Dressing the House For Fall

October 08, 2014
I am crazy over Orange for Fall, maybe I am feeling a little nostalgic, maybe I just have a

genuine crush on the color...

So crazy I am for this Autumn hue that I want to share some of this joy with you.

I have been on the look out for velvet pumpkins so when I spied this one my

heart skipped a beat.  Great little price too, smiles, smiles and smiles...

(Michael' s )

I love to dress my secretary desk for Fall.

Fall flowers, pumpkins, leaves, baskets and burlap.

Dressing the house with zests of orange in all sorts of nooks.

Just a smidgen of orange in the smallest most unexpected places.

Little surprises of zesty orange are tucked here and there, and I can't wait to share more

of the unexpected spots, you will find orange in our House dressed just for Fall!

How do you dress your house for Fall?

Please Join Me~

French Country Cottage

Cozy Little House

Share Your Cup

Ivy and Elephants

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  1. Love the flowers, love the color orange, can't believe how pretty the arrangement is...and the color right now, I love the tray vignette too....loved it all

  2. Velvet pumpkins are the most elegant. I want to try to make of these days! I like lots of cute things and Fall colors. Have a fun week my friend! Hugs!

  3. Looks great, Jemma. I love fall, too. Love your velvet pumpkin, too. Soooo pretty. Michael's is dangerous for me. ha! Susan

  4. So cute Jemma! I had a secretary but never the top hutch which I would've loved. It would have been fun to decorate like you're doing! The colors all look great together and I like the two pots topped with green and the fleur de-lis accents! Thats a pretty velvet pumpkin- what a great find!

  5. Oh Jemma another beautiful photo session. I love the teal little holder - from Micheal's - everything looks so delicate and lovely! Beautiful.

  6. Oh Jemma, I'm in love with the color orange for Fall too. It doesn't get any prettier than that, and your orange velvet pumpkin is lovely. I have a velvet pumpkin too. And don't you just love Michaels? I am still working on the Fall d├ęcor, but it will be simple with just a few glitter pumpkins, a scented pumpkin spice candle, and a white Cinderella pumpkin for my front porch. Your secretary desk is so festive, and I love all the pretty colors you have for the season.

    Have a nice weekend.


  7. Jemma, your secretary is just gorgeous! The pops of orange against the white are simply stunning. Love it! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. Love your fun pops of color! This is the time of year I get to roll out the orange, too. You are featured this week at Ivy and Elephants, thanks so much for joining us!

  9. Hi Jemma, just hopping by to let you know that I will be featuring you at SYC this week.

  10. Hmm...are crushes on colours CONTAGIOUS?! You have SPREAD the joy, my friend, and I'm now, quite HOMESICK for my Canadian falls!! Gorgeous!



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