Inspirational Thursday-Country Roads

July 31, 2013
Do you remember Country Roads,

by John Denver? 



Well, I had the opportunity to explore 

very similar roads to those with our 

daughter Rebecca and our granddaughter 


They do not live in

 West Virginia, but they do live  


Acres upon acres of cornfields which meet  

seemingly endless horizons. 

Sweet earthy smells of fertile soil.

Creeks filled with abundant water.

Livestock grazing in gentle pastures.

I left the confines of the city far behind.

Blinking lights, horns blaring, engines 

idling, not here, not now. 

Bull Frogs croaking, crickets singing,  

mooing, neighing, comforting sounds of 


Soothing, calming, quiet, restful.  

Precious time spent with precious family.

Have you traveled down any Country Roads 

this Summer?

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  1. Your daughter and granddaughter are beautiful! You must have had a wonderful time visiting with them. And I love your photos.
    Have a lovely day, Jemma!

  2. I enjoyed going with you. Your daughter and granddaughter are beautiful. So is the country. How far is it from you? I am so glad you had a wonderful time. sandie

  3. Even though I live in the suburbs, it's a small town with a lot of country roads, farm fields, trees, horses grazing, etc. Love the drives on a beautiful, sunny day. Glad you enjoyed your drive...and spending time with your beautiful daughter and granddaughter.

  4. Thank you for sharing such inspiring pictures! Thank you for visiting and following - I've done the same and look forward to enjoying your wonderful blog.

  5. Gorgeous Jemma! Yep, I remember that song. :)

  6. I remember the song well. Love your photo....

  7. Hi Jemma,

    When a city girl, (that would be you), ventures out into the country, magic happens and that's what I see in your amazing photos of the wonders of nature! Your daughter and granddaughter are lovely! I can see the resemblance! Thanks so much for sharing!


  8. What a wonderful post! I love singing along with John Denver to that song.
    I suppose we live down a country road. Both of my sisters do, and and my parents do, too! My brother is the black sheep of the family - he lives where there is pavement. ;)
    Gorgeous photos, Jemma.. that first one is amazing!!

  9. I travel country roads on a daily basis..... and thankful to be able to do so :)
    Beautiful images!

  10. What lovely photo's of your trip. (I love that song too). That first photo is just stunning and I also loved the one with the river. Your daughter and granddaughter are beautiful. I have not had a chance to travel this summer but do enjoy the beauty that is around me here in the city.

  11. Gorgeous images Jemma! I love the soft editing.

    I live on a country road, but I still appreciate their beauty.

  12. Jemma, your daughter and granddaughter are both beautiful.. What a lovely visit, the countryside scenes are beautiful. I always love seeing the horses and farm animals. Lovely photos and post. Thank you so much for sharing your post on my Saturday's Critters. Have a happy weekend!

  13. Beautiful daughter and granddaughter and marvelous 'country roads' shots ~ thanks

    artmusedog and carol


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