Fashion Friday-Pantone 2014

January 25, 2014
Are you all looking forward to Spring as much as me?

I honestly feel as though it has been Winter forever, I am ready to 

shed the winter wear and dress for Spring! 

This is why I am excited to share with you Pantone's fashion color

report for 2014.

                                 A Season Of Equilibrium

Are you a fan of light blue- also known as Placid Blue  Well, if you 

are, look at this glorious color and dress!  This year is all about


Thinking you might be leaning toward green-how about this soft and

mild hue of green called Hemlock.  Pantone 2014 is all about pairing

pastels with a bolder hue for an " au courant," look.

The names for these colors are just delightful, Violet Tulip, who 

wouldn't feel wonderful in a color with this name.  Romantic

wistful and singing Spring.

Sand a lightly toasted neutral combination of calm and 


How about adding a little spice and sizzle to your neutral based 

outfit with Cayenne.

Paloma is such a gorgeous neutral which is bold enough to wear 

alone and neutral enough to wear in combination with the most 

important color trends of the Season.

Fressia, gloriously bright, warm, vibrant exudes strength and 


Can you imagine pairing Celosia Orange with anyone of these 

neutrals to create " A Season of Wonderful Equilibrium."

Complete "polar opposite," to placid blue is Dazzling Blue, such a

delightful bold, rich and intense color.  Seems to me that blue is

a flattering color for most skin tones.

Last but not least is Pantone's color of the year! Radiant Orchid

So get ready to wear this flattering, intense, vibrant, magical color 

anyway you can!

How will you be adding these colors to your life, will it be in your 

home decor, wardrobe or perhaps both?

What is your personal Pantone color for 2014?

If this was interesting to you, you might enjoy taking a look back at

last years colors - Pantone 2013

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  1. My new color is Paloma (my post today reveals why!) I went to Dillard's this a week ago and bought 3 new tops that have silvery gray in them for my new look. It made me feel even happier. And oh how I love all of the shades of blue. I wear a lot of blue and turquoise. What a fun post my friend! Thanks!

  2. I would have to say Celosia Orange because I love wearing orange during the spring and summer months. I have seen a lot of Radiant Orchid around lately, but I think it may be a bit too bright for me. My favorite color is Purple, Jemma, and I love to wear it sometimes. That blue is very pretty too. I need to go spring shopping for clothes, and this post has inspired me.


  3. Hi Joyce I love some of these colours but not all....however they are cheery...its grey here in the uk!
    Thanks for visiting me, sorry you missed out on the grow your blog party but here I am and its a great blog i see here....following along now!
    bestest sunday wishes to you today!
    Daisy j x

  4. Hi Jemma. Usually I'm not a blue fan, but that blue dress shade is gorgeous. My favorite color is pink with shades of purple close behind. Susan

  5. Hi Jemma,

    I so enjoy these Fashion Fridays, as I am not one to go out and purchase a fashion magazine since I find that they are geared mostly to the under 25 demographic. In addition, they are overloaded with advertisements, again aiming at this age group, and despite the fact that I enjoy changing things up in my wardrobe, for the last couple of years, I haven't been all that adventurous with new colours or styles, but rather tend to stick to what seems to have worked for me.

    So, when I pop over here and am treated to the latest collection of colour inspiration, I soak it in! That pretty blue dress is exactly the colour of my high school prom dress and one that I believe complements my features. I like bold colours as well as pastels, but tend to fade out in the latter. That said, I've read that the older one gets, the paler or more neutral shades they should favour. Is this true, and what are your favourites?

    Have a lovely week and thanks for sharing all the glam!


  6. So pretty Jemma! Gorgeous shades of blue and I like the grey/silver. I tend to wear lots of neutrals at the office and need to think about adding some more color .. as above! Thank you for the lovely Sunday glamour post! xxleslie

  7. Jemma, I love that placid blue dress! It looks more vibrant in the dress picture than on the color swatch. It seems that way with the vibrant orchid, too. I'd been hearing about the color of the year called Pantone, so I thought it was a color, not a color-expert company. Thanks for clearing things up for me! I'm wearing my favorite today, royal blue, so I guess the closest to it is the dazzling blue. I have a feeling the orchid will be on my shopping list! Or, maybe the placid... :-)

  8. Mine would have to be Placid Blue and Violet Tulip.....This was such a fun post...with all the cold and snow everywhere it's been fun thinking about spring and color....

  9. Jemma, I'm finding the orange beckoning to me...the other colors are beautiful, but feel almost a been there, done that bright blue 70's feeling, Not a bad thing, think feathered hair, swooping bangs, and bright pantone blue barrettes, Matching bright blue barrettes....sigh.


  10. "Hemlock" is my favourite among their colours of the year! I think it's soft and serene!

  11. What a fun post Jemma. I'd have a hard time picking a favorite. I love all these colors, so bright and vibrant!

  12. I am going to take the Placid Blue and the body and attitude that comes with it!


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