Tippy Top of The Mountain

October 10, 2014
I remember when I was just a kid wanting to climb to the very tippy top of a mountain.

I also remember my oldest child, my son, wanting to do the same thing-

not to just climb up a mountain, but to reach the very tippy top.

He truly, nearly did except...

there was another mountain, even taller, behind the first one...

Have you felt the same way during your life, the need to conquer the mountain?

To reach the highest mountain you could find.

Because, then you would have reached your goal,

a check mark could be place next to-

Tippy Top of the Mountain-reached-check.

The funny thing about this is, as you know, the check mark never gets placed to reaching the

tippy top of the Mountain. ( unless you are a true Mountain Climber)

I suppose this is how life is,

tending to think that when we get to

this spot in life,

this age,

this financial level,

this house,

the children out of diapers,

we have finally reached the tippy top.

We can  breathe a huge sigh of relief.

And then we didn't.

Because, behind that tall mountain was yet another one...

Please stay with me, this has a positive conclusion!

So it seems to me, when all is said, and done.

Life lived as well as we could,

mountains climbed,

then climbed even more,

with the tippy top just another 5,000 feet ahead,

we should know that maybe we never will

put a check on climbing to the tippy top.

So, just maybe reaching the tippy top of the mountain isn't nearly important as it once seemed.

Because when we really think about it, given the opportunity to

think love,

breathe love, and 

offer love is a gift.

Truly, Love is one of the qualities which  being human is all about.

We can move mountains, and that is done- with LOVE...check.

Please enjoy Celine Dion singing,  Love Can Move Mountains.

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  1. That was very profound today.and I do understand. I'm glad it turned out to be love because right now I am really tired of climbing mountains.


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