Inspirational Thursday-Walking Thru Shreveport

June 19, 2013
 Not long ago we were in Shreveport

 for our youngest daughter's graduation from 

college.  While there we took time out to experience some

of the local cuisine and stopped along the way so I could take

a snapshot or two

I truly enjoy experiencing the cultures of different regions that are in 

our own country,  I find these experiences so inspiring.

Isn't this bench charming- we sat here while waiting for a table at 

Superior Grill. I have never seen one like this before, have you?

Love this old retro-sign, as strange as it may seem Superior's claim 

to fame is superior Mexican dining.  I know, I never really thought 

of Louisiana as a Tex-Mex sort of State.

We took a little stroll along the Red River, when I saw this cute

little retired boat sitting next to a field and hay, I couldn't resist- still

makes me chuckle...

I seem to equate Southern with wrought iron-so naturally I had to 

have a photo of the heavy black wrought iron fence.

I could not resist this brightly painted fire hydrant-love this color


Of course an old and abandoned Office supply building always, 

always has so much character.

So, a look through a lens - a walk thru Shreveport, and a greater 

appreciation for the wonders of the United States.

Wondering what region of the United States inspires you?

Please Join Me:

The View From Right Here

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  1. Older cities are so interesting. There's a sense of slowness that allows one to take their time to absorb it all. The busy-ness of large, modern cities, imparts a feeling to hurry up and get it done and over, with no time to appreciate the small details.

  2. I love the photos! I've never been to Shreveport but it looks fantastic judging by your photos!

    Julie @ This Gal Cooks

  3. I have never been there either. But I love that shutter and I love the red color - I have a pinterest of things like that and I am going to pin it. So pretty. sandie

  4. What an enjoyable series of images! My favorites are always the ghost signs in these old towns. You found many interesting things to share. ;-)

    Visiting from Rurality Blog Hop #19.


  5. Hi Jemma,

    How lucky we are in blogland to get to travel vicariously through such charming cities across the world! I love your choice of subjects, especially the fire hydrant collage, for its colours, textures and feeling it evokes of days gone by. Thanks so much for taking us along this wonderful and whimsical walk around Shreveport!

    Hope you have a fun weekend!


  6. Great photos, Jemma. I've never seen a coke bench like that! I love it.


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