Fashion Friday Dreaming of Handbags

January 16, 2014
A girl can dream, right? 

Dream of warm white sandy beaches...

Dream of a killer pair of  heels...

And gorgeous handbags...

And that is exactly what I have been doing, dreaming of gorgeous

leather handbags.  You know, all handbags are not created equal, 

and even though some of the luxury brands get pretty pricey there

is a smidgen of a reason for it and it all has to do with the type and 

quality of leather used to make these beautiful handbags.

All leather is not created equally and Saffiano is in a class all of it's 

own.  Even the name suggests something extra special and well it

pretty much is.

I suppose many of you are already are familiar with Saffiano 

Leather.  I have heard the term, I have seen the handbags, but I 

was not certain as to what it all meant. I really wanted to know the 

real scoop on why all the fuss over this incredible leather.  So, I did

some research and this is what I found out.

What is Saffiano Leather?

Well it seems that the "indications," in Saffiano leather were 

invented by none other than... Mario Prada, using the finest Italian 

calf leather.  It is treated leather, made with the texture pressed on 

it, (referred to as a stamping method) this gives the leather a

crossed-hatch finish, which ispecial diagonal panel.

This cross-hatch design combined with a wax treatment makes for 

a very durable handbag, in fact virtually scratch and stain resistant

as well as water repellent and easy to clean.  

Most Saffiano handbags, clutches, cosmetic bags, wallets and 

satchels are going to be luxury brands.  However if you take into 

account their durability they will certainly last for many, many 


So, now we have the facts on Saffiano leather, would we really 

invest in these beautiful luxury pieces?  Probably not, at least I won't

for the retail price.  But I do have my eye on a couple of these 

darlings and for just the right price for let's say an Anniversary gift,

Birthday present or well if I'm dreaming maybe Valentine's Day!

I will do my dreaming of handbags shopping on  NexTag, Bizrate, 

Shopzilla, Ebay and even Overstock where free shipping is often 


Next Friday please join me for Pantone's Top Colors For 2014!

Have a lovely weekend,

Please Join Me~

The Dedicated House

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  1. Oh, I love these handbags, Jemma! I also like the ones that you carry, not the long straps. I just bought a silver handbag that's very similar to the picture in the fourth collage, but smaller. I've never heard of Saffiano Leather before. It looks gorgeous. I love the animal print one too.

    Happy Friday, Jemma.


  2. I love that pretty coral color...nice change from black! (I never got a brown bag last Fall! lol) Beautiful handbags are my weakness. I picked out my birthday present....a Fossil bag. It's small but perfect for me. (I haven't had my birthday yet but I'm carrying my new bag already! lol) Happy weekend my friend! Love these posts!

  3. You're such an inspiration Jemma, love these!

  4. I have a couple ones I like too! I hope you get one - are you sending out hints???? sandie

  5. You're such a sweetie with style and a flair for fashion, both in clothing and decor! Love the last mosaic of colours, patterns and textures. Now, if I happen to lose my not so stylish muffin top any time soon, then, I'd happily wear those low waisted jeans, too, and with a crisp white shirt tucked in, to boot!

    Thanks for the pretty pops of colour during these January blahs!


  6. These bags are gorgeous Jemma! I can imagine how soft that calf leather is.

  7. That last set with the long cable sweater, jeans, black riding boots & black purse ... LOVE it! Wendy x


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