think the main way that I harnass my passion is to not let anyone hold me down. To be able to be myself is so important to me. I want to thank you for letting me speak freely and honestly. You are one of my dear blog friends who allows me to do this. I am passionate about so many, my home, my family, my blog, my church. And I'm so glad to be able to share my passions with you, dear Jemma.

    This is truly a special post, and I loved your words.

    I'm off to check out Dewena's post now.

    love, ~Sheri

    1. oh, about the roller, I didn't take a spin on it. When I was younger, I used to go on the roller coasters, ferris wheels, even the zipper, but not any more. It's a bit much for me now haha. :~)

    2. Sheri-
      Such a lovely inspiration you and your daughters are to our blogging family.
      Thank you for sharing the passion of living in the moment and the beauty that is around us.

  5. Another wonderful post Jemma! I always enjoy your lovely photos as well. I am not so sure that I forgot my passion but over the years I lacked the time and energy to nurture my passion. There is so much that I love to do and sometimes it keeps me awake at night! So glad to take part in this project. Thanks so much!

    1. Linda,
      I feel your energy, passion and enthusiasm in your blog and writings.
      I love the idea you have of keeping a journal throughout the year to help keep you focused,
      such a great tip for us all.
      Thank you so much for being part of the Passion, Purpose and Productivity Project.
      Looking forward to more of your inspiration throughout the weeks.

  6. Dewena is an absolute treasure :)

    I just read her post this morning :) What a nice idea to have this series.

    1. Deb,
      Dewena is a treasure and has so much to offer us all.
      Makes me happy to know you are enjoying this series too...

  7. Dewena is easily one of my favorite bloggers. She possesses a spirit and inner light few attain, but we should all aspire to. It's lovely to see her being recognized for the amazing person she is! You too have a lovely blog Jemma, that seems to be filled with the passion that can only come from someone who is confident with who she is and who truly enjoys sharing her gifts with others.

    1. Doreen,
      We appreciate and value Dewena as a stellar woman with traits and attributes that set her far apart from most of us. Truly she is an amazing and beautiful woman and dear blogging friend.
      Thank you for your kind, uplifting comment about my blog. I am truly working on applying what I am writing about in this series on Passion and I am thankful that you felt some of this while visiting!


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