Fashion Friday Coats & Boots

November 13, 2014

Good Morning Dear Friends, I hope you are all staying warm and safe with this cold weather that has

engulfed the country, it looks like it is going to be an early year to start hibernating and if that's

the case let's do it in style!

Can you believe it is the coldest November on record in nearly 100 years.

Here in the Lone Star State we hardly even get a whisper of a Winter.

With scattered snow flurries in the forecast we are happily trading a brown Winter for a

hurry scurry cold speckled White one.

So if and when Winter comes our way, we all get a little giddy and we wear boots and coats,

Seven days a week and if we could 24 hours a day.

Oh, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that this cold spell, will get rid of these

pesky mosquitoes which have been big enough to tote us all away.

Seriously enough, this is true and yours truly is on the giddy high just like everyone else.

Coats and boots have never looked so good, there are so many styles to choose from and

this year North Texas gals will be wearing them around the clock with our temperatures dipping into

the 20's at night.

We are in celebration mode because we get to wear Winter clothing-finally.

So, I will be doing a little shopping  this weekend looking for the sharpest coat and boots and

of course the best deals I can find.

I am wishing you a safe weekend, and a warm weekend.

Please remember to  always, always believe in yourself, love as much as you live,

and if you find a super cute coat and boots let me know...


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  1. Stay warm and good luck on finding just the right coat and boots. It's amazing how many choices there are in boots today…definitely popular right now...

  2. I know exactly what you are saying - I like to feel that bitter cold - it feels like everything bad will die and things will start afresh - does that make sense. We get those big Palmetto bugs - you know what I mean? And I like the cold that will kill some of them off!!! And the last photo - I love that jacket with the snaps.

  3. Hi Jemma! Your choices are so fun and perfect for that cold spell you'll be getting;) Here in Seattle we enjoy layering ..... it's so cozy and I always look forward to the transition. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Well, our Winter certainly has begun - woke up to 29° this morning - high of 34° predicted today, with a "bit of snow" tonite! And this isn't the first "bit of snow" we've seen either. We live in the most southeast corner of Michigan...and it gets downright COLD and we do get LOTS of snow...last year was the worst winter ever!

    So...I have lots of winter clothing, coats and boots, too. Plenty of afghans and throws in the house and the Pups even have PJ's mostly for lounging!! They have winter coats too, as they love the snow and do a fair amount of running around in our 900 square foot courtyard. They're so much fun to watch.

    Love your choices of coats - especially the striped one - love the colors!!


  5. Yes, I heard about this being the coldest November, brrrrr. Your selection of clothes is always so stylish, and black is definitely a must in my wardrobe for winter. Those boots with the fur are soooo cute. I have been wanting to get some new winter clothes, but it seems that I always find something for the house instead hehehe.


  6. Hi Jemma,

    Like you, our winters are sunny, cool, and more like crisp falls, which is nice, since the older I get, the less I can tolerate those Canadian winters...BRR! The winter apparel you have featured is very stylish and I especially like the pretty plum/grey combinations!

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.



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