Leaving on a Jet Plane

August 24, 2014
Do you remember those lyrics "leaving on a jet plane..." 

Written by John Denver in 1966 and recorded by Peter Paul and Mary.

A little music Trivia about this recording-

It wasn't until this trio released it, that it became a hit in 1969.

I guess this popped into my head because the Gramps and I will be 

leaving this week, on a sort of Birthday/Anniversary gift to me and us.

We are going back to the Colorado mountains, to embrace the serene,

and natural wonders of our World.

Besides God, family, my garden and the great outdoors, the mountains are 

my passion

You know, it is said that most people are either drawn to the ocean or the 


The mountains just seem to do something to me-the sight of them,

the smell of the pines, soft mountain meadows, sunsets over rugged terrain,

and gurgling streams which seem to breathe life into the marrow of my bones.

I am just wondering what you are drawn to...

I was looking through some of my photos and found these happy

Spring blooming shots and just couldn't resist adding them to this post.

Just because they are so full of energy

and that is what I feel when I am

in the mountains


Cool, dry air. 

Clear vibrant blue skies.

Mountains and Mountains as far as the eye can see.

It seems that I once read that it was important for human beings to be 

around things that

they themselves did not create.

Keeps life in perspective to actually see,

that there are so many wonderous,

and beautiful things far greater than ourselves.

But before I left I wanted to share these photos with you,

but most of all to keep in touch,

because you are special.

Because change is in the air, 

and the world is about to be transitioning,

refreshing Fall,


It is a just because sort of day, sort of post, sort of thoughts.

Just because I was thinking about you,

Just because I am wishing you a fantastic week!


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  1. LOVE Peter Paul and Mary and the song! Oh do have a wonderful and restful trip. Enjoy the end of summer.

  2. Memories - that is the only song I ever learned to play on a guitar, one summer when I was a camp director in the mountains.

    I am drawn to the ocean, daily, but in winter we love to be in the mountains skiing and taking in the glorious beauty of tall mountains and trees covered in snow.

    Have a wonderful birthday/anniversary celebration.

  3. Beautiful images of the Colorado mountains, complete with your beloved pinks in blooms and fresh leafy landscapes in which to freely roam and appreciate the sheer miracles of mother nature!

    Hope you have a wonderful celebration!!


  4. Well if we are in to what we really like and we have all the money and could make things like we want - I would take the oceans - winds - and sounds and be on the mountain with cool - dry - air and peace...

  5. Oh Jemma, now I know we are soul sisters for sure. I LOVE THE MOUNTAINS! I have been drawn to the mountains since I was little, when we used to go camping and have campfires and roasted marshmallows and took hikes and listened to the song of the forest. There is no such place for me like the mountains.....the clean fresh air, the tall trees and the smell of pine, the wildlife. All of it says "peace." Yes, to be somewhere far greater than ourselves is truly humbling. Have fun with your grandpa, Jemma, and please come back and tell us all about it.


  6. I am drawn to both ocean and mountains though I spend much more time by the ocean. My 3 daughters all live near the ocean. I hope to get to the NH mountains during the fall. Have a wonderful, refreshing trip!

  7. Happy Birthday my friend! I hope your trip is glorious...I know it will be. I would love to be traveling out West this Fall. I have some of my best memories of being there in the late summer and early Fall! HAVE FUN! Sweet hugs, Diane


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