Family Room Mantle Dilemma

October 26, 2014
Our Family Room mantle always seems so challenging to decorate,

I become so indecisive as to what and where to place things, that eventually it becomes a dilemma.

So, this year I decided on a few things from the beginning.

One, I wanted to use Gold.

Two incorporate a Rooster or two.

And three I was not going to spend any extra dollars except on pumpkins and maybe a little can

of gold spray paint to paint some frames and a jar or two.

I just really want to keep this vignette economical, enjoyable, simple and Autumnal.

I seem to have plenty of gold accessories in our home, so it was just a matter of assembling

the different sizes and shapes together.

I love this tin whatchamacallit, which my oldest daughter gave me when she and her family

lived on the North Shore in Louisiana, and these straw flowers are a near perfect fit.

(could someone please tell me the true name of the whatchamacallit, as I truly cannot remember.)

Well, by now you know I love my floral chairs and you have seen them in the formal living room.

I was just looking for a bit of a change and wanted to create a little sitting area next to my fireplace.

So, back to the mantle dilemma, I like a subtle glow in my lighting.

But since there is not an electrical outlet on the mantle I am unable to have any lamps tucked

here and there.

  I have made the best of this situation, by incorporating LED candles.

 I found these two at Home Goods, and we all know we love this store, for great selections and prices.

So not only do the clear candlesticks with the LED lighting add a fabulous glow they add

height, which was also needed for this vignette.

Seriously, these candles should have been invented years ago, love em~

So inviting, relaxing and comforting.

Oh, isn't it pure fun to decorate with these little mini pumpkins too, I just think they are the best.

I suppose everyone has a decorating dilemma or two, but I must say that by

approaching this vignette with a bit of a strategy from the very beginning

it certainly did lessen the frustration of decorating.

Do you have any decorating dilemmas in your home?

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  1. Okay my only dilemma is not having your beautiful dilemma and your gorgeous taste. Your room is breathe taking.

  2. The flowers and roosters add some pretty colors. I miss having a mantle! I've thought of a fake mantle...but where would I put it? My dilemma! heehee! Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. Jemma, every time I want to change something I have a dilemma….hahaha
    You certainly did a great job solving your dilemma. I love the mantle and the variety of textures and objects you used to create a very interesting as well as beautiful autumn mantle….

  4. I like what you did, Jemma. Your mantel decoration is perfect!....Christine

  5. Your mantel looks fabulous! Good texture and layering! Great job!

  6. Very cute Jemma! I like the mix of things on the mantel and your floral chair. Those Eiffel tower pieces are really neat. I always love a bit of gold so seeing this is a pleasure! Great job!

  7. Love what you have done here! just gorgeous


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