Fashion Friday-Handbag and Bling Love

May 23, 2013
Fashion Friday is finally here!  

I am reaching out to all of you to let me know what interests 


Fashion Friday is here because of you!  

This last week our dear blogging friend  

Diane from Lavender Dreamer requested a Fashion Friday

Handbag love post.

So, as I was browsing for handbags I also found some

great "bling!"

Here are some of my favorites-please don't let the price 

frighten you away-this is inspiration for our wardrobes.

These are some of my favorite Bling picks.  I am truly

enjoying adding some sparkle to my Fashion Statement.

A little bling, a few handbags and whole lotta style-

What do you feel that your fashion style says about you?

Would you like to incorporate some color, animal print or 

bling into into your style?

Do you feel you need some updating? 

Start out slow, incorporate a trendy color, then when you 

feel comfortable with that add add some sparkle.  

All of the items on this post are available in department 

stores and on-line.  Pick out where you want to spend your

dollars and then work off that piece.  It can be a handbag, 

slacks, tunic, bling. 

Most of all enjoy yourself. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Please Join Me:

The Dedicated House

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  1. That pink Chanel bag is my top pick! So gorgeous.

  2. Jemma ... thank you for visiting and your thoughtful comment. Your post is filled with amazing inspiration to give one's wardrobe a bit of a lift. Especially liked the collage with the blue and tangerine with white ~ the black and white animal print handbag in the last collage ... hello!!! Happy week-end .... I'll be in the garden with visions of all the magic I saw at Keukenhof... Blessings, C. (HHL)

  3. OOHHH....AAAHHH....WOW!!! Oh, I love all of these gorgeous handbags! I am SO drawn to the coral and orange colors this Spring. Is that handbag a Dooney and Bourke? I went straight to it! I usually go to the most expensive bags when I shop! And I love the outfit with the striped top and striped bag! Very cool! Thanks for the fabulous finds. Love that cute necklace, too! I like to look neat when I go out and I usually go somewhere every day. I'm not as stylish as I would like to be but I don't like to feel sloppy...even at home! Thanks girlfriend!

  4. Okay I'll take the pink purse in the top section. And I'll take the gold bracelets. I love this - do you need my address to send the items too? You said not to worry about the price. sandie

  5. Hi Jemma, thanks for the nice comments on the iris. I love your fashion Friday posts. I enjoy seeing fashion things and your clothing boards are great.

  6. You know, when I retired a few years ago, I quit carrying a purse -- and basically quit dressing up all together! I know -- such a fashion slacker. But I did enjoy this post. :)

  7. Hi Jemma....You know, I have a purse right now that's extremely colorful and has tiny mirrors and embroidery all over it. (Made in India, of course). But it's so darned deep, I have trouble finding anything. ha ha ha

    Enjoyed seeing your purses!

    Thanks for all your visits and comments, too. Susan


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