Fabulous Friday Colorado

August 15, 2014
I Love Fabulous Friday...

For me it is a week in review, what popped, what made me happy, what excited me,

what inspired me.  

We recently returned from a family trip from the marvelous State of Colorado so I am

sharing snippets of that week today.

On one fine Summer day, we took two grand babies and a couple of their parents and went

on a little adventure and this is one of the little creatures we saw.

This is Nathan, can you believe this handsome fellow?

Just look at his gorgeous feathered feet. 

Can anyone tell me what sort of Rooster he is?

We met him at James Ranch, in Durango Colorado. 

Nathan lives here on this amazing and awesome family ranch that is going beyond Organic.

Of course no mountain adventure seems really complete without roasting something over an 

awesome fire.

Six adults suddenly turned into kids once the roaring flames burned down and turned into

glowing embers.

We toasted marshmallows until they turned a golden brown and nestled

them between milk chocolate and graham crackers for the quintessential delicious s'mores.


I just loved Vanilla Cream Soda as a kid, so just had to give this a try-

Honestly so, so  good!

Made fresh in Durango with pure cane sugar.

Have you noticed how blossoms bloom a little brighter and happier in cooler climates?

This little buck was resting until we walked by.

                                                                   Lemon Lake

Beautiful Lemon lake built in the 1900's to irrigate the lower-lying farmlands, 16 miles 

Northeast of Durango, a recreational spot for fishing, hiking, biking and boating.

Of course a generous amount of natural beauty for all to enjoy.

What makes your Friday Fabulous?

Wishing You all a Fabulous Friday !


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  1. Sounds like such a fun time, Jemma. You brought home some beautiful pictures and some great memories. I'm sure. Thanks for sharing

  2. Okay those photos were gorgeous. And the only thing better would be to see them with you! Colorado looks beautiful. And that chicken was beautiful!

  3. Really nice photos! Sounds like you had a marvelous vacation. A change of scenery for you, heh?
    Welcome home.

  4. Jemma,
    I loved all your pictures today. They were so vibrant and full of life. Lemon Lake is gorgeous. And I love that fire pit photo. My best friend lives in Colorado, and I've always wanted to visit her there. I wonder if vanilla cream soda tastes like the root beer floats here? I'm glad you had a nice time in Colorado, and that Nathan is sure a character, isn't he?


  5. Spectacularly stunning photos, Jemma of the wildly beautiful state of Colorado! What striking 'locals' you met, and they all seemed to have loved having their picture taken!;) The pic of the lake is gorgeous and calming, and what an immense commodity it is to the area! Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous adventure!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  6. That rooster is a fine looking fellow ! I bet Linda at Prairie Flower Farm would know what kind of rooster he is! They live on a Kansas farm. Isn't Durango lovely? Everyone is coming to my home state and we are heading to Nevada! LOL! But just to Vegas for a little phamily time. Good to see you here and love the photos. Happy weekend!

  7. Looks like a great family outing, with something for every one! Great photos, and that rooster is gorgeous, no wonder he's strutting his stuff!


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