Lets Talk Tunics

January 28, 2015
I have been thinking about Spring and of shopping for a few new things to update my wardrobe.

Then, my dear friend, Laura emailed me about how she like Tunics and that got me to

thinking about how much I like them and how I have a few myself.

It looks like chambray, white and chevron print are in again for Spring 2015.

During the Winter months I like to pair them with leggings and boots.

When you hear the word "legging," you may cringe.

Leggings have changed, they are not the leggings we grew up with or our daughters leggings.

Many of them are more like a well fitting slack, for the most part they hold their shape well

and are very flattering because they do not become baggy.

One of the tricks to wearing a tunic with a legging is the length of the tunic.

Make certain the Tunic is long enough to  cover your bottom and is loose,

by doing this you create a slimming, flattering look.

Never be concerned with sizes, buy the size that is flattering for you.

The tunics on this post came from Soft Surroundings, Macy's, Nordstrom and Calypso St. Barth.

Tunics are for every age, every body shape, dressy or casual style.

(Macy's has 20% off with promo code online)

Tunics are so feminine, and as the weather warms they can be worn with a great looking pair

of flats or if you are feeling casual and comfy a pair of Keds.

Keds are back in style and they come in so many great colors, even Taylor Swift wears them...

(Keds has 20% off their Winter collection plus free shipping)

I like to have a little fun with my collages so I always try to put in something that

is dreamy, or a splurge...

Just could not resist these custom closets-which one would you choose ?


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  1. Beautiful tunics... AND closets. I think I like the pink and green one best. ;) Hmmm.... I may need to go find a tunic today. blessings ~ tanna

  2. Tunics are very nice and I like them a lot. Very comfortable to wear. I like your photo collages.

  3. I wear tunics a lot! I love the length and feel very comfortable in them! I am so glad that button down shirts are now in tunic length too! I especially love the sweater tunics that have a couple inches of exposes chiffon at the bottom. So feminine!

  4. Well....I should have asked you about this in the Fall. I wanted to buy some leggings or tights for the winter months but then I didn't really have tunics so I didn't shop for any. We don't wear pants much here and not many wear jeans. I wore jeans this morning with sandals, a long sleeve tee shirt and that's all you need on a cool morning. Anyway....wasn't sure where to buy them. Thanks for the fun post! Hugs!

  5. The one I like is in the second group - the white shirt with the aqua pants. It looks neat and crisp yet relaxing! They were all pretty.

  6. I cannot live without tunics. I wear them year round with the temps determining the fabric. You have really shown us a lovely selection of tunics. I too am already thinking of spring and checking out what's available on line...

  7. I had to smile about your statement to not worry about the size. Just buy what fits. Back in the 90's I used to work in the Personal Shopping Dept. at Nordstom. There were many, MANY women who would come in and spend thousands on clothing in one afternoon, and everything was too tight! They refused to buy their correct size. I don't know about you, but if I'm spending $500 on a pair of pants I'll be damned if I'm going to have a muffin top while wearing them!

    I love tunics, always have, and now that I do indeed have that 'muffin' just lurking and mocking me, I think I always will ;).

    As for the closets, SHUT UP!!!! I want them all!!!

  8. I'm so excited that I am now famous! Heehee! Love the tunics & the closets, although I have downsized my whole house, it is fun to daydream!

  9. I love your choice of tunics. Maybe you should add Personal Shopper to your list of accomplishments.


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