Easter Centerpiece

April 15, 2014
After visiting Callaway Gardens I came home inspired!

Well, honestly how could I not-right?

So, while the inspiration was fresh, I seized the moment.

I decided to create this vibrant Easter centerpiece.

There is nothing shy about the flamboyant colors I used, but my goal was

to bring the passion and vitality of Easter and Spring into our dining room.

If Mother Nature can douse her landscape with intense Spring color,

then certainly I can add a touch of that to our home as well.

As you can see this room receives an extra dose of sunshine with tall

Southern exposure windows, so I really feel as though the room has

a tendency to become washed out.

Just another reason to add a hardy dose of vibrant and rich color in

a Spring centerpiece.

If you look real hard you might see some butterflies whimsically soaring

around the centerpiece and a few pink glitter Easter Eggs-

Perhaps a bunny or two has joined in on the festivities.

You know, I love adding a little playfulness to just about everything.

Life is just too short not to-right...

 Even this table runner has sweet little flowers on it.

HomeGoods-I think it was under $15.00, now isn't that such a great price?

Love, love, love it!

My daughter and her family are embarking on a new career path and will

be leaving Georgia soon, so I may never visit Callaway Gardens again.

But I brought a small piece of the gardens home with me,

in my heart,

in my mind,

and in my soul.

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  1. Hi Jemma,

    A bright and beautiful bouquet, and a radiant reminder of your trip to Callaway Gardens and your precious time with your daughter and granddaughter, filling your dining room both with scent and serenity!

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter!

    Sending love,

  2. Your dining room certainly looks lovely and cheerful, like Spring with the gorgeous and colorful centerpiece. You did an awesome job! Trip with family are the best, and this is a lovely reminder of such an occasion. Happy Easter to you all.

  3. That's a very pretty centerpiece. So colorful and cheery!

  4. It's gorgeous... I always have plans of grandeur to create something for our table, but then I check out the cost of the fake flowers and I talk myself out of it. I'll simply enjoy yours since it's so lovely. Great color choices!

  5. Jemma,
    Your Easter centerpiece is so pretty. It's perfect for spring. I love all the vibrant colors in it. And I noticed your table, it's gorgeous! It looks so sweet with the bunnies and the runner and all. You remind me of myself......if you can't visit your favorite place again, you will always have it in your heart, your mind, your soul. And what a special soul you are, my friend.

    Happy Easter, Jemma, and may your day be filled with so much love.


  6. Your dining room is a gorgeous place and I love the centerpiece!

  7. You know when I see flowers - especially those in the centerpiece - I know what you are talking about with the colors and passion of Easter. I believe God created all those for us to enjoy and to think of HIM! Who, but Him could do that? And to celebrate and use His creation is just right. It is living in the now.

  8. Wow, it gorgeous! I love everything about it. The colors are so bright and cheerful. You did a great job, Joyce.

  9. Absolutely beautiful, lively. I also enjoyed your previous post where you shared the photographs of your day in Georgia with your beautiful family. I wish you all a very Happy Easter.

  10. This is just stunning! You have quite the talent and taste...I love it! :)


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