A Quilt With A Heart DIY

October 17, 2014

We have nurses in our family, and we are proud of them and their hearts of servitude.

The nurses in our family go all the way back to World War II to present day.

So, I am writing this today to give them a little love, sing their praises and recognize that

they are the unsung heroes in many a hospital stay.

Not to mention they are also crafty and talented...

So, when my (nurse) sister-in-law shared with me this comfy quilt made out of  tee shirts

and whipped together under 6 hours, I had to share it with you.

And along the way of sharing this nifty tutorial I wanted to share this with you...

Given the recent  Ebola concern in Dallas Texas, which is just 20 miles from our home,

it was important to me to share some gratitude for the nurses who took care of the first Ebola

patient in the United States of America and to all of those nurses who serve the large and

small communities throughout the World.

Courageous men and woman who do their best with the knowledge ,education, services and support

which they are presented with.

It is about being thankful for all of the nurses World Wide who serve their communities.


You, are the tireless hands that care for our bodies,

You,  are the warm hug we need after bad news,

You,  are the kind arm we lean on to walk,

You,  are the soft voice that whispers a  prayer,

You, are the smiling comedian during a long afternoon,

You,  are the quiet sensibility in an insensible circumstance.

Thank you.

So, when my nifty nurse SIL shared with me this fun quilt with a heart-

the love from her heart which she poured into making this quilt...

I became super excited to share it with you!

This quilt is  made out of  T-shirts which her granddaughter saved during her senior year of High

School, now this granddaughter is off to college this year, so this is the perfect quilt for a dorm room.

Tutorial For Tied Quilt With A Heart-
Fits 69 x 90 Twin Bed

Yarn to match backing
Tee Shirts saved from her senior year, for this quilt 18 were used.
35 squares needed for this quilt
18 t-shirts were used-use both front and back of t-shirts(if there was a design on front and back)
Cut t-shirts into 13x13 inch squares
Back with your color choice of fleece
3 inch band of fleece around the front

Sew blocks together, then sew backing on and band fleece around the edges.
Tie with yarn at the corner of every square to secure the front to the back.

Debbie, you make this sound so simple!

Any questions e-mail me and I'll gather more information from the Sis.

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Hi Jemma....What a great idea! Your SIL is amazingly talented. I agree with you that nurses are angels on earth. Susan

  2. Well deserved post for nurses; they are our unsung heroes…Both my mother and sister are nurses and I am very familiar with some of the things they endure…..The quilt is just awesome. I did one for son when he went off to college…These quilts hold so many memories….

  3. My best friend here was a nurse - she died - and we had a memorial; service for her - you should have heard what all the other nurses thought of her.
    I would be afraid to be a nurse these days.
    There are some tough times.
    Love, sandie

  4. My brother works as a nurse. The work and the hours are just unimaginable.

  5. Jemma,
    The quilt that your sister-in-law made is creative and special. This is a nice tribute to all the nurses. Some are very compassionate, and they are the ones that get us through the difficult times. Wow, you have nurses in your family that go all the way back to World War ll, that is awesome! A very nice post today, Jemma.



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