Halloween Wreath Giveaway

September 19, 2013
I have so enjoyed making this Halloween Wreath for my first 

giveaway, it is just a little way to say thank you for joining me.

It measures approximately 15 inch inches in height and width.  The 

frame is wire, so it is very light.  It can be hung anywhere, but if 

you do hang it outside it will need to be in a sheltered area away 

from rain, sleet, snow and heavy wind.

You know, I always make my wreaths and then live with them 

awhile.  When I made this one, I felt it needed just a bit more

sprucing up to feel festive. So I added some cats, then some feathers

and in order to tie it all together incorporated the faux pearls from 

the bow to the feathers.  The cats are attached with just a smidge of 

hot glue-so you could remove them after Halloween and use this 

wreath through Thanksgiving. 

It needs a home now-so I hope you will all enter the giveaway!

If you are not already following my blog I would appreciate you 

doing so.  We can also stay connected on Pinterest, Twitter and


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Hi Jemma - it's such a pretty wreath! Just today i started on a Hallowe'en cross stitch. It must be the weather! I won't enter the giveaway because I know how much it costs to mail things out of the country - but I certainly enjoyed having a good, close look at it!

  2. Jemma this wreath is so cute! I would love to have this in my home this year!! My Grandson comes over here and he loves Halloween! You are such a talented blogger and I always enjoy your creative ideas!

  3. Your wreath is adorable and perfect for this season. So bright and fun!
    Mary Alice

  4. Jemma, I would love to win this wreath; it's so cute and perfect for the season...I can think of several places I would hang it....You are very generous to offer this as a giveaway.....Thank you...

  5. Jemma.
    Oh, how cute this is. I love everything about it - the orange Fall colors, the cats, the feathers, and the big orange bow. I would love a chance to win this in your giveaway. Put me in!

    Have a great Autumn day!


  6. I love the way people are using burlap in crafts now and isn't that wire edged ribbon wonderful to work with? Your wreath is so well done and very cute. Crafty posts are bringing me into the season of fall. I'd really love to win this.

  7. OH MY GOSH I AM SO IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so pretty and I need it! LOL. I love all your decorations really. Any will do.


  8. on the front door. This is awesome!- livivua on rafflecopter

  9. On the front door for everyone to see! It is so cute. Hope I win! Thanks.

  10. How precious! I love the beautiful fall colors in the burlap ribbons and the cats are just perfect for the wreath....adorable! Thanks for the opportunity to win in the giveaway!Happy weekend! Hugs, Poppy

  11. What a beautiful wreath! I'd love to hang it on my front door. :)

  12. Very nice ! I like your use of burlap.

  13. Hi Jemma, love your wreath!! I am hooked on burlap. Thanks again for the follow on my blog. Came by to give you a follow back and to get to know your blog. I am liking what I see, will be back often :)


  14. That is beautiful Jemma and so fun, you are so creative! I love the fact you can take off the Halloweeny part and use it all season!

  15. Oh my -- what a gorgeous wreath Jemma! So festive. :)

  16. this would look gorgeous on my front door!

  17. This is beautiful! How nice of you to have it as a giveaway.

  18. I would put it on the INSIDE of my front door to enjoy it in my living room! Then I would bring it in the lanai! lol I LOVE it! Thanks girlfriend!

  19. Thank you for your gracious email. I would love to enter! I've been on the eastern side of our continent this week and am now having a good old catch-up!

  20. This is a fun one too! I will forever enjoy burlap.


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