Dressing My Antique Hutch

October 20, 2014
You have seen her before, throughout the Seasons.

My Antique Hutch.

She is old, she is loved.

So, she and I enjoyed our time spent together, one Sunny afternoon.

I felt she would like a few roses too...

Is there anything quite as comforting as spending time with someone who knows you so well...

After all she did see me grow up.

And just because I was playing around with some burlap and silver,

I added a gray velvet pumpkin to this petite bowl.

While I was dressing my Hutch, I added a little a burlap flower to my silver.

The day sort of went like the book  If you Give a Mouse a Cookie...you might remember how

one thing lead to another, well this is how this afternoon went.

Completely enjoyable in every way.

The next thing I did was open up her doors, where some of my China resides and added

some porcelain painted pumpkins in shades of gold and orange.

Dressing her in items which all have memories alongside my grandmothers

beloved gold china pieces.

I go with my heart when I decorate, it may not be done "correctly," but it is done with a  ton

of feeling and walks down memory lane...

I remember painting the inside of this Hutch one evening,  because the dark stain seemed to

swallow up everything.

So, my Antique Hutch is all dressed for Fall, all the way through Thanksgiving.

Do you have special ways to dress your furniture?


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  1. I love your old cabinet and you have dressed her just beautifully!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. I do love your antique hutch. And the photo where you had that burlap flower with your silver - was gorgeous. I loved that. Love, sandie

  3. She is beautiful and well cared for.

  4. I love all your decor. The hutch is a beautiful piece of furniture and clearly well-loved.

  5. Jemma,
    I love your old hutch. Those are the best kinds. I have a hutch that husband bought me, and it's from Italy, and it's something I'll never give away. I was thinking of doing a post on it someday. Your grandmother's china caught my eye, it's gorgeous. It's nice how you decorated your hutch with orange and golden pumpkins for the season. And I love what you said about decorating and going with your heart. That's what makes you so very special, Jemma. This was such a touching post.


  6. Beautiful day spent with an old friend, Jemma! I love the insides painted white. I say there is no right or wrong way to decorating. Just going from the heart and using what you love!


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