Pink Vintage Lamps-Revisited

August 20, 2013

Well, the last time we visited about these adorable  Vintage 

Pink Lamps  was when I returned from my  little visit to Oklahoma 

in April.

This is where I found these two little dreamy pink lamps and also

when I fell in love with adding pink as an accent to my formal living 


These little darlings actually work, however since they are dear to 

me I am a bit leary of plugging them in on a full time basis.

Because of their age, I would imagine that the wiring has seen better 

days for full time use.  

I have been carrying one of these pink and precious darlings with 

me for several months, just in the event I might find the perfect

lamp shade for them.

It has been extremely challenging to find a perfect lamp shade for

these two pink sweetie pies.  I suppose it is because of their age.

(Hum...perhaps there is something for me to learn here...wink...)

I really did not see this post going in this direction!  Perhaps, 

I will just save this topic for another day...

So, my current dilemma is this, should I keep these two lampshades

or should I keep my eye open for something  just a bit more

dressy-especially for these two darling pink ladies?

Please let me know your thoughts!

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  1. Hi Jemma! I love the pink lamps! In my humble opinion, I can see a bell shaped lampshade on these pink ladies. Maybe something like this,

  2. I love gray and pink - I think that the two colors are just perfect together. I like the color of the shades, but I think a little more dressy. If not - they are beautiful - you can't go wrong either way. sandie

  3. They are a lovely shade of pink and very pretty with gray shades.

  4. Oh Jemma you know I am in LOVE with these lamps. I like the gray shades, but think something a little 'lighter' might be better! Just looking at those lamps makes my day!

  5. I'd say keep them for now but keep your eye open for just what you're dreaming of. That way you can switch them according to your mood!

  6. Those are too cute! That's one of my "things" of late....vintage lamps ~ can a girl ever have too many I wonder ~ lol!!

  7. Those are too cute! That's one of my "things" of late....vintage lamps ~ can a girl ever have too many I wonder ~ lol!!

  8. These lamps are so precious and the shade color is fabulous with them. You could use these and if you find something else you like just switch them according to where they are. Thanks for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  9. Ååå så fine lamper. :)
    Hugs from Mette.


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