Vintage Pink Lamps

April 30, 2013
It was a Vintage Lamp weekend 

A little road trip to Oklahoma to visit our youngest daughter and baby Molly...

Pink Vintage lamps that kept calling my name-

I hovered around them like

a bee does to the hive. 

Should I?

Or Shouldn't I?

They were only $ 15 for the pair-

They actually work!

They really and truly "fit," in with my decorating style.  


They are Pink!

Should I keep them Pink or repaint them?

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  1. I'm thinking the pink is pretty. I would live with them for awhile before I painted them.

  2. They are gorgeous and I with them for awhile before you do anything! What a great find...especially to find TWO!

  3. Hi Jemma,
    I love finds like those! And you seized the moment! Too often I hem and haw and the regret not snapping up something that I would have enjoyed in my home. I agree with Art and Sand and Lavender Dreamer -- live with them for a while, and see what you think over time. They are pretty as they are, but you may chose something different with time.

    I hope you had a wonderful time visiting with you daughter and granddaughter!
    Have a lovely day,

  4. Jemma I love pink so they would stay that color for me, but I agree with others. Live with them and see how you feel about them Great deal for sure!!!


  5. Are your walls gray that goes well with pink. Live with them and see how you feel, but I love pink. sandie

  6. I agree that the pink works with your overall color theme. I'd leave them for a week or so and see if the color grows on you:). Great deal!

  7. If it's your sort of pink, then keep them! You were so fortunate to find two. Their shape is really pleasing - let's see them all set up and in their place!

  8. I think they look pretty in pink!

  9. Depends on where you're going to put them...if the pink works, then great! If not - paint them!

  10. I love them- such a great price for such cute lamps! :)Samantha

  11. I love them!! Keep them pink (:

  12. I still love those pink lamps and wonder what you have decided? Thanks for joining Diann and I at TTF this week!



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