Thanksgiving Printable

November 12, 2014

Just seems nearly impossible that Thanksgiving is just a little over two weeks away.

It seems to me we can become so busy, pressured, tired and even overwhelmed with

the preparations to make the big day lovely for family and friends that it is very easy

to loose focus on being Thankful.

So, I have designed this little printable just for you, and for me.

I have been so inspired, enlightened  recharged and thankful by a recent Bible Study class which

lasted for 9 weeks over the  Book of Thessalonians 1 & 2.

Did my heart good and my attitude too, sometimes we can become curmudgeons, especially

when we don't stay focused on being Thankful.

So enjoy the printable, have hope always, give thanks and know you are loved.



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  1. I love that last photo - so beautiful and the colors are crisp. Are you studying Beth Moore - Children of the Day or something like that? I am leaving today for mine and we are studying that - and it is over Thessalonian - we are on chapter 4 today. Love, sandie

  2. The printable is beautiful, Jemma! The message is a good reminder during this season and everyday.

  3. God promises that His Word will change our hearts and attitudes. Thank you for sharing how it changed you and hopefully we will take to heart what you've shared and it will cause us to give more attention to our own gratitude…Thanks for the printable…You are a sweet gal….

  4. I am just catching up on your posts, Jemma. My computer was out of service all weekend, and just got it back and running today. Thank you for the Thanksgiving print. It will be a relaxed and quiet Thanksgiving with just the family. I love your white rooster. I am really into white items for my kitchen lately because I have grey granite countertops in our new home.

    Have a peaceful Sunday, my friend.



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