Simple Ways to Decorate With Pumpkins

September 29, 2013

So, let us begin day one of decorating with pumpkins with 

with the sad tale of a recipe gone wrong and a little cake

that no one wanted.  You will need a comfy chair and possibly a 

tissue for a tear which you might shed.

The day began with a festive table runner freshly ironed, the glow 

from a beloved light, a very old recipe that I was trying to rework 

and a sad little cake all frosted, decorated and that no one wanted.

Truly the only thing pretty and redeeming about this little cake

was her decorative top knot-a happy and bright orange pumpkin.

It really wasn't the cakes fault, it was mine and I do apologize, 


I had spent a few hours searching for a cake that utilized a cake mix, 

was well suited for transportation, and one that I could decorate with

an air of festivity ( A pumpkin) wink~

After all who could resist a German chocolate cake mix infused with 

chunks of ooey gooey milkyway pieces, orange frosting and of 

course a top knot with a festive pumpkin?  

Would you...seriously?

Well of course you wouldn't or couldn't!  

The trouble that I ran into, and I am filled with remorse,  is that I

tried to substitute 1 (9.9 ounce) dry package of coconut-pecan 

frosting mix with my homemade version.  

You see, this is a quite an old recipe and unfortunately this dry 

packaged frosting mix is no longer made. 

Alas-my cake became the little cake that no one wanted. 

However, I do console myself that my cake did have her moment of 

glory with her little photo shoot and pumpkin top knot!

Wishing you all better days of baking or substitution baking and a 

simple way to decorate with a pumpkin!

See you on Tuesday with another way to decorate with Pumpkins!

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  1. So sorry to hear the cake didn't turn out the way you wanted. I actually thought it looked pretty good!

  2. Aw, sorry the frosting didn't turn out! Stick with all homemade next time - no mixes! - and you should be all good. Though I have to say, I think that cake looks kind of pretty!

  3. Awww ... a sad tale indeed! Those puddles of orange icing do take away from such a pretty little cake. Terribly disappointing when things don't work right, but I hope you enjoyed the cake in the end! Wendy xo

  4. Well if it didn't have coconut in it - I'd have a piece - am I bad or what?????????? You know even things that aren't perfect are still beautiful in my eyes.

  5. If you hadn't told me, I'd think it was supposed to look like that! I think it looks delicious! What could be better than pools of icing? Sorry it wasn't what you dreamed of, but it looks fabulous with the pumpkin topper!


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