Fashion Friday & Skin Cream

September 19, 2014
I have fallen in love with Fall once again, I think I do this every  year.

And jeans, and leopard print heels and boots.

AND please remember anyone- no matter

your age or figure looks great in an awesome pair of really good fitting  jeans and a pop of leopard.

You are BEAUTIFUL, my friend -the REAL beautiful, the one who gets up with grumpy husbands,

sick children, the one who is not airbrushed, but the real deal.

This is not flattery it's a compliment for being you and giving the day all you've got.

My dear Mom, wore jeans fashionably all of her 83 vibrant years and looked great in them.

Jeans really have come a long way, and they are more comfortable than ever.

Truly there is a style, fit, fabric and color just waiting for you, and yes you will have to try them

on, because all brands fit differently.

If you really and truly don't want to try them on in the fitting room, tuck that receipt in a safe

place and try them on in the comfort of your own home.

Oh, and don't forget the statement necklace too!

I so enjoy flipping through magazines, checking out Pinterest and polyvore.

I find so much inspiration and direction.  

Then  I use that inspiration to choose many of my clothes.

I find deciding specifically what it is I am looking before I leave home  helps me

to stay focused. otherwise I tend to become overwhelmed once I hit the stores.

Fashion Friday tip of the week, is "Dream Cream."

It is DHR cream which is a mixture of Dexamethasone, Hydroquinone  and Retin A.

Now that was a mouthful, wow...  This combination of ingredients decreases irritation.


DHR requires a prescription, from your Doctor-( I personally see my Dermatologist)

and comes with a warning of sensitivity and Sunburn.

So a super good sunscreen is mandatory SPF 30 or higher.


But now let me share with you the benefits, it will help lighten, tighten and brighten our skin.

I personally have  melasma along my cheeks and neck, and those of us who

have olive or darker skin tones, too much sun, combined with hormones are high on the candidate

list for this common and annoying discoloration.

Frankly, I was just sick and tired of going through concealers, foundation and powders

trying to cover up and blend in the melasma.

I am heading into my second week and already seeing a difference.

I  will you keep you posted on my results.


So that wraps it up for this Friday, have a super weekend!

Oh, I am thinking of a little Fall Vignette for Monday, so come on back and see me!


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  1. Gosh at first I thought you said melanoma. Now I can breathe. You have some mighty pretty things here. My mom died at 83 too and she was quite a fashionable lady as well. I don't know how jeans look on me, but I do wear them - it is my uniform. I LOVE FALL!

  2. That's interesting about the dream cream. I have 'rosy red' cheeks but the mineral make up is a good choice for me. I also have oily skin. Love seeing the Fall fashions you always share. I splurged on the big issue of Vogue the other day. It's mostly ads....but I like seeing the fashions. I want to buy some leggings soon. And then I'll need to figure out how to wear them! hahaha! Hugs!


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